Christian Walker (born September 30, 1999) is a conservative internet personality from the United States.

Walker sees himself as a Christian “conservative populist” and a “free-speech radical.” Walker has also been vocal about his support for Trump. Walker believes that black people are “more racist” than white people, and he favours the construction of a border wall between the US and Mexico. Walker filmed a protest to President Joe Biden about rising petrol prices and shared it with his many Instagram followers, resulting in a video that went viral.

Christian Walker

Christian Walker

Walker had over 390,000 Instagram followers as of June 2021. By recording political commentary videos in a Starbucks drive-through, he garnered over 400,000 TikTok followers. In February 2021, Walker was permanently removed off the latter platform.

“UCLA’s Dean of Students is aware of remarks in which a student uses harmful language on social media,” the official UCLA Twitter account said in December 2020. This was commonly interpreted as a response to the Dean’s repeated correspondence regarding Walker’s internet statements. Walker later claimed UCLA was harassing him for refusing to “slide into [their] communistic, totalitarian ideas” in a video.

Walker is the son of former NFL player Herschel Walker and is openly gay.

Walker is a transfer student from Southern Methodist University to the University of California, Los Angeles. Walker competed in competitive cheerleading in high school.

Christian Walker Activist

Walker describes himself as a “free-speech radicalist” and a Christian “conservative populist,” according to his own words. He has stated that “illegals” do not belong here and that white supremacy is a liberal fiction developed on college campuses, among other things. Walker has distinguished himself among the internet’s underbelly of young conservatives, such as @thelibertyladies and @therepublicanhypehouse, becoming a household “Young Republican” within the Gen-Z demographic and even appearing on Fox and One America News. (It also doesn’t helped that his father is Trump’s close friend.) Walker, a gay Black man in Cartier and Gucci who also happens to be a two-time world-champion competitive cheerleader with a six-pack and nicely groomed eyebrows, stands out in a sea of white and blonde. “I laser my entire body,” Walker says, a grin on his face.

Walker’s videos could be interpreted as performance art, parody, or simply the inevitable result of a privileged life. Walker, on the other hand, sees himself as a breath of fresh air. “I think conservatism has been incredibly buttoned-up, uninteresting, and stuffy for a long time,” he says. “We also need conservatives who are culturally aware.” Let’s make some TikToks, shall we? Let’s meet at Starbucks to discuss politics. Because that is exactly what [the left] does, and they are extremely good at it. “We were in desperate need of a little sass.”

Zooming With TikTok’s Right-Wing Pundit

Last summer, Walker gained prominence after recording a video criticising Joe Biden’s remark to Charlamagne tha God that Black folks “ain’t Black” if they planned to vote for Trump. “Black America has been fighting preconceptions that we all have to talk a certain way, that we all have to act a certain way,” Walker screamed into his iPhone camera before asking Biden, “Who are you to determine Blackness?” Because you’re an old white liberal, you don’t get a pass for racism.” Walker’s subsequent posts clarified things if that comment didn’t read too differently from how some progressives responded at the time. Walker released videos defending Atlanta cops who killed Rayshard Brooks when protesters took to the streets in favour of Black lives this summer. “The coronavirus shut down the entire planet, and then ghetto BLM launched terrorist strikes across our country.” “That’s when I got involved in politics,” he says.

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Walker was soon responding to practically every news event with liberal-taunting speeches, which he frequently taped at his favourite coffee shop, Starbucks. In a signature Christian Walker video, he holds court on right-wing politics and complains about baristas messing up his order (a three-shot espresso over ice with one pump of white mocha, one pump of vanilla, whipped cream, and extra ice in a Venti cup — and ice water on the side) at the chain’s drive-through. His Starbucks cup rests alongside him while he looks over Zoom. “I’ve been drinking Starbucks since I was 6 years old,” he recalls, “and I used to go every day before it was a white Karen thing.”