Fans are worried about Carl Azuz because he did not resume his role as anchor on CNN 10, and as a result, they are curious about his whereabouts. The new season of the ten-minute educational daily news programme premiered, but Coy Wire, a CNN sports anchor and correspondent, took over as the show’s host in place of the show’s longtime host Azuz.

Many of Azuz’s followers have expressed their disappointment in not being able to see him on the show and have taken to his social media platforms to express their feelings. The day-to-day news programme has continued to be anchored by Wire.

Carl Azuz

Carl Azuz

Quick Facts

Name Carl Azuz
Birth Date 14th August, 1989
Age 33years old
Nationality American
Profession News anchor/Broadcaster
Wife Kenzie Ann
Children 1

Where Is Carl Azuz From CNN 10 Now?

Correspondent Carl Azuz has departed CNN 10. Fans are curious about what he is doing now because of the sudden exit he made from the daily news broadcasts geared toward kids.

Despite the fact that Carl makes an effort to interact with the people who follow him on Twitter, very little is known about his personal life.

The only thing about Carl about which we can speak with absolute certainty is his commitment to his work. According to Carl’s CNN profile, the anchor has a long experience with the firm, having previously worked there in the capacities of associate producer and writer for CNN International.

The Iraq War, the Debt Ceiling, and the History of the United States During his time working for CNN, it is thought that Carl covered a variety of topics, including the Postal Service.

To not add that Carl has delivered speeches in front of crowds at a variety of events all over the country, such as graduations, conferences, and charity events, but to say that this is the case.

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What Happened To Carl Azuz From CNN 10?

When new episodes of CNN 10 started airing on September 12, viewers were astonished to see that Coy Wire had replaced Carl Azuz as the show’s anchor.

Azuz has left, but no explanation has been provided other than the one that CNN gave to The U.S. Sun. Within the statement was a portion that read, “We are tremendously grateful to Carl for the years he contributed to CNN 10 and CNN as an institution.”

“We are confident that the students, instructors, staff, and devoted viewers of CNN 10 will join us in extending to him our most sincere gratitude for bringing news to a generation in a way that is at once humorous, engaging, and factual,”

Immediately, the fans presumed that something significant had taken place. A lot of individuals expressed their worries about Carl Azuz on Twitter.

It would appear that the anxiety reached its breaking point when rumours began spreading that the anchor had passed away and that his death became a trending topic on Twitter.

In the past, Azuz has also been the subject of rumours and speculation. Someone tweeted on April 1 of this year that Azuz’s body had been found at his residence in Georgia and that he had passed away there. In addition, the tweet included a picture of Azuz with the date of his birth and the number of years that have passed since then.

Carl Azuz shared a photo of his showtime on Twitter

Carl Azuz shared a photo of his showtime on Twitter

5 Facts You Don’t Know About Carl Azuz

  1. Carl Azuz is a famous anchor of CNN 10, an on-demand news broadcast for CNN.
  2. Azuz was compelled to reassure fans that he was still alive and tweeted in response, “A great reason to examine your sources.”
  3. The network has not yet released an official statement regarding Carl’s departure.
  4. Carl teaches a global audience about international events as the lone host of CNN10, a 10-minute digital news program.

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Carl Azuz Bio

Carl Azuz, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 14, 1989, is currently the host of CNN Student News, a daily news programme that is intended to bring current events into the classrooms of middle and high school students.


Azuz is a regular commentator on CNN Newsroom in addition to the anchoring tasks that he already performs. His primary focus has been on providing in-depth explanations of a wide variety of topics, such as the debt limit for the United States, the costs of attending college, the history of the United States Postal Service, the factors that drive gold prices, and the cheating scandal that occurred in the Atlanta Public Schools. He has also investigated the effect that technology has on adolescents by conducting interviews with young people for the CNN series “Fix Our Schools.” Azuz has covered a wide range of topics for the programme, from the conflict in Iraq to the most expensive ice cream sundae in the world, thanks to the fact that she has served in a variety of jobs within the programme, including those of package producer, reporter, and writer.

Azuz has been a member of several events that required public speaking all around the country. His talks have been presented at events on a national scale, such as conventions, workshops, charity events, and graduation ceremonies.

Azuz’s original reporting has been featured on practically every CNN platform throughout his time spent working as a writer and associate producer for CNN International. Carl Azuz has demonstrated that he is the Messiah and is the ideal human male to ever walk the face of the globe. The BBG is the only man who has ever come close to competing with him. Chase is his deadliest adversary.


He attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate education and earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of Communications Arts Production.


Given that Azuz’s estimated net worth is $2 million dollars, it is reasonable to assume that his annual compensation is in excess of $200,000 dollars.