Yes, 42-year-old Andrew Gillum came out of the closet after being hitched to R. Jai Gillum. In the year 2020, he revealed his sexuality.

The 126th mayor of Tallahassee and former American politician Gillum is accused of conspiring, committing wire fraud, and making false statements. He and his mentor, Sharon Lettman-Hicks, are charged with fraud and conspiracy-related counts as well as making false claims, according to NBC News.

In the written declaration, the former mayor of Tallahassee declared his innocence and asked for more research. According to a story from Yahoo! News, the US Department of Justice disclosed that both reportedly used some of the money to profit a business owned by Ms. Lettman-Hicks.


Andrew Gillum Is he gay? He emerged from the closet

According to CNN Politics, Andrew Gillum declared himself to be bisexual rather than gay.

He is attracted to multiple genders because he is bisexual, however not always simultaneously, to the same extent, or in the same way. He therefore fits the description of an LGBTQI person.

He claimed in an interview that he did not identify as gay but rather as bisexual. On journalist Tamron Hall’s talk show on Monday, he gave a frank interview in which he disclosed personal details to the public.

Before, Gillum was the target of sexuality rumors. When the New York Post published the account of Andrew with a man in a hotel room, rumors of him being gay quickly spread.

He also tweeted on parents who love the same gender and what people think of them. On September 14, 2020, the former lawmaker came out as bisexual on Tamron’s syndicated talk show.

Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum Drug Scandal & Fraud Charges

The fraud and drug scandal involving Andrew Gillum are now the focus of every news report.

Police discovered another man in a Miami hotel room in February 2020. The police said that when they arrived at the site after midnight, they discovered Gillum and the other man, Aldo Mejias, inside the hotel.

He apologized at the moment and said he would go to the recovery facility. In an interview, he said that he had been brought to the point of no return and that he no longer wanted to live.

One of the rising stars of the Democratic party, Gillum, was accused of soliciting donations from multiple sources between 2016 and 2019. According to the US Department of Justice, he and his instructor Sharon Lettman-Hicks claimed that large sums of money were spent to improve the business.

However, a written declaration of their innocence from the charge has been provided to Mr. Gillum and his legal counsel. He said in the letter that he had devoted the last 20 years of his life to serving the people and had carried out more campaigns with integrity. He is adamant that this lawsuit was political in nature rather than legal.

He also declared his intention to defend the truth and the citizens of Florida. He faces five years and twenty years in jail if found guilty of making false statements and wire fraud, respectively.

Rashada Jai Howard, Andrew Gillum’s wife, and their children: Information on the Family

Andrew Gillum Wife Rashada Jai Howard & Kids Details About His Family

He married Rashada Jai Howard, who was married on May 24, 2009, has three kids. Rashada, originally from Alabama, has spent the last 20 years residing in Tallahassee, according to The Sun.

She holds a biology degree and previously worked in banking in Dallas, Texas. According to The Sun, Howard initially aspired to be a dentist but switched to studying public health or public policy in graduate school.

She participated in her husband’s campaign as a supportive spouse by organizing a Women for Andrew Gillum event. Fortunately, Howard was aware of Gillum’s sexual orientation because he had told her before their 11-year marriage.

But she didn’t think it was anyone’s business and didn’t think the public had any right to criticize his sexual orientation. Her family is happy together because she has no issues with her husband’s sexual orientation.