Dee Kosh, a Singaporean YouTuber, was given a term of more than seven months in prison on Friday, August 5, for sexual offences involving potential children. In certain instances, the 33-year-old also recorded his transgressions.

Koshy lured the victims with his celebrity, according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Ying Min, who spoke to Mashable Asia. Additionally, it has been reported that he tried to solicit sexual activities from a teenager. The teenage guy was a minor, according to reports from Singapore’s English-language daily The Strait Times.

Six people reported Koshy to the police in August 2020 after allegations against him appeared on Instagram. He was accused of the crime of recording his sexual conduct with a man late in August of 2021.

Dee Kosh

Dee Kosh

Charges against Darryl Ian Koshy, aka Dee Kosh

According to reports in the area, Dee Kosh was convicted for trying to prod a juvenile teen into doing sex activities in exchange for cash. According to additional sources, Koshy made an initial offer to the person of about S$400, which was later increased to S$2000. According to The Strait Times, Koshy first encountered the young man in February 2017 close to the Takashimaya department store in Singapore’s Orchard Road. The person allegedly sold flowers at the time.

Later, Koshy apparently sought the boy’s contact information with the aid of his Instagram followers. He then proceeded to contact the person over WhatsApp and made a job offer. When Koshy later showed up to offer the child sexual activities in exchange for money after learning that the boy had no girlfriend, the boy declined.

Dee Kosh allegedly made five such s*xual solicitation offers after the aforementioned incident. Five additional people did the same in August 2020 after one of these people came forward with their accusations.

The YouTuber was accused on three counts of paying guys to engage in unlawful sex with minors earlier this year. He was also charged with three charges of violating the Films Act by filming his interactions with men. At least 25 of these recordings were reportedly found on his device by Singaporean authorities after his detention. Dee Kosh was also charged of one infraction under the Children and Young Persons Act in addition to the previous accusations.

Even if some of his victims might not have been minors, according to a local newspaper, at least four of his victims were 15 and 17 years old. In Singapore, individuals over 16 are permitted to engage in such sexual relationships, but those under 18 are also given some legal protection from sex abuse.

Possible punishments Darryl Ian Koshy could have faced compared to his actual sentence

Koshy could have been sentenced to up to two years in prison under Singaporean law for each attempt he made to solicit s*xual actions from kids in exchange for money. He might have also received a fine. The 33-year-old Filipino was only given a 32-week jail term, nevertheless. The amount of the fine, if any, is unknown.

If Kosh had been found guilty of using minors for sex purposes and had been charged under the Children and Young Persons Act, he could have been sentenced to up to five years in prison. He would have been subject to up to ten years in prison, a fine of S$10,000, or both for such an offence.

The former DJ and YouTuber would have faced a punishment of up to two years in prison in addition to the potential of a S$20,000 to S$40,000 fine for documenting such acts in the movie.

Dee Kosh was sacked from Power 98FM as a result of these allegations, and other businesses like Night Owl Cinematics productions and Huawei severed their relations with the disgraced YouTuber.