Dayanand Reddy is an Indian actor, writer, and director who has starred in films such as Pushpa (2021), RX 100 (2018), Yatra (2018), and Dear Comrade (2018). (2019). Dayanand is an Indian actor born in Andhra Pradesh’s state. Dayanand Reddy will be N/A in 2022. More information about Dayanand Reddy can be found below. Dayanand Reddy’s bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, controversies, height, weight, caste, rumours, lesser-known facts, and more will be discussed on this page.


Dayanand Reddy Biography/Wiki

Dayanand Reddy is a highly regarded social media personality, who has a large number of followers on various social networks. He has a very active social media presence, where he frequently posts pictures and videos of his life. Reddy also actively engages with his followers. Reddy’s popularity is largely attributed to his work in education and his commitment to eradicating youth unemployment. Let’s take a closer look Reddy’s Career.

Dayanand Reddy Education

Reddy’s interests are largely at the interface of applied mathematics and engineering. He has published over 85 articles in international journals and authored three monographs and edited books. He serves on the scientific committees of many international conferences. His research has been recognized by numerous awards and honors, including the National Research Foundation’s “A” rating in 1996, and an A rating each year since then. Reddy is a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of South Africa, the South African Academy of Engineering, and the University of Cape Town.

Dayanand Reddy Career

Born in the South End of Port Elizabeth, Dayanand Reddy began his career in the South End, a primarily white neighbourhood. In 1965, the area was declared a “white zone”, uprooting thousands of people. His parents remained in the region, but eventually moved to Cape Town, where he attended the Madhu Film Institute. After a brief stint in the UK, Reddy worked on a number of concept movies.

Dayanand Reddy Political Career

Vijay is an icon in the Tamil film industry. He is one of the most successful actors in the country and has also directed some movies. In Tamil, he is a member of the National Science Council and the International Social Science Council. He was a member of both of these organizations for several years. He is also a former vice-president of the International Union of Associations for Scientific Research. In the South African film industry, he has been an active member since 2002.

Dayanand Reddy Achievements

Reddy has been recognized as a leader in his field. His work has been awarded numerous awards and distinctions. He was elected President of the Bommasandra Industrial Association in South Africa in 2004 and served as a MLC of the Bangalore Urban district in that state for five years. He has also worked with Peter Richards, Raghunath Mali, and Patsy Roybal. He is also a Trustee of the AIMS.

Dayanand Reddy Facts

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Dayanand Reddy Personal Life

Full Name: Dayanand Reddy

Nick Name: Reddy

Profession: Politician/ Actor/Director/Writer

Date of Birth: September 5, 1963

Age: 58 Years, 4 Months, 17 Days

Place of Birth: Anekal

Country: India

Horoscope: Virgo

Dayanand Reddy Net worth

Dayanand Reddy’s net worth is estimated at $5.00 million. His career has been highly successful in the South African film industry. He holds a South African Research Chair in Computational and Applied Mechanics, is Director of the Centre for Research in Computational and Applied Mechaunics, and is President of the International Science Council. After studying physics, he started his career in engineering.

Dayanand Reddy Phone Number & other Contact Details

Current Address: Hyderabad, India



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