Munica Cooley has a lot of followers on Instagram. She is recognised as Catfish Cooley’s wife. Let’s take a look at their relationship and married life.

Catfish Cooley is one of the best stand-up comedians in the world. For almost four decades, he has been on stage and performing.

He rose to fame over the years as a result of both live performances and social media. His real name is David Allen Cooley, but he is better known by his stage name.

After his viral video was aired on one of the episodes of the comedy show Tosh, Cooley decided to pursue a career as a standup comedian.

With his rising celebrity, not only his career but also his personal life has been thrust into the spotlight.

Here’s what you need to know about his marriage to Munica Cooley, as many fans have inquired.

Catfish Cooley Wife Munica Cooley

Catfish Cooley Wife Munica Cooley

Is Catfish Cooley’s Wife Munica Cooley On Instagram?

Munica Cooley has an Instagram account with the handle @municacooley. Her Instagram account has 71.9k followers as of this writing.

Munica, 32, has stated that she is a model, entertainment, and filming model. She also has a page on Linktree, a content-sharing network.

Munica is also a video creator on social media platforms such as OnlyFans. Catfish is a big supporter of her career and even shares on his 408K-follower account.

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Rumors of a divorce between Munica Cooley and Catfish Cooley

Munica Cooley and Catfish Cooley have been married for a long time and have shown no signs of divorce on social media. They haven’t confirmed anything, so it’s only hearsay at this point.

Catfish frequently features his wife in his articles while promoting her work. On the other hand, they continue to refer to each other as married in their bios.

He never fails to express his admiration for his wife. Furthermore, the majority of his posts for his wife contain congratulatory messages.

Munica Cooley’s Net worth

Munica Cooley’s net worth is unknown, however she does have a prominent OnlyFans account. Her estimated yearly revenue is $38,052 based on her Onlyfans subscription and following.

She costs $13.99 for a month’s subscription, $35.67 for three months, $67.15 for six months, and $117.52 for a year’s subscription.

Munica also makes some of her money through a website called linktree.

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Munica and Catfish Cooley’s Children: Meet Their Parents

Munica and Catfish Cooley are the parents of four children. They have raised their children in a quiet environment, away from the spotlight.

As a result, they only post them on Instagram for special occasions or family photos.

Catfish Cooley

Catfish Cooley

Catfish Cooley’s Wiki Biography, wife, net worth, age, height

Catfish Cooley is a well-known American comedian who rose to prominence due to the success of his videos that went viral. In these videos, he portrays a traditional redneck persona and demonstrates his honest and original brand of fair comedy.

Early life and family

Catfish Cooley was born on May 2nd, 1990, in the state of Louisiana, USA. He is of American nationality and was born under the astrological sign of Taurus. There is hardly any information available regarding his early childhood, his parents, or his siblings. Due to the fact that he prefers to keep his personal life private, he has never mentioned them or shared any images of them on any of his social media platforms.

Educational background

Catfish Cooley received his high school diploma from his Louisiana high school of origin in 2008. Because he has never discussed his college or university experiences, there is no information available concerning his educational history.


It is only known that Catfish Cooley began his work online in 2017 when he founded his YouTube channel. Catfish Cooley has never disclosed any information regarding any offline jobs that he has held. He started producing humorous films on a variety of subjects, the most of which were about the experiences that he had in his day-to-day life and the things that he encountered on a daily basis that annoyed him. Because of his one-of-a-kind commentary approach, his films quickly racked up thousands of views in a short amount of time.

Catfish After being highlighted on the popular television show Tosh.0, which is produced and hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, Colley’s videos quickly gained widespread attention. Because Catfish and his YouTube show “Whiskey Wednesday” were featured in episode 27 of season 7 of Tosh.0, Catfish was able to gain even more followers and viewers than before the episode aired. Together with Ginger Billy, he participated in the “Nitro Comedy Tour” in 2018, during which he took his stand-up comedy performances on the road. In 2019, he traveled around the United States on tour alongside another comic named Andrew Conn. His channel on YouTube currently has close to 200,000 subscribers, and it contains more than 220 videos. The video with the most views on his channel is titled “Redneck eats 2 Paqui world’s hottest chips with Louisiana hot sauce!!!,” and it has had over 2.2 million views.

Another video with over 1.5 million views is titled “Mad dog 357 Plutonium – hotter than the devil’s dick.” It was released on February 7, 2018, and the title of the video translates to “hotter than the devil’s dick.” He frequently provides entertainment for his audience by demonstrating how he consumes hot food while maintaining his composure and appearing unaffected by the spicy foods or chips he consumes.

Personal life, wife Munica West

About Catfish Cooley’s personal life, not a lot is known to the public. He claimed that he has been married to Munica West for a number of years, but he has never disclosed how they first met or when they got married, preferring to keep all of the specifics of their relationship under wraps. They have a daughter named Tyler and another named Zooey.

His video was titled “COMEDIAN CATFISH COOLEY: MY CHILD IS A TEENAGER!,” and Zooey made an appearance in the video. PARENTS AND DAUGHTERS COMEDY”; in this video, he debated with his daughter about her habit not to use a potty; he also mentioned that at the age of three she still used her pacifier, and he complained that Zooey always turned their house into a mess, using all of her toys and never putting them back to the cupboard. Zooey is seen in the video.

Hobbies and interesting facts

The Catfish Family Cooley enjoys watching television and going fishing in his spare time. In addition, he enjoys spending his spare time with his family, which is important to him because he is frequently on tour across the United States and only sees them infrequently these days. Despite this, he is a dedicated parent to his two children, lending a helping hand to their mother as she raises them and instructing them in the fundamentals of life.

Social media presence

Because he promotes his content on multiple social media sites, Catfish Cooley maintains an active presence on those platforms. His Facebook profile has the largest viewership among his social media platforms, with over 2.6 million followers; his Instagram account has accumulated about 300,000 subscribers and has almost 100 posts; his Twitter profile has almost no followers at all. Even though he does not have a Twitter account, his YouTube channel has approximately 200,000 people subscribed to it. Catfish Cooley speaks with his audience in the comments section of his videos only very infrequently, but when he does, he often takes the time to address their questions. In addition to that, he maintains a personal website where you can find the itinerary for his upcoming appearances.

Appearance, clothing style

Catfish Cooley has naturally red hair, but he keeps his hair trimmed very short and occasionally even shaves all of it off of his head; however, his red beard is always present as his mascot and serves as a constant reminder of his identity. His eyes are a beautiful blue. Even though he doesn’t have any teeth in his lower jaw, he doesn’t want to get them fixed because he considers it to be a special mark. When he performs, he always dons a gray pirate’s cap and a pair of overalls made of denim. He does not wear a T-shirt underneath the overalls. In everyday life, he opts for more laid-back attire and typically wears either denim overalls or jeans paired with a T-shirt. He’s covered his entire body in tattoos, and one of them is a catfish.

Net worth and salary

Catfish Cooley is a comedian who is known for posting comedic videos on his YouTube channel and performing stand-up comedy all over the United States. According to reputable sources, Catfish Cooley’s net worth is estimated to be close to $400,000, and he has amassed such a significant fortune through these two activities. Because of the popularity of his posts on Instagram, he makes up to $1,400 for each one that he publishes on the platform. His channel on YouTube brings in approximately $1,600 per month, which is a respectable extra income source. As a result of the several upcoming events at which Catfish Cooley and other comedians are scheduled to appear, there is no doubt that his net worth will continue to increase in the years to come.

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