Twitter is flooded with hilarious Bob Odenkirk foot fetish memes as fans respond to the Better Call Saul actor’s Instagram activities.

Actor Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul is extremely popular online as a result of his Instagram activities coming to light. The Emmy-nominated actor was revealed to have followed a social media page with only images of feet.

Netizens learned about this, and fans immediately took to Twitter to make jokes about the actor’s purported fetish.

A picture of the Instagram page @perfect feet in sexy shoes was shared to Reddit by user u/CPTSOAPPRICE. What did Bob Odenkirk mean by that? is how the user captioned the post.

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk is one of the page’s 3465 followers.

Online users expressed their disbelief by promptly posting to Instagram to corroborate the same. They quickly captured screenshots of the actor’s Instagram account that was linked to the foot fetish page as evidence.

The Instagram account contains more than 860 pictures of ladies wearing high heels and painted toes. The word “Male” appeared in the page’s bio, which appears to corroborate that a guy is in charge of the account.

Internet users saturate Twitter with amusing memes

Fans were shocked to learn that the 59-year-Instagram old’s account, which he uses under the moniker “therealbobodenkirk,” followed the page with photos of fetish feet.

Heart attack strikes Bob Odenkirk while filming Better Call Saul.

The actor who plays Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman passed out on the show’s set in July 2021 after having a heart attack. Angie Meyer, the show’s associate director and health supervisor, performed CPR on the actor before connecting him to an automated defibrillator.

Odenkirk took the following five weeks off from work to recover from the horrible event. The actor acknowledged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he limited his filming time to 12 hours per day.

The actor also talked to the media source about how it was “weird” to watch the episode where he passed out again. As Odenkirk clarified:

The most peculiar aspect of it is that I genuinely don’t remember that day. It’s uncommon for me to be watching something in which I have no recollection of acting. Even if the video was shot months ago, you usually remember it after seeing it. But in this instance, it’s so totally blank. It’s pretty peculiar. I have to admit that it seems strange to have lost, essentially, a week and a half. Nothing needs to be cleaned; just clean. In any case, that was an odd experience. Other than that, I’m good.

The Breaking Bad star unfollowed the aforementioned Instagram profile as of the time this piece was being written. At the time this piece was being written, the actor had not made a statement regarding his Instagram following.