Catherine Missal is a well-known American actress who first came to public attention because to her participation in the film Vacation.

Catherine’s birthday is November 15th, and she was born in New Jersey, in the United Kingdom. She is the middle child in a family that also includes two sisters and one brother. Her nickname is Cat. She was born under the sign of the Scorpion, according to astrology.

Missal began her career as an actress when she was just five years old and rose to stardom in a relatively short amount of time. She had an interest in acting since she was a little child, and she ultimately decided to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Catherine Missal

Catherine Missal

Quick Facts About Catherine Missal

Full Name Catherine Missal
Nickname Cat
Profession Actress
Date Of Birth November 15, 1999
Age 23 years old
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Birth Place Beaumont, Texas, United States
Hometown New Jersey, United State
Nationality American
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Mother Tongue English
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 53 Kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown

Who Did Catherine Missal Play In The Movie Vacation?

In the movie “holiday,” which made its debut in 2015, Catherine Missal had a memorable performance as the character Adena.

After beginning a career in acting, Missal soon gained a significant amount of fame for herself. Her performance as Adena in the film vacation brought her a lot of attention (2015)

The Vacation is an American comedy film set on the road that was released in 2015 and was written and directed by John Francis and Jonathan Goldstein. Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, and Chevy Chase are starring in this motion picture.

It is the fifth film in the Vacation film series and serves as both a sequel to the previous four films in the series as well as a reboot of the Vacation film series. After Vegas Vacation, this is the second picture that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have produced that does not bear the National Lampoon moniker.

James encounters Adena (Catherine Missal), a girl his age whom he sees while driving on the highway, but he is scared away by Rusty’s attempt to draw her toward him in an awkward and odd manner. This occurs in the movie.

In Arkansas, a “friendly” native guides them to what they believe to be a hidden hot spring, but upon arrival, they find out that it is actually a sewage dump. They return to the Prancer, only to find that it has been vandalized, their belongings have been stolen, and the Prancer has been broken into.

They subsequently make their way to Texas in an effort to get assistance from Rusty’s sister, Audrey (played by Leslie Mann), and Stone Crandall, who is Audrey’s husband (Chris Hemsworth). Rusty begins to suspect that there are issues in his relationship with Debbie as a result of Stone’s overtly sensuous behavior and acts; nevertheless, Debbie brushes off his concerns as unfounded.

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Catherine Missal Began Her Acting Career at 5

At the age of five, Catherine Missal began her career as an actress by performing in plays at a neighborhood theater. She improved her acting ability by taking part in school productions of plays.

It was not long before she caught the attention of the big screens and played a role on the reality TV show The Next Big Thing NY alongside her supportive sister, Kelly Missal. Her skill, zeal, and powers were obvious for everyone to see during each performance of her school drama, and it was not long before she caught the attention of the big screens.

Almost immediately after this, he was cast in a role in the comic film Vijay and I. (2013). In the years that followed, she went on to land more roles, such as in the television drama Natural Selection (2015) and the film Movement & Location (2014).

Tell Me Lies, a show on Hulu in which she also stars alongside Alicia Crowder and Sonia Mena, is her most recent project.

Catherine Missal From Tell Me Lies Is 23 Years Of Age

Catherine Missal, an actress from the United States, was born in 1999, which means that she is currently 23 years old.

The actress stands at a height of 170 centimeters or 5 feet 5 inches and has a body weight of 53 kg. She plays the role of Adena in the movie Vacation, and many people believe that she is a wonderful fit for the part due to her well-maintained body and attractive form.

In order to keep her figure in tip-top shape for her upcoming film shoot, Missal adheres to a stringent eating plan. She has quickly become one of the most sought-after young actors to emerge from the United States of America.

Because she has committed to appearing in a number of films scheduled to release in 2023, Catherine’s acting career is gaining momentum at a quick pace. However, the actress had not yet revealed the title of her future film to her audience and followers.

Although the artist is not as active on social media as she once was, she formerly maintained an Instagram account under the alias @Cat.missal. She had signed up for the various social media platforms using her alias.

As of the year 2022, the actress had accumulated 23.8 thousand followers, 398 followings, and had published three posts on her account. In her Instagram bio, she had referred to herself as a Cat.

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Catherine Missal Net Worth 2022

It is believed that Catherine Missal has a net worth of over $500,000, the majority of which she has amassed from her successful profession as an actress and singer.

The actress’s career as an actress is the primary contributor to the revenue that the actress brings in. Even though we do not know about it, it is possible that she has other sources of income.

Missal and the rest of her family reside in the United States, where they have a wonderful lifestyle together. On her social media accounts, you can frequently find images of Missal traveling to new locations and experiencing new things.

Catherine, a young woman of 23 years old, puts in a lot of effort to achieve her dream, and today, she is one of the fortunate young females whose dreams are coming true. In addition to that, the sum of money she had already begun earning is a bonus point, so that makes two points total.

In addition to that, the artist uses her official social media account to post photographs from her day-to-day existence. She had a respectable number of people following her on various social media platforms.

Catherine Missal shooting for her new movie

Catherine Missal shooting for her new movie

Some FAQs

How old is Catherine Missal?

Catherine Missal is 23 years old at this point in her life.

How tall is Catherine Missal?

Catherine Missal has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Who did Catherine Missal play in The Vacation?

In “The Vacation,” Catherine Missal gave her performance as the character Adena.

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