Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris are a team to be reckoned with on The Amazing Race 33.

They dominated in physical challenges and impressed their fellow contestants with their never-say-die attitude.

However, their struggles in detail-oriented tasks hampered their progress and ultimately cost them the victory.

Nevertheless, their journey was a remarkable one, and their quest to be the voice of the wrongfully incarcerated was truly inspiring.

Dusty Harris

Dusty Harris (Image: Source)

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Did Dusty Harris From Amazing Race Serve Time in Prison?

Many fans of the popular reality show Amazing Race have been wondering about the fate of Dusty Harris, one of its former contestants.[1]screenrant

While it is not clear whether Harris had a criminal record or served time in prison, the story of Ryan Ferguson, a high school friend of Kent Heitholt’s, has shed light on the issue of wrongful convictions and the flaws of the justice system.

Story Of Dusty’s Best Friend Ryan Ferguson

  • Kent Heitholt was murdered on November 1st, 2001, by unknown assailants who beat and strangled him.
  • It took two years for the case to be solved, but eventually, Charles Erickson, who had been partying with Ryan Ferguson on the same night, confessed to the crime and implicated Ferguson, who was only 17 at the time.
  • Despite the lack of evidence against him, Ferguson was falsely convicted of the murder and spent ten years in prison before he was finally exonerated in 2013.
  • His case sparked widespread outrage and raised important questions about the reliability of witness testimony and the importance of forensic evidence in criminal investigations.
  • Following his release, Ryan Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the Missouri Police Department and was awarded $11 million in compensation for his wrongful conviction.
  • His story has since been featured on popular television programs such as Dateline and 48 Hours.
  • The issue of wrongful convictions and the flaws of the justice system has become a pressing concern in recent years, with many cases of innocent people being sent to prison and even put on death row.
  • While the case of Dusty Harris remains unclear, the story of Ryan Ferguson serves as a reminder of the importance of fair trials and the need for reforms in the criminal justice system.

Dusty Harris And Ryan Ferguson Dominate The Amazing Race 33

Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris, the inseparable best friends, proved to be formidable racers on The Amazing Race 33.[2]amazingrace.fandom

Their mission was to be a voice for the wrongfully incarcerated, and they started the race with a bang, dominating the initial half of the competition.

They left an indelible impression on their fellow contestants and soon emerged as the team to beat.

Physical Challenges: Ryan and Dusty’s Forte

The duo was exceptional in physical challenges and consistently outperformed their rivals.

Their physical prowess was unmatched, and they left their competitors far behind, earning them accolades from both the audience and their competitors.

Dusty Harris And Ryan Ferguson

Dusty Harris And Ryan Ferguson (Image: Source)

Struggle with Detail-Oriented Tasks

However, as the race progressed, Ryan and Dusty’s strength in detail-oriented challenges became their weakness.

Their tendency to make mistakes from leg 6 onwards cost them, dropping them to the middle of the pack. They even finished last on a Non-Elimination Leg, adding to their woes.

Despite their struggles, the duo managed to secure a spot in the finale, but their inability to solve a cryptic clue proved to be their undoing.

Their poor performance in this task dashed their hopes of winning the race and took them out of contention early, resulting in a 3rd place finish.

Dusty Harris

Dusty Harris (Image: Source)

Dusty Harris: Personal Information

Real Name Dusty Harris
Profession Reality Star
Date of Birth 1984
Age 39 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Columbia, Missouri
Nationality American
Wife Ashley Harris
Children Myles Harris
School Rock Bridge High School

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Dusty and Ryan’s Relationship Status: Who are they Dating?

The Gray team has captured the hearts of many viewers, but fans are curious about the personal lives of Dusty and Ryan. Let’s take a closer look at their respective relationships.[3]distractify

Dusty is happily married to Ashley Harris, and the couple co-owns a bed and breakfast in Colorado.

They welcomed their first child, a son named Myles, in the early months of 2021. Dusty and Ashley’s love story began years ago, and their relationship has only grown stronger over time.

While Dusty’s work on the show has undoubtedly attracted attention, he remains committed to his family and his business.

Dusty Harris's Wife And Children

Dusty Harris’s Wife And Children (Image: Source)

Ryan’s Relationship Status

As for Ryan, little is known about his current relationship status. However, he has been open about his previous relationships, including a serious one that ended before his time on the show.

Ryan is dedicated to his career and is passionate about his work on the Gray team. While his personal life may be less visible than Dusty’s, Ryan’s commitment to his craft is clear.

Dusty Harris: Age

Dusty Harris is 39 years old. He was born in 1984.

He has not revealed the specifics of his birthday celebrations until now. However, he is a native of Columbia, Missouri, and is a citizen of the United States.

Dusty Harris With Family

Dusty Harris With Family (Image: Source)

Dusty Harris: Education And Profession Details

Dusty Harris and Ryan Ferguson were both classmates at Rock Bridge High School.[4]gossipnextdoor

While Ryan was imprisoned, Dusty continued his education at Westminster College MO, where he developed a passion for hospitality and tourism.

After graduation, he decided to pursue his dream of owning a bed and breakfast, which led him to establish the Harris House B&B.

Luxury and Comfort in Every Corner

  • The Harris House B&B offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort. The freshly rebuilt en suite bath, along with the sumptuous king-size canopy bed and thick sheets, will make you feel right at home.
  • After a long day of fishing on one of the two gold medal rivers or bathing in the world’s largest natural hot spring, you can relax in the cozy bathrobe provided in your room.
  • One of the best things about the Harris House B&B is its prime location in the heart of historic downtown GWS. Everything the city has to offer is within walking distance, from local restaurants and shops to major sites and attractions.
  • Before heading out for a day of exploration, start your morning with an excellent chef-inspired breakfast prepared by the skilled staff of the Harris House B&B.

Dusty Harris on Instagram.

Dusty Harris uses the Instagram handle @dustyharris03 to upload photos and videos.

He has over 7k followers on his Instagram account, where he publishes pictures and videos of his daily activities. According to his bio, he is the owner of the Harris Hotel BnB and the host of the Pitstop Podcast.


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