Della Williams, a dispatcher for the Wentzville Police Department, died at the age of 49. Her death was reported by the WPD. D., and numerous obituaries about her dying were shared on social media.

As the Missing Person Support Center’s founder and president, Della works with numerous other charities to help children and the less fortunate. Here is a brief description of her life and work.

Della Williams

Della Williams

Dispatcher Della Williams cause of death and method of death

Della Williams, a police dispatcher, passed dead on June 20, 2022, for an unspecified reason. Her passing was reported by Wentzville Police.

Della had a lengthy stint as a part-time employee of the Lake St. Louis Police Department. She worked as a dispatcher for various offices and assisted people in finding missing loved ones throughout the most of her adult life. She had previously worked as a dispatcher for Warren County and Randolph City.

The Missing Person Support Center in Missouri was founded and is currently led by Della. She works for many children’s organizations dedicated to finding and rescuing missing and unidentified children as a social worker and humanitarian with a large heart.

Della Williams Obituary

Following the announcement of the death of Della Williams, social media is loaded with obituaries for the police dispatcher. Positive comments about her have been made, and her passing has been lamented.

The longtime dispatcher for the Wentzville Police Department passed away, and the department wrote a message of sadness about it on Facebook. Beginning in August 2003, she was employed by the W.P.D. Her influence on the department, her employees, her family, and law enforcement is nothing short of remarkable, according to the W.P.D.

There were tributes to Della from her friends and coworkers in posts written after her passing. Many people appeared to love her, and those who knew her only had good things to say about her.

Facebook and the Della Williams Age Wiki

Della Williams passed away on June 20, 2022, at the age of 49. She had worked as a Wentzville Police Department dispatcher for a while.

The dispatcher had a Facebook account under the name Della Williams, which her family has since changed to a Legacy Account.

Williams once served as the director of Missouri Missing Persons. She assisted numerous children and victims of domestic violence. She established the Missouri Missing Person Support Center, which assisted with missing person searches.

She also has a POST trainer certification from The Missing in Missouri Law Enforcement Training. She also organized fundraisers and assisted in creating backpacks for neighborhood individuals in need. She has collaborated with The Purse Project and NameUs Organization.