Update on the David Dowell Gecko Death Case as the Reddit discussion over the Australian man continues

After David Dowell is said to have died after eating a gecko, his family is still seeking an explanation. On Reddit, the conversation about his passing is still going on.

After David Dowell allegedly attacked a gecko or lizard as a dare at a holiday party last year, his family is still seeking explanations. After that incident, on December 3, he spent two days in the hospital until passing away during surgery on December 11.

His family alleges that the physician neglected him since they initially believed he had a Salmonella infection and failed to provide him the proper attention and treatment.

David Dowell Gecko

David Dowell Gecko

Is There An Update In The David Dowell Gecko Death Case?

David Dowell passed away in December allegedly after accepting the challenge to eat a gecko at a holiday party. The next day, after he began vomiting green vomit, his family had to call an ambulance.

They were reluctant at first, but demanded that the paramedics take the patient to the hospital. After three days, it was determined that he might have salmonella. It is a bacterium that is typically transmitted by food and can lead to fever, cramps, and diarrhea up to 72 hours after infection.

At first, Dowell’s family thought he got the illness from eating chicken, but a friend later reminded them of the gecko challenge. It was unclear if he actually ate the gecko, but doctors at Mater Hospital, where he was receiving treatment, speculated that it might have been the cause of the infection.

Doctors claimed that the excess fluid in his stomach was the cause of his deteriorating condition. However, he passed away on December 11 during surgery due to organ failure.

Ever since his passing, his family has raised concerns about the hospital cafe. After being in excruciating pain that he was unable to control, the family revealed that they believe the physicians did not care much for him before transferring him to the intensive care unit.

Although he has been dead for six months, his spouse is still concerned for their three children. She believes that the physicians truly didn’t care and that she is still waiting for answers.

His family had to urge the doctors to operate. He was eventually placed in a coma because he was unable to control his anguish, and his family was never able to properly say goodbye to him.

David Dowell, an Australian, passed away after eating a worm.

David Dowell, an Australian, reportedly passed away after swallowing a worm. His death was initially thought to have been caused by a salmonella infection, but later it was suggested that an Asian house gecko parasite called a tapeworm may have been to blame.

His symptoms, which included a swollen stomach, black urine, and green bile, were described by specialists as being more severe than Salmonella and suggestive of a liver issue and abdominal obstruction.

According to Yahoo News, a taxonomist and ecologist who specializes in the parasites of Asian house geckos said that a tapeworm known as Spirometra may have been to blame for his demise.

Despite this, there is no conclusive proof that he may have consumed the gecko because some witnesses claimed to have seen it happen while others denied it.

Additionally, his partner stated that she is still looking for an answer six months after his passing and does not want the public to remember him in this way.