Danielle Collins is a rising American tennis player known for her aggressive playing style and competitive spirit.

As she competes in the US Open, many fans are curious about her personal life, including her relationship status. In this article, we will explore the topic of who is Danielle Collins husband and whether she is married to boyfriend Tom Couch.


Is Danielle Collins Married?

Danielle Collins, the proficient tennis player, has been seen in the company of Joe Vollen, a fellow individual, on several occasions. Currently, they are not wedded and are relishing their time as partners in a relationship.[1]Sportskeeda

It has only been a short while since Danielle introduced Joe to her tennis followers. During the recently held US Open 2022, Joe Vollen was present in the stands, supporting her with fervor.

Danielle Collins & Joe Vollen

Danielle Collins & Joe Vollen

Joe Vollen is a male model with a lean physique who has worked with eminent brands like Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. He was romantically involved with former WTA player Lucia Safarova in the past.

In the 2021 Chicago Fall Tennis Classic WTA 500 tennis tournament, Danielle Collins was witnessed holding Joe Vollen’s hand. Joe Vollen embarked on his modeling journey in 2007 and has since established a career in the glamorous industry spanning nearly two decades. Furthermore, he is also a part of Mark James’ band, The 45 King.

Vollen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychological Brain Sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

From Tennis Court to Romance: Danielle Collins’ New Beau Joe Vollen Revealed

Joe Vollen, Danielle Collins’ current partner, has amassed twenty years of experience in the modeling industry as a fitness model based in New York City. He is a distinguished figure in the modeling realm and has collaborated with several renowned brands.

Danielle Collins' New Beau Joe Vollen

Danielle Collins’ New Beau Joe Vollen

Two years after graduating from university, Joe initiated his modeling career with Marithe + Francois Girbaud. Prior to this, he played the guitar for Mark James, The 45 King band.

His portfolio boasts of collaborations with top brands such as Macy’s, Amazon Denim, Brooklinen, and Jordache. These collaborations have led him to work on numerous other projects, which have strengthened his modeling career.

Who is Danielle Collins?

Danielle Collins was born on December 13, 1993, in St. Petersburg, Florida. She began playing tennis at a young age and went on to play for the University of Virginia, where she won two NCAA singles titles. Collins turned pro in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks, reaching the semifinals of the Australian Open in 2019.

Early life and Career

Collins grew up in a tennis family, with her mother coaching and her younger brother also playing the sport. She began playing at the age of three and was soon competing in local tournaments. Collins’ talent was evident from a young age, and she went on to become a highly-ranked junior player before enrolling at the University of Virginia.

Rise to Fame in Tennis

After turning pro in 2016, Collins made steady progress, winning her first WTA title in 2018. However, it was her breakthrough performance at the 2019 Australian Open that really put her on the map. Collins defeated three seeded players en route to the semifinals, where she eventually lost to two-time Grand Slam champion Petra Kvitova.

Personal Life

Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins (Source: @Insatgram)

While Collins is known for her on-court intensity, she has been relatively private about her personal life. However, rumors began to circulate about her relationship status in early 2021 when she was spotted with a new man at the Australian Open.

Danielle Collins & Tom Couch: The Couple’s Relationship Timeline

Danielle Collins and Tom Couch have been together for several years, although the exact timeline of their relationship is not known. The couple has kept their relationship out of the public eye, with few photos or details about their time together.

Danielle Collins & Tom Couch

Danielle Collins & Tom Couch

How did Danielle Collins and Tom Couch meet?

It is not clear how Danielle Collins and Tom Couch first met. However, some reports suggest that they may have met through mutual friends in the tennis world.

Tom Couch’s Profession and Background

Tom Couch is not a professional tennis player, but he is involved in the sport in other ways. According to reports, Couch works as a tennis coach and has coached several high-level players over the years.

The Couple’s Public Appearances And Social Media Presence

Danielle Collins Boyfriend Tom Couch

Danielle Collins Boyfriend Tom Couch

While Danielle Collins and Tom Couch keep their relationship private, they have been spotted together in public on a few occasions. They have also shared a few photos together on social media, although their accounts are largely focused on tennis and other professional pursuits.

Danielle Collins’ Thoughts on Marriage and Family

While Danielle Collins has not spoken extensively about her personal life, she has hinted at her views on marriage and family in interviews. In a 2019 interview with ESPN, Collins said that she is “definitely interested in having a family someday,” but that she wants to focus on her tennis career for the time being. She also expressed admiration for fellow players like Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka, who have successfully balanced motherhood with a professional tennis career.

Who is Danielle Collins Husband?

As of now, Danielle Collins is not married. However, she is in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Tom Couch.

Is Danielle Collins married to boyfriend Tom Couch?

No, Danielle Collins is not married to Tom Couch at this time.

Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins’ Partner Thomas Couch

Thomas Couch is presently an Australian rules football athlete representing TSL North Launceston squad.

Priorly, he played for the Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) for two seasons, where he played three games before getting delisted by the conclusion of the 2013 season.

As an Australian Physical Performance Manager, Tom Couch now dwells in Florida and has been working closely with Danielle since October 2019.

An amusing episode transpired during the French Open 2020. During the initial phases of the second set against Sofia Kenin at Roland Garros 2020, Danielle requested her partner, Tom Couch, to evacuate the players’ box on Court Philippe Chatrier.

Collins was disconcerted after missing out on converting two break opportunities against the No. 4 seed, Kenin, who had already won the first set.

Collins’ aggressive gameplay has earned her the reputation of being “fearless” and “ferocious.”

She is deemed as one of the most formidable hitters on the WTA Tour, equipped with a commanding serve and excellent groundstrokes on both flanks. Although she can secure plenty of victories, Collins frequently makes unforced errors.

Her most impressive assets include her kick serve, inside-out forehand, and backhand down the line. She can confidently strike from any point on the court, mainly due to her superior volleying skills.

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Health Update 2022: Danielle Collins’ Battle with Endometriosis

Danielle Collins, a renowned professional tennis player, faced significant challenges in the previous year due to her struggle with endometriosis. This condition caused her immense discomfort and pain, which made it difficult for her to compete at her usual level. Despite these obstacles, the 28-year-old athlete stunned the world by appearing in the Australian Open women’s singles final in January 2022.


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Endometriosis is a benign growth that develops on reproductive organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other areas in the lower abdomen or pelvis. This condition arises when tissue similar to the uterus lining grows outside of the womb, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office on Women’s Health.

Last year at the Australian Open, Collins experienced contraction-like cramps in her low pelvis and abdominal muscles, causing her to trip and fall to the ground. A doctor immediately came to her aid to provide assistance. It was later discovered that Collins had been battling endometriosis for years and required emergency surgery in April 2021 to alleviate the debilitating pain.

During a conversation with the Women’s Tennis Association, Collins revealed that she had been told by multiple doctors that painful periods were common. As her situation continued to worsen, she underwent a surgical procedure involving four separate incisions made in her abdominal wall. Her ovary required surgery to remove a large cyst that was pressing on a spinal nerve, causing her uterus to shift out of place.

Despite these challenges, Danielle Collins demonstrated exceptional perseverance and strength in her sport. Her story serves as an inspiration for women worldwide who battle endometriosis and other similar conditions.

Danielle Collins: Parents and Family

Born on December 13, 1993, in St. Petersburg, Florida, Danielle Collins is the daughter of Walter and Cathy Collins.[2]Wikipedia

Growing up, Danielle’s father, Walter, was the one who taught her how to play tennis. He has been a strong supporter of her career since the beginning.

Danielle Collins with her Dad

Danielle Collins with her Dad (Source: @sportskeeda)

In interviews, Danielle often speaks highly of her family, praising her parents for their love and support.

On June 21, 2022, Danielle tweeted a childhood photo of herself and expressed gratitude for her parents’ unwavering belief in her. “My dad is 82 years old,” she wrote. “He works eight hours a day in the Florida heat with a smile on his face while mowing lawns.”

“I am so grateful to have had two parents who showed me every day what determination and hard work look like,” she said. “As I get older, I appreciate some of the tough love a little more than I did then.”

When reminiscing about her early tennis matches, Danielle recalls with a smile how her father would challenge the boys in her age group to play against her if they refused after losing to her.

Danielle Collins’ success on the court is undoubtedly due in part to the unwavering support of her loving and devoted family.

Danielle Collin Tennis Player

Danielle Collin Tennis Player

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When did Danielle Collins start playing tennis?

Danielle Collins began playing tennis at the age of three.

What is Danielle Collins’ biggest achievement in tennis so far?

Danielle Collins’ biggest achievement in tennis so far is reaching the semifinals of the Australian Open in 2019.

How long have Danielle Collins and Tom Couch been together?

The exact timeline of Danielle Collins and Tom Couch’s relationship is not known, but they have been together for several years.

Is Danielle Collins planning to get married soon?

Danielle Collins has not spoken publicly about her plans for marriage, but she has expressed interest in having a family someday.

What does Tom Couch do for a living?

Tom Couch works as a tennis coach and has coached several high-level players over the years.

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