WATCH: A video of the Chargers announcing their schedule goes viral on Twitter and Reddit: As the new NFL season is about to start in a few months, teams are starting to release their schedules. The Los Angeles Chargers are the first team to do this by releasing a video of their schedule. There’s no doubt that the scheduled videos have gotten stranger and stranger over the past few years. And this time, a strange video popped up on social media. In it, fans can find out when Chargers games are happening all over the league.

WATCH: Chargers Stealing The Schedule Release Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit

But since the scheduled video of the Chargers showed up on the internet, it has made a lot of noise, and a lot of people are sharing the same video. As of right now, it’s gotten a lot of attention from fans on Twitter. But why are people talking so much about this video? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Twitter trend. Let’s start to find out more about this subject.


Thursday night was a big night for NFL teams and their fans because all of the teams announced their schedules for the rest of the season. The 103rd season of the NFL is set to begin on September 8, 2022, and end on January 8, 2023. This year, the NFL season will start with the Los Angeles Rams, who won last year. But people are really excited about the new season before it starts, and they can’t wait to cheer for their favorite football club.

Chargers Post Video on Twitter About Their Schedule

The NFL’s Chargers came out on top with the most interesting video about their upcoming games. According to the source, the Chargers’ video is trending on Twitter, and millions of people have already watched the same clip. But what kind of video is it, and why do we keep talking about it? Find out what’s different about the video.

Sources have confirmed that the video the Chargers posted on Twitter Thursday night is an animated one. It takes 2 minutes to watch that video. This clip is about the Chargers’ games during the 2022 NFL season. But out of all the NFL teams’ planned videos, this one was the coolest. The Chargers’ anime video says that they will start their season against the Raiders on September 12, 2022. Keep an eye on this site.