Who Is Bodega Bro On TikTok? video College Student Was Fired After Going Viral

So, in the most recent TikTok viral news, a man who worked there was accused of racism and ultimately dismissed.

Bodega Bro

Bodega Bro

Griffin Green, a recent college graduate who goes by “Bodega Bro” on his online profile since that’s how everyone is currently addressing him, lost his job as a result of a well-liked TikTok video in which he denounced a convenience shop in New York.

On TikTok, who is Bodega Bro?

a fresh viral story every week! A recent college graduate from the Midwest named Bodega Bro. He currently goes online under the alias “Bodega Bro,” where he has voiced his complaints about the supermarket and made some racial remarks.

He said such things after uploading a video of himself hunting for a “real” food store. Griffin, a native of Michigan, quickly faced criticism from everyone and was fired by the retailer.

Student from a Popular College Was Fired

He tells the cameraman, pointing to a corner store, “OK, so I just moved to New York and I’m going to go grocery shopping, so I type in like “grocery stores” on my Apple Maps, and like, every f***ing one I go to – like, I’m walking, too – they’re like this s**t.

He continues, turning to face the person standing behind him, “Or like, f***ing, like this.” That’s not a grocery shop, like bro. I’m attempting to obtain things like eggs, yogurt, cheese, and other similar things. like, check out this location.

In other words, the newcomer to the city was taken aback to learn that the Bronx, where he was living, lacked any significant supermarkets or food stores.

We are all aware that New York City is renowned for its bodegas, which are actually convenience stores that are located on practically every street corner and offer essentials.

Griffin was able to alienate city inhabitants with his nasty remarks by disparaging bodega culture in a viral TikTok, which ultimately led to him losing his new job.

Wikipedia and Instagram Images of Bodega Bro

Griffin Green, who has just graduated from college, was previously reported as being relatively young. He seems to be in his early 20s, although no actual information about his age has been made public yet.

The excerpts of the original TikTok video, which is in his private account and is where the new slur originated, are however making the rounds on Twitter.

Additionally, he has a private Instagram account, so no further information can be obtained than what is already publically available online.

After facing criticism at first, he then clarified his remarks by posting a second video in which he called it “funny” because his maps kept directing him to bodegas rather than other supermarkets.