Dawna Friesen is a Canadian TV reporter who works for Global National. She is the executive editor and main anchor of the show.

Dawna Friesen’s fans are wondering what happened to her since she wasn’t on the Global news. Friesen has been a journalist for almost 30 years. He has written about everything from the front lines of history to life in a small Canadian town.

Friesen was in charge of Global News’ coverage of America Votes 2016 from Washington, D.C., where Donald Trump was elected president. Before coming to work for Global National, Friesen was a senior foreign correspondent for NBC News in London.

She spent months in Israel and Gaza during the fighting there. She also spent a lot of time traveling around Europe and the Middle East while covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

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Dawna Friesen (Journalist): Did She Quit Global National?

Dawna Friesen works at Global News right now. She is a news anchor and executive editor who has won an Emmy.

She also began working for Global News in September 2010. Dawna used to work as a senior foreign reporter for NBC News, a company with its headquarters in London.

People are wondering what’s going on with her because she hasn’t been on the news lately, and she hasn’t said anything about it. She may have taken time off from work, though, because she is busy with her personal life.

Friesen joined Global National when she got back from London in 2010. Since then, she has covered many breaking news events on the ground, such as the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, the wildfires in Fort McMurray, the shooting deaths of RCMP officers in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the terrorist attack in Paris, France.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

Dawna Friesen: What Happened To Her?

People worry about Dawna Friesen because she hasn’t been on the Global News for a while. Dawna hasn’t said anything about her absence from the news, though.

Also, there are no new details about her health or any other information. If you look at her social media page, she hasn’t said anything about why she hasn’t been in the news.

We hope she’s doing well and that we’ll hear about her again soon. Friesen works hard to help and spread the word about the Canadian Alzheimer Society.

She likes to read, travel, keep up with current events, and spend time with her kid when she’s not working.

Dawna Friesen (Journalist): Biography

Dawna Friesen is a Canadian-born journalist who has made a name for herself in the industry.[1]popularbio

Early Life and Family

Dawna Friesen was born on October 8, 1964, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her parents were nonobservant Mennonites who raised her on a farm west of Winnipeg.

From a young age, Friesen was put to work on the farm and learned how to drive a tractor at the age of six. Her mother was active in community politics, which may have influenced Friesen’s interest in current events.

Ethnicity and Nationality

As a white woman from Canada, Dawna Friesen is proud of her heritage and nationality.

She holds Canadian citizenship and has a deep connection to her home country. Her experiences growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba have likely influenced her worldview and journalistic approach.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

Education and Career

Friesen attended Red River College, where she graduated with a diploma in journalism. Her education served as a springboard to a successful career in broadcasting.

She has worked for major networks in Canada and the United States, including CTV and NBC News. Friesen is well-liked for her intelligence, captivating persona, and dedication to presenting the facts accurately.

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Dawna Friesen: Personal Information

Date of Birth 1964, October-8
Age 58 years old
Birth Nation Canada
Height 5 Feet 3 Inch
Name Dawna Friesen
Nationality Canadian
Birth Place/City Winnipeg
Ethnicity White
Profession News Anchor
Working For NBC
Net Worth 2.5 million dollar
Weight in KG 55 KG
Married Yes
Married to Tom Kennedy
Children 1
Divorce Not Yet
Education Red River College
Awards News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story
TV Show Global National, NBC Nightly News

Dawna Friesen: Husband, Children And Married Life

Dawna Friesen married political strategist Rick Anderson on July 28, 2018, in Vancouver, Canada. Even though Anderson and Friesen are married, they both live very private lives.

Friesen was married to Tom Kennedy before, but they split up, so Rick Anderson is her second husband.

Friesen and Kennedy also had a son together. His name was Lucas, and Friesen was 40 when he was born.

Friesen gave her son Lucas a great upbringing, even though she was no longer with Kennedy. She tweets and writes posts about her son a lot.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

Dawna Friesen: Net Worth 2023

Dawna Friesen’s estimated net worth could be between $1 million and $5 million. Since 1985, Friesen has worked in the media, which is without a doubt her main source of income.

She has a job right now as the executive editor and host of Global National. Her estimated annual salary is about $60,930, which is also the average salary of a news anchor at Global News.

But Friesen never saw money as the main reason to work in the field. Instead, she stayed there because she wanted to help people.

Friesen became the third woman in Canada to be a full-time news anchor and host a nightly news show. In 2011, she won the Gemini Award as the best news anchor.

Dawna Friesen: An Inspiring Career in Journalism

As a veteran journalist, Dawna Friesen has made an indelible mark in the field of news reporting.[2]popularnetworth

Her outstanding work and exceptional talent have earned her numerous opportunities throughout her illustrious career.

From CBC to CTV

Dawna Friesen started her career as a reporter for CBC Television network in Vancouver, Canada. She quickly rose through the ranks and became an anchor for CBC Newsworld, where she honed her skills in presenting and reporting news stories.

With her undeniable talent and passion for journalism, Dawna decided to explore new opportunities and joined CTV as a reporter.

Her exceptional work ethic and professionalism quickly made her a standout, and she was soon offered the role of CTV NewsNet reporter, which she embraced wholeheartedly.

Covering International News

In 1999, Dawna got a chance to work for NBC News, covering international news stories, including the much-discussed English elections. Her coverage was highly appreciated and opened up even more opportunities for her.

Over the years, Dawna has worked with several prominent networks and channels, including NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and MSNBC, further cementing her position as a top-notch journalist in the industry.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

Current Role

Currently, Dawna is the lead anchor and executive editor at Global National, where she continues to inspire and lead a team of talented journalists.

Her leadership and expertise have helped Global National to become one of the most reputable and respected news programs in Canada.

Dawna Friesen’s journey in journalism is a testament to the importance of hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion. From her humble beginnings to her current role as a leading journalist in the industry, she has consistently demonstrated excellence and professionalism.

Her outstanding contributions to the field of journalism have undoubtedly inspired many young and aspiring journalists around the world.

Dawna Friesen: Achievements

  • Friesen was recognised with an Emmy Award for her work with the National Broadcasting Company’s coverage of the night that Barack Obama was first elected president of the United States of America.
  • she also won a Gemini Award in 2011 for Best News Anchor.
Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen (Image: Source)

Dawna Friesen: Timeline


Friesen was raised on a farm west of Winnipeg; her parents were nonobservant Mennonites. Her father had her work on the farm, and she learned how to drive a tractor when she was six. Her mother was active in local politics. She graduated from Red River College and worked as a waitress when she was young. She re-married on July 28, 2018, to Rick Anderson after she divorced Tom Kennedy.


Both of her parents developed dementia, and in 2014 Friesen was featured in a 16×9 program about dementia and how families cope with it.


In 2010 Friesen joined Global News as their Global National anchor, succeeding Kevin Newman. Friesen was the first full-time female news anchor to lead a nightly newscast in Canada. In 2011 she won the Gemini Award for best news anchor.


By the late 1990s she was recruited by national networks in Canada and the US and joined NBC News.

While at NBC, Friesen covered stories out of London as well as the Middle East, including the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi.

She won an Emmy for her part in NBC’s coverage of Barack Obama election as US President.


She started reading news at a hybrid television and radio station in Brandon, Manitoba, in 1985 and from there went on to report for other stations in Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.


Who is Dawna Friesen?

Dawna Friesen is a Canadian journalist who works as an anchor and executive editor for Global News’ “Global National” show. She has been a journalist for almost 30 years and has covered various breaking news events around the world. She has also worked as a senior foreign correspondent for NBC News in London.

Did Dawna Friesen quit Global National?

No, Dawna Friesen has not quit Global National. She is still working for Global News and has been with them since 2010. Although she has not been on the news lately, it is possible that she has taken some time off due to personal reasons.

What happened to Dawna Friesen?

There is no concrete information about what happened to Dawna Friesen as she has not been on the news lately. She has not provided any details on social media either. However, it is hoped that she is doing well and that she will be back on the news soon.

Who is Dawna Friesen’s husband and does she have children?

Dawna Friesen’s husband is Rick Anderson, a political strategist, and they got married on July 28, 2018, in Vancouver, Canada. Friesen was previously married to Tom Kennedy, and they have a son together named Lucas.

What are Dawna Friesen’s nationality, ethnicity, and personal details?

Dawna Friesen is a Canadian national and is of white ethnicity. She was born on October 8, 1964, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is 58 years old and has a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

Friesen has won an Emmy award for her outstanding live coverage of a current news story, and her net worth is estimated to be 2.5 million dollars. She is currently working for NBC News.

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