Brooke Bailey is a social media influencer and the ex-wife of former basketball player Ronnie Holland. She makes her return in the new season of the reality television series Basketball Wives. Here are details about her personal life.

Brooke Bailey

Brooke Bailey

On May 16, 2022, the first episode of the new reality series that will air on VH1 has Bailey as one of the leading women. The show brings together a group of women who are now in a relationship with a basketball player or who have previously been in a relationship with a basketball player in order for them to share their experiences.

Who Is Brooke Bailey On Basketball Wives?

Television personality Brooke Bailey is most well-known for her role in the second season of the reality television series Basketball Wives LA, which debuted on VH1 in 2012 and ran for a total of 10 episodes. She was formerly married to Ronnie Holland, who is her ex-husband. The new season of the show, which debuted on May 16, 2022, marks her comeback appearance on the program.

In the world of cosmetics and apparel, Brooke is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Her interests lie in these two industries. She is the proprietor of Skin by Brooke Beauty, a business that specializes in the sale of anti-aging skincare products for the beauty industry. Her products can be purchased through the website that she owns.

In addition to that, Brooke is the proprietor of the upscale fashion label known as Opulent Icon. The shop carries a variety of casual and comfortable clothing, including athletic attire. In addition to that, she is the proprietor of the Brooke Bailey Book Club, in which she discusses the works of other authors. In addition to that, she is the proprietor of My Life Herbs.

Brooke Bailey Age Details

At this time, Brooke Bailey has 44 years under her belt. She was born in the state of California on July 13th, 1977. At the time of her first appearance on Basketball Wives LA in 2012, she was already 35 years old and dating a basketball player named Vernon Macklin.

The relationship between the two ended, and soon after, Brooke was linked romantically to another professional basketball player named Ronnie Holland. The couple tied the knot in a publicized event in the year 2014. According to Brooke’s Instagram account, the marriage between the two did not endure very long after it was finalized in 2016, despite the fact that the couple had already exchanged their vows.

In addition to this, the rapper Ice Cube and Brooke appeared alongside each other on the cover of Low Rider magazine. In addition, Snoop Dogg featured beside her in a commercial that she did. Additionally, she was highlighted in a number of other publications, one of which was Gorgeous Magazine.

Brooke Bailey Children Details

The children that Brooke Bailey has brought into the world are two sons and a daughter. On her Instagram account, she frequently posts photos of her children.

Kayla Bailey, who was born in 1996 and is the daughter of Brooke, is a model with 4,400 followers on her Instagram account. Sumecio, the older of her two sons, was born in 1998 and has 5,600 followers on Instagram. In 2004, her youngest son joined the world. It is not known who the children’s biological father is.

The Instagram account that the 44-year-old uses is @brookebaileyinc. She has 533,000 people following her. On Basketball Wives 2022, which airs on VH1, you can catch Brooke.