Cher Warren is the cherished wife of Ray Warren, who is well known for his work as a sports commentator in Australia. Together, they are becoming older.

Raymond Aka Ray is well-known in the community of people who enjoy watching sports for his work covering rugby league games on the nine network. Because everyone appreciated his commentary so much, he became known as “The Voice of Rugby League” throughout the process of his career.

In addition to that, he was a former commentator for the swimming team competitions in Australia. While he was working for nine, he was also given the opportunity to compete in the FINA World Championship.

According to the information provided in the athlete’s biography, he began his career in 1967 and made the decision to retire from his professional career after the announcement made on June 1, 2022. The 2021 NRL Grand Final was the last time anyone heard from him.

The sculpted bronze statue of the former media figure was erected in his hometown as a tribute to the man’s significant contributions.

Ray Warren

Ray Warren

Cher Warren’s Age As Her Husband Is In The Late ’70s

According to appearances, Cher Warren, who is currently married to Ray Warren and is currently 79 years old, should be in her 70s. The marriage between the Australian sports commentator and his first wife has been going strong for quite some time now.

The now-retired sports pundit was born on June 11, 1943, in Junee, New South Wales, according to the Wiki bio of Warren. However, discussing his wife is not addressed very often on the web, and only a small amount of information about her has come to light.

Additionally, the two of them have been seen together at a variety of events. Cher’s devoted followers were always looking for more in-depth information about her career and personal life. In contrast to her spouse, though, she does not have a Wikipedia page of her own.

People have observed the couple spending time together for a considerable amount of time, which is what prompted them to inquire further about the contentedly married couple. However, if they had a presence on social media, it would have been much simpler for everyone to have a comprehensive picture of the situation.

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Australian Commentator Ray Warren First Wife Is Cher Warren

Cher is Ray’s one and only wife; she was also his first and last wife. Ray is happily married to her. As is common knowledge, the majority of celebrity couples have had at least one other romantic partnership during their careers.

The Warrens, however, have demonstrated that there is such a thing as genuine love and that it is possible to spend one’s entire life with the same person if they so choose.

Ray’s Net Worth After More Than 50 Years Of Successful Career

Ray’s wealth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars at this point. However, the Australian sports pundit who is now retired began his adventure by pursuing something that was not his cup of tea.

When Warren first joined the force, he did so because he wanted to follow in the shoes of his older brother. After that, on December 5th, 1960, he signed up to become a member of the New South Wales Police Cadets. After a further four years, he was transferred to the ACT Police in Canberra.

For a period of three years, Warren served as an employee in the police department. In the meantime, he was inundated with offers from a variety of radio stations banging on his door regularly.

Despite this, he decided to accept the position of sales representative and trotting commentator offered by 2LF Young. During this time, he also served as the commentator for the rugby league.

In 1974, he made his first appearance on television as a commentator on Channel Ten. In addition to this, the network provided him with another possibility for the Melbourne Cup in the year 1980. After three years, he had already achieved success in the network channel and was in a position to hold one of the better positions. Warren was given the role of head caller for the Rughy League.

He was tasked with leading Ten’s commentary for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, but he turned off the duty. It was partly so that Rex Mossop, a former international player, could take over as the network’s chief rugby league pundit that the network decided to fire Warren in 1986.

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Inside The Family Of Ray Warren

The Warren couple is said to have started a family after they tied the knot, and they now have a girl in addition to their two sons. The likelihood that Ryan and Cher’s children have already started families of their own suggests that the family of five has already grown to include more members.

It has been brought to everyone’s knowledge that the elderly couple is presently residing with their one and only child, Holy. They can be found in the Sydney area, specifically in and around the suburb of castle hills.

A few details about the line of work that Chris, his son, had gone into were revealed. It has been said that he also works for the news station. [Citation needed] He is presently working as a reporter for 2GB Sydney covering the NRL. In addition to that, he is also employed by Fox Sports.

Mark, Warren’s other child, is equally successful in the media field, although he is better known for his work in the entertainment world. In addition to that, he works as a broadcaster, professional voice actor, master of ceremonies, presenter, actor, and many more roles.

It would appear that both of Cher’s sons have followed in their father Sonny’s footsteps, however they have each chosen to work in a variety of fields by being involved in various professions that are easily interconnected.

Cher Warren is the beloved wife of a former sports commentator of Australia, Ray Warren

Cher Warren is the beloved wife of a former sports commentator of Australia, Ray Warren

Some FAQs

Who Is Former NRL Commentetor Ray Warren Wife?

Ray Warren has been wed to his devoted wife Cher Warren for a significant amount of time at this point. The two are maturing into senior citizens together.

How Many Kids Does Ray Warren Have?

Ray Warren and his wife Cher are the parents of three children: a son named Chris, a daughter named Holly, and a son named Mark.

Where Does The Warren Couple Lives?

It has been stated that Ray and Cher currently make their home in the suburb of Castle Hill in Sydney with their one and only child, Holly.

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