An outstanding person, Carrie Cordero serves as General Counsel and the Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow at CNAS.

Oversight, transparency, surveillance, cybersecurity, and issues affecting the intelligence community and homeland security are some of her research and writing interests in these areas of national and homeland security law and policy.

She has given testimony before the US Congress on topics like surveillance laws, home security reform, and foreign meddling in democratic institutions.

Her viewpoint has been shared online and in a number of important publications. Among the media on this list are The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post,, Politico, Defense One, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Lawfare, and Just Security.

Carrie Cordero is a CNN analyst

Carrie Cordero is a CNN analyst

Who Is Carrie Cordero From CNN? Wikipedia Facts

Carrie Cordero has been a CNN commentator since 2017 in addition to her role at CNAS.

A nomination by the Secretary of Homeland Security resulted in Cordero being appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council in March 2022. The analyst also serves on the board of advisers for the Tech, Law & Security Program at the American University Washington College of Law.

After leaving the administration, Cordero went on to work at Georgetown Law as the director of national security studies. From 2010 to 2020, she also taught law there as an adjunct professor. She also worked as a consultant in a private practice, giving customers advice on things like privacy protection, law enforcement reaction, and worries about monitoring.

Cordero graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University’s Barnard College. She later graduated with honors from Washington College of Law at American University to become a lawyer.

Carrie has not revealed details of her husband or personal life

Carrie has not revealed details of her husband or personal life

Who Is The Husband Of Carrie Cordero?

Regarding Carrie Cordero’s private life, including whether or if she is married, nothing is known.

In spite of this, some websites claim that she is wed to her partner. The stories’ veracity is still a matter of controversy, though. She is a past director of the District of Columbia Bar Association and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/U.S.). She rarely divulges private information online.

The Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow and General Counsel at the Center for a New American Security only tweets about her job or baseball on her verified Twitter account (@carriecordero) (CNAS).

It appears that Carrie Cordero values both her privacy and the safety of the country equally. She doesn’t talk about her personal life on her social media platforms. She rarely discusses subjects that are pertinent to her family. Additionally, her family’s identity is concealed.

However, her biography does recognize that she is a baseball mom.

Carrie Cordero has provided testimony to the US Congress on topics such as surveillance legislation

Carrie Cordero has provided testimony to the US Congress on topics such as surveillance legislation

Carrie Cordero Career Earnings

Although we don’t know Carrie’s actual professional earnings, we may make an educated guess based on her career.

In the beginning of her career, Carrie Cordero worked for the US government. She worked in the public sector in a variety of positions, including as senior associate general counsel at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, attorney-advisor at the US Department of Justice, and counsel to the assistant attorney general for national security.

She was in charge of significant counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations during this time. In front of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Cordero frequently provided testimony.

She was responsible for creating policies, procedures, and processes for oversight, compliance, and the protection of privacy and civil liberties in the context of government national security investigations and intelligence activities at the US Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. She spent a considerable amount of effort on this project. She also served as a specific assistant attorney for the United States government.

According to information given by Glassdoor, the annual compensation for the Chief Political Analyst position at CNN is around $85,432. This graph displays the median that was calculated for predicting total compensation using the user-submitted wages. The estimated beginning salary is $61,802 per year. It is anticipated that earnings will rise by about $23,630 per year. A financial bonus, commission, gratuities, or a cut of the profits are all examples of additional pay.

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Carrie Cordero Wikipedia: Details To Know About The Security Analyst

Carrie Cordero, who is the General Counsel at the Center for a New American Security, has not yet been given her own official page on Wikipedia.

Additionally, she is a partner instructor for law at Georgetown Law, in addition to being a special investigator for legitimate and public concern topics on CNN.

At the Center for New American Security, Carrie Cordero is in charge of senior individual and general direction responsibilities.

Name Carrie Cordero
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Married
Twitter @carriecordero

Who Is Carrie Cordero? Wikipedia Details

The official Wikipedia article for Carrie Cordero does not yet contain any information about her.

When one considers the amount of effort she puts into her work, it is reasonable to assume that she will one day be profiled on Wikipedia.

Carrie Cordero is a national security lawyer who has experience working for the government, in academia, and in private practice. She now holds the position of Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow and General Counsel at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).

Her primary areas of interest in research, writing, and related national and homeland security law include oversight, transparency, surveillance, cybersecurity, homeland security, and issues faced by the intelligence community.

Carrie Cordero’s popularity as a Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow is largely responsible for bringing her to the notice of the media. On the other hand, she does not have a page of her own on Wikipedia.

It is currently uncertain when exactly Carrie Cordero was born. Her private life is a well guarded secret, and she has not divulged any of her biographical information to the public. However, based on what can be seen in her image, she appears to be between the ages of 38 and 41, and she was born in the United States of America.

In the same vein, her nationality is that of the United States of America, and her ethnicity is that of a Hispanic. In addition, Cordero is a Christian who is devout in her belief in the Christian religion.

Carrie attended Barnard College beginning in 1993 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science two years later in 1997. This information pertains to her educational background. In a similar fashion, she began her legal education at the American University Washington College of Law in 1999 and went on to earn her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree in 2002.

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Carrie Cordero’s Birthplace

The precise location of Carrie Corderos’ birth has not been made public at this time.

She is in her late 40s currently. Her actual birth date is still a closely guarded secret.

However, she should hold the nationality of the United States.

Who Is Carrie Cordero’s Husband?

Carrie Cordero is a married woman who is currently living with her spouse.

Her husband’s name is still hidden.

It would appear that Carrie has made the decision to keep her personal information concealed and keeps a high level of seclusion.

Know About Carrie’s Family

Carrie was born in the United States to American parents, but she has not yet divulged any information about them.

She resides in the same house as her parents and her children.

Who Are Carrie Cordero’s Parents?

Carrie Cordero’s parents’ names have not been revealed to the public. Her private life is kept hidden from view, and she makes every effort to avoid being seen by others. Because the General counselor is rather quiet on the various social media platforms, it has been challenging to compile information regarding her family.

It has been reported by some of the other media outlets that Carrie has a sister or brother in the family; however, this information has not yet been verified to establish whether or not this is true.

When Did Carrie Cordero Start Her Career?

Carrie Cordero started out her professional life serving in various capacities for the United States government, including as an Attorney Advisor at the Department of Justice, Senior Associate General Counsel at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

In a similar vein, she was in charge of crucial investigations concerning counterterrorism and counterintelligence, and she frequently testified in front of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

In addition to that, Carrie worked for CNN as a Legal and National Security Analyst for a while. She frequently offers legal and national security analysis and commentary to the media, including television, print, and radio venues. Her expertise may be found in these areas.

In addition, her pieces have been shared on international media platforms such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Atlantic.

Know Carrie’s Net Worth

The estimation of Carrie’s wealth by industry experts is still in progress.

We are able to speculate that her net worth is between between one million and five million dollars.

There is no question that she has amassed a respectable fortune due to the fact that she has worked both as a Senior Fellow at Robert M. Gates and as General Counsel.

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