Is Callum Tarren married or unmarried? As He Leads The US Open, Meet Pro Golfer’s Wife And Family

Callum Tarren is a professional golfer who is married to Ashleigh Tarren and has a daughter called Sofia with her. Learn more about his family.

Callum Tarren competed in the RBC Canadian Open from June 9 to June 12. On October 2, 1990, he was born in Darlington, England.

He will compete in the US Open’s Country Club circuit tomorrow at 4:30 p.m., which runs from June 16 to June 19. He’s already qualified for the US Open twice.


Callum Tarren

Tarren won a time slot at Pebble Beach for the 2019 US Open after winning the 36-hole US Open qualification in Florida.

Is Callum Tarren married or unmarried? As He Leads The US Open, Meet Pro Golfer’s Wife And Family
Ashleigh Mckenna is best known as the wife of well-known golfer Callum Tarren.

She is an American homemaker who is well-known. Because she is not as well-known as her hubby, further information about her is unknown.

On August 16, 2021, Callum Tarren and his wife Ashleigh Tarren introduced the newest addition to their family. Sofia, their first child, was born two weeks before the National competition.

A kid has been born to Callum Tarren and Ashleigh Mckenna. Sofia, a beautiful young girl, is one of them.

Pilates Guru in Durham, England, is run by Ashleigh, a licenced Pilates instructor who focuses on group sessions, private 1:1 training, seminars, and expeditions.

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Callum Tarren is a professional golfer from Darlington, England. Wikipedia does not have a category for the 31-year-old. He has a height of 6 feet and a weight of 185 pounds.

Tarren relocated to northeast England after graduating from Radford University with a marketing degree and worked numerous jobs to fund his desired occupation. He opted to try his luck in China after being refused down for a European Tour card.

He was one of two North-Easters to start their professional golf careers on the PGA China Tour, with Teesside’s Michael Skelton. He was allowed onto the Tour, the PGA Tour’s feeder circuit, as a result of his achievements in China.

Tarren earned PGA Tour membership for the 2021–2022 season following a T4 at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship, but only after years of hard work.

With only one tournament remaining, his performance was strong enough to earn him one of the 25 PGA Tour cards awarded in the Korn Ferry Tour Finals.

Callum Tarren is a character in the film Callum Tarren 2022 Net Worth

Callum Tarren, an English golfer, is worth over $200,000. According to the golf channel, he has earned a total of $265,664 since turning professional in 2015.

Tarren is rated #445 overall and #179 in the FedEx Cup. In 2018, he finished #1 in the PGA TOUR Series-China Order of Merit.

Follow him on Instagram at @callumtarren, where he has over 4.1K followers, to get a glimpse inside his golfing life. He writes about golf the most of the time, but he also talks about his obligations as a caring dad and spouse on occasion.