• During the Millers Oils Ginetta GT4 SuperCup race at Thruxton, a terrible accident occurred involving British racing driver Colin White and fellow competitor Mike Brown.[1]Wikiwand
  • Multiple sources report that both racers sustained severe injuries and were taken to the hospital for stabilization and medical attention.
  • Colin White, who hails from Glastonbury in Somerset, is a member of the CWS Racing team that he owns and operates in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup.[2]Ginetta He is a well-known stock car racer and was involved in the accident during the race.
  • In addition to his racing career, White has competed in every ASCAR season from 2001 to 2007, winning the championship in the last year of competition. His brother Keith is also a racecar driver.
  • The official Ginetta Twitter account stated that the injuries occurred as a result of an accident between cars numbered 78 and 20.
  • The weekend saw the debut of the new Ginetta G56 GT4 at Thruxton, the fastest track in the UK, for three races. As a result, lap times in the one-make Ginetta race were the fastest ever recorded.
Colin White Driver

Colin White Driver


Updates on Colin White’s Health Status: What We Know So Far

The motorsport community was left in shock on the 28th of August 2022 after a collision involving several drivers during a Ginetta Racing event. Since then, fans and supporters of the sport have been eagerly waiting for updates on the health conditions of the drivers involved, particularly Colin White.

The Initial Statement from Ginetta Racing

On the day of the incident, Ginetta Racing’s official Twitter account released a statement providing information about the drivers and vehicles involved in the crash. However, there was no mention of the drivers’ health conditions in the statement.

Despite Ginetta Racing’s prior announcement that an update on the drivers’ conditions would be provided, there has been no further news across any of their official platforms.

Colin White Racing Driver

Colin White Racing Driver (Source: @Instagram)

A Member of Colin White’s Family Provides an Update

Thankfully, a member of Colin White’s family has sent an update to his followers regarding his health status. According to them, he is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and is in stable condition. They also indicated that he is no longer in any immediate danger.

What Does This Mean for Colin White’s Future Racing Career?

It’s too early to say what impact this incident will have on Colin White’s future in motorsport. However, his fans and supporters will be hoping for a speedy recovery and a return to racing as soon as possible.

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Colin White Update: Latest News on His Health and Recovery

Colin White, the renowned athlete, has been in the hospital, and many of his fans are eager to know how he’s doing. In this article, we will provide you with an update on Colin White’s current health status and recovery process.


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Colin White’s Health Status

At the moment, Colin White’s health status is not publicly known, as he is still being cared for in the hospital. However, many admirers and supporters are hoping for his speedy recovery and have their fingers crossed that he hasn’t had a significant decline in his health.

Karla White Keeps Everyone Informed

Colin White’s daughter, Karla, has been actively providing updates on her father’s health through social media. She has expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support and concern from her father’s fans and supporters.

In her latest update, Karla informed everyone that Colin’s condition is stable, and he is currently recovering in the hospital. She also revealed that he had fractured two vertebrates and a bone above his ankle. While this is undoubtedly a severe injury, Colin is reportedly receiving the appropriate care he needs to make a full recovery.

Colin White: A Fighter and a Survivor

Despite this setback, Colin White is a fighter and a survivor. He has managed to overcome many challenges in his life and is widely admired for his strength and resilience. His family and friends are ecstatic that he has managed to outwit death once again.

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Colin White’s Girlfriend and Family: Racing Driver’s Personal Life

Colin White is a popular name in the world of Ginetta racing. He has made a name for himself with his impressive skills and dedication. While his professional life is quite out in the open, his personal life remains a mystery to many. Fans and media alike are often curious about Colin White’s love life, particularly his girlfriend or wife. In this article, we will explore the personal life of this racing driver, including his family and relationship status.


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Marriage and Family

Colin White is a married man and has been with his partner for a long time. The couple has two grown-up daughters, Charlotte and Karla.[3]Mixedarticle While Colin is quite active on social media, his account is managed by his daughters, who often share updates about their family and racing team.

In December 2019, Colin’s Instagram account shared a post featuring him with his two daughters. The caption wished everyone a Merry Christmas and thanked them for their support.

Colin White with Family

Colin White with Family

Charlotte and Karla

Charlotte and Karla are both active on social media, but their accounts are private. However, their bios give us a glimpse into their personal lives. Charlotte is married to Jordan and has a son named Ruben. The family also has a furry member, their dog Harley. Charlotte’s display picture shows her family enjoying time in the pool.

Karla, on the other hand, is in a committed relationship with George. Her display picture also features her partner, and they seem to be deeply in love.

Colin’s Wife

While Colin’s daughters are quite open about their personal lives, Colin has kept his wife’s identity private. Her name has not been revealed in any media outlets or social media accounts. However, Colin has shared pictures of his wife on his social media, indicating that they are happily married.

Colin White: A British Racing Driver with a Winning Legacy

Colin White, born on 27th September 1956, is a well-known British racing driver hailing from Glastonbury, Somerset.[4]Wikipedia With his exceptional skills and expertise in the field of motorsports, he has made a name for himself in the industry.

Currently, Colin White is actively participating in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup, representing his very own CWS Racing team. He has been making waves in the racing scene, leaving a lasting impression on both his competitors and his fans.

Apart from his achievements in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup, Colin White has also made his mark in stock car racing. He has participated in every season of ASCAR from 2001 to 2007 and has won the championship title in the final season. This is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and undeniable talent.

The Legacy of Colin White: A Racing Family

Colin White’s passion for racing runs in the family as his brother, Keith, is also an accomplished racing driver. The duo has been making headlines in the world of motorsports with their exceptional skills and success on the track.

Colin White’s Achievements and Success on the Track

Over the years, Colin White has made significant contributions to the world of racing, leaving his competitors in awe of his talent and dedication. Let’s take a look at some of his notable achievements:

  1. Championship win in ASCAR season 2007
  2. Multiple podium finishes in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup
  3. A successful stint in the British GT Championship
  4. A class win at the 24 Hours of Silverstone in 2019
  5. Fastest lap time in the Dubai 24 Hour race in 2013

Colin White’s contributions to the world of motorsports have been nothing short of remarkable. He has carved a niche for himself in the industry, and his fans and competitors alike look up to him with admiration.


What happened to Colin White in the Ginetta accident?

Colin White, a British racing driver, was involved in a serious crash during the Michelin Le Mans Cup race in July 2021. While driving a Ginetta G61-LT-P3, he collided with another car at high speed, causing extensive damage to both vehicles.

Did Colin White suffer any serious injuries in the accident?

Yes, Colin White sustained serious injuries in the accident, including a broken left leg, a broken right ankle, and a broken right hand. He was airlifted to a hospital in France where he underwent surgery to repair his injuries.

What is Colin White’s current health status?

Colin White is currently in the process of recovering from his injuries. He has undergone multiple surgeries to repair the damage caused by the accident and is now undergoing rehabilitation to help him regain strength and mobility.

Will Colin White be able to race again after the accident?

It is too early to say whether Colin White will be able to return to racing after his accident. While he is making progress in his recovery, the extent of his injuries and the long-term effects they may have on his physical abilities are still unknown.

How has the racing community responded to Colin White’s accident?

The racing community has rallied around Colin White in the wake of his accident, offering messages of support and encouragement as he recovers. Many of his fellow drivers and teams have sent well-wishes and have expressed their hope to see him back on the track soon.

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