BTS member Jung Kook shared an enigmatic photo of himself on the group’s official Twitter account on August 11, 2022. The vocalist of Euphoria may be seen in the hazy photo wearing red contact lenses and smudged red lipstick. Many ARMYs compared him to a vampire because of the way he looked and because of his white clothes.

Later, the musician shared a brief 6-second video of himself dressed as a vampire. The video, which was presented along with a logo, serves as a preview for a photo portfolio that will be made available in September of this year.

A photo-folio, which combines the words “photo” and “portfolio,” is a collection of a photographer’s greatest images for others who are not familiar with the term. Jeon Jung-kook from BTS will be in charge of the photo folio project, and the other members will shortly follow. His photo portfolio’s theme is “Powerful.”

Unsurprisingly, the mystery image posted by the newest BTS member sparked a great deal of discussion on Twitter, leading to a variety of Vampire Jung Kook alterations being created by ARMYs.

The editors, however, are mainly made up of Twilight enthusiasts who have firmly stated that they are “Team Jung Kook” and not “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” respectively. Twilight is a cult favorite among young adults.

BTS' Jeon Jung-kook and Edward Cullen

BTS’ Jeon Jung-kook and Edward Cullen

Fans are editing Jung Kook into clips from the Twilight film series

The two main male heroes of the Twilight saga were the werewolf Jacob Black and the vampire Edward Cullen. Bella Swan, the human female at the center of the narrative, was the object of both Edward and Jacob’s affections. Many fans felt that Bella should have chosen Jacob as her partner instead of Edward, which sparked the “Team Edward” vs. “Team Jacob” argument. Ultimately, Bella chose Edward as her companion.

Fans reacted to the Stay Alive singer’s enigmatic photo on Twitter by editing him into official Twilight movie posters and scenes, declaring that they were now “Team Jung Kook.” The unexpected BTS and Twilight crossover has delighted both fandoms.

Everything we know about the upcoming photo-folio

The youngest member of BTS quietly started revealing teases for his future solo project after putting the entire fandom into a frenzy. The singer hinted at some of the facts in a recent Instagram post titled “Mood ‘Inner Self’ Teaser,” despite the fact that the specifics are still being kept under wraps.

The “Golden maknae” reportedly participated in every facet of the next photo shoot, according to Korean media sources. Prior to the publication of the official version, more teasers, concept movies, and sample pictures are anticipated.