Craig Cope: Who Is He? An 80-year-old store owner uses an AR-15 rifle to kill an armed robber.

A strange incident occurred at a California booze store; the entire episode was captured on film and is currently causing a stir online.

Many people are still interested in learning more about the video’s substance. Even the owner of the booze store became well-known thanks to the film. Learn more about Craig Cope and the factors contributing to his success.

Craig Cope

Craig Cope

Who Is Craig Cope, an 80-year-old store owner who uses an AR-15 rifle to kill an armed robber?

According to the most recent claims made by law authorities and the videotaped incident, Craig Cope, the proprietor of a liquor store, struck a man whom he claimed to have mistaken for a robber. The store owner shot the would-be thief in the hand with a shotgun. Cope shown incredible bravery by firing at the suspect after claiming that the man was armed and hadn’t entered the store with good intentions. During her statement to the law enforcement official, she remarked, “It was him or me.”

Craig Cope: Who Is He?

The incident’s story was extensively circulated online, and some people are praising the woman’s bravery. Others, however, disagree with the elderly woman’s hasty response, arguing that she should have waited until she was certain the man had intended to harm her. On the other side, the elderly woman claimed that because she hunted frequently as a child, she is proficient with a gun. She even blew the hands of the presumed culprit, demonstrating that she was not at all intimidated of him. Law enforcement is investigating the event.

Cope claimed that she is responsible for taking care of her customers, staff, and retail establishments. She added that it was fortunate for her that she was present when the suspect entered the store because otherwise, she would have had to worry about her business and its employees.

As was already indicated, the elderly woman’s name is Carge Cope, and she is the proprietor of the booze store who gave the police official access to all of the information.

In addition, the surveillance camera showed the suspect, a 23-year-old man, with a firearm and preparing to fire. The shooter’s hand was hurt, and he was taken to the hospital. For the most recent news and updates, follow Social