Cold Justice’s portrayal of Cherry Brooks’ murder conviction obscured the 1996 tragedy involving a young mother.

Cherry Brooks was detained by authorities in 2018 in connection with the murder of a young Joannie Goodwin, which occurred 20 years prior. The victim, who was only 18 years old at the time of her horrible murder, was young.

Given all the confusing circumstances, the case was unsolved for about 20 years. As Kelly and Steve Spingola looked into the matter, the murder was hushed up on the crime TV show Cold Justice.

The officers learned a new account of the murder as the team’s efforts led to the capture of the offender. Find out more about the case as the victim receives justice at last after twenty years.

Cherry Brooks

Cherry Brooks

Cherry Brooks Arrested Over The Murder Charges On Cold Justice

In Colorado County, Texas, Cherry Brooks was detained in 2018 for the offense she committed almost 20 years earlier. The crime TV show Cold Justice hushed up the murder case that year while still looking into it.

The murder case of Joannie Goodwin, a young mother who was completely innocent, was about to become cold until Kelly and Steve Spingola decided to look into it. They didn’t believe that the town’s scandalous rumors could have been the cause.

The detective’s efforts to solve this crime were financially supported by the show. Additionally, more than 5 to 6 volumes of witness interviews contributed to the development of the murder case.

The fact that Brooks had been a suspect for all those years was also revealed by the investigators, but this information was insufficient to build the case.

She was charged with shooting the little teen to death after being apprehended at 3:45 p.m. The victim passed away while out with her companions for the evening.

In an effort to get away with her crime, Brooks reported her missing case to the police in the morning.

Where Is Cherry Brooks Now After Committing Crimes?

Cherry Brooks has been making amends for her actions since she was found guilty of a crime. She was detained in the jail in Colorado County, Texas.

She was then granted a $1 million bond and deported to Osage County for the first-degree murder. A 12-gauge shotgun was used to fire two shots at the victim.

Bobby Neighbors, the victim’s seven-month-old baby, was Joannie Goodwin’s child at the time, and she was a teen mother. She also had to deal with reports that she had an affair with the guy of another woman.

Before the catastrophe in Pawhuska, Goodwin and Cherry were in a convenience shop. In conclusion, the District Attorney, Mike Fisher, dismissed the case without prejudice after being detained and perhaps facing jail time.

More On Cherry Brooks Jail And Charges

In prison on first-degree murder charges is Chery Brooks. However, it’s possible that the murder case could be reopened in the future and be dropped without prejudice.

After twenty years, the victim’s justice was finally rendered. Brooks is currently doing time in jail for the convicted offense while while being held under a $1 million bond.

Following a comprehensive investigation, the team discovered the case’s lead, which directed to the guilty party. Before being detained for the crime, she remained a suspect for all of those years.