David Arthur Garcia was an American record producer and composer who died at the age of 24. He was born on January 18, 1983.

David Garcia

David Garcia

Similarly, Othrapstar is a South Florida native who, like many of his peers, came to stardom through social media pranks, leveraged relationships, and, most crucially, unique music.

He co-wrote and produced the smash hit single “Meant to Be” with Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, and he co-produced NF’s “Let You Down.”

Furthermore, this page will provide information about this late vocalist.

Who is David Garcia? Know his real name too

Choppa’s true name is David Arthur Garcia, and he has won four Grammy Awards and nine GMA Dove Awards for his songwriting and record production.

He also got the ASCAP Christian songwriter of the year award in 2015.

His songwriting and music production professions began in 2008, including GMA Dove Awards for music production in 2011 for Outta Space Love, 2013 for Eye on It, and 2014 for Overcomer, as well as a composition award in 2013 for A Messenger.

He also works with Lil Ominous, another Florida success story, and appears with other Florida Youtube creators, including an Aux Battle on Dareus’ channel and an interview on 6FT.

What Was David Garcia Death Cause?

Fans of Cuban artist David Arthur Garcia were shocked to learn of his unexpected death. They are speechless and have gone to social media to express their sorrow.

Regrettably, the real reason of death is yet unknown. The police investigation has already begun, and autopsy results are still awaited. Ohtrapstar’s music was growing in popularity, but he regrettably passed away.

Whatever the case may be, David was a rising star in 2018, but the news of his death has shocked his fans and followers.

In these trying times, we send our prayers and support to his family and friends. He was also young, active, and had time, which is the most valuable asset a youngster can have.

Florida Rapper Ohtrapstar David Garcia Net Worth

According to IdolNetworth, David Arthur Garcia is a rapper with a net worth of roughly $300,000 dollars.

Similarly, his art creations that developed from singing were the source of his income. As he is no longer with us, his earnings are likely to go to his family and loved ones.