The Birla Family is an Indian family that has ties to the social and industrial history of India. The Maheshwari family is related to the Vaishya traders. However, they were expelled from their community in 1922 after one of their members, Rameshwar Das Birla was believed to have violated the caste marriage rules. They are Marwari, and are called Marwari by Rajasthani merchants. The family is from Pilani, North-east Rajasthan. They maintain their Pilani residence and operate several educational institutions, including the BITS, Pilani. Here we look into Birla Family Tree.

Birla Family Tree

Birla Family Tree

Shiv Narayan Birla

Seth Shobharam was a grandson of Seth Bhudharmal and a local tradesman with modest means. He lived in Pilani in the early 19th Century. Seth Shiv Narayana (1840-1909), his son, was the first to venture outside Pilani. Ahmedabad, which was then the railwayhead that served trade from large parts of northwest India, was established in this time. The bulk of the goods, mainly cotton, would be brought to the city from the hinterland and then transported by train to Bombay to be exported to England and other nations.

Ahmedabad also had several cotton ginning facilities to clean the cotton before it was shipped to England. One of the first Indian traders to take part in this cotton trade was Shiv Narayanabirla. Britain encouraged the trade in opium with China later and established poppy cultivation in India. Because of its climate and soil, the Ratlam region was a prime area for poppy cultivation. The family fortune was built on the trading of opium with China by Shiv Narayan and Baldeo Das Birla. Shiv Narayana Birla, who was gaining wealth and confidence, began charting cargo ships with other Marwadi tradersmen to trade opium and China. This bypassed the British middlemen. He moved to Bombay in 1863 to facilitate this.


Baldev Das Birla

One thing that Shiv Narayanbirla was most sad about in his life was the fact that he didn’t have any children. In the 1880s Shiv Narayan (Narain), his business interests had been passed to his adopted son Baldev Das Birla. He established Shivnarayan Baldevdas in Bombay, a trading company. Baldev Das Birla, his son, moved to Calcutta and established Baldevdas Jugalkishor. Baldeo Das was succeeded in death by his four sons Jugal Kishore Das, Rameshwar Das , Ghanshyam Das , and Braj Mohan.

In 1917, Baldev Das received the title Raibahadur. He retired from business in 1920 and began living in Banaras to pursue religious studies. He was made “Raja” in 1925 by Orissa and Bihar governments. He was awarded D. Litt. Banaras Hindu University.

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Baldeo Das Birla Children – G D Birla, J K Birla, R D Birla & B M Birla | Birla Family Tree

Ghanshyam Das Birla

Ghanshyam Das Birla

Born – 10 April, 1894

G.D. Birla founded the Birla Bros Limited jute mill in 1919 against stiff resistance from the British and Scottish merchants. In 1926, he was elected to the Central Legislative Assembly.

Jugal Kishore Birla

Born – 1883

Birla Brothers Limited was run by Jugal Kishore Birla and G.D. Birla. He was an activist for Hinduism and a philanthropist.

Rameshwar Das Birla

Born – 1892

Baldeo Das Birla’s second son, he established many educational and hospital organizations in Kolkata, Mumbai and Pilani.

Baldeo Das Birla Grandchildren – M P Birla, Gajanan Birla, Lakshmi Niwas Birla, Krishna Kumar Birla, Basant Kumar Birla & G P Birla

– Madhav Prasad Birla

Born – 1918

Married – Priyamvada Devi

M.P. Birla established companies such as Indian Smelting, Birla Corp., Vindhya Telelinks, Hindustan Gum and Chemicals, Universal Cables, and Digvijay Woollen Mills.

– Gajanan Birla

– Lakshmi Niwas Birla

He founded the Birla High School in Kolkata.

– Krishna Kumar Birla

Born – 1918

Married – Manorama Devi

He was chairman of the ZuariChambal company group. He was instrumental in the development of India’s sugar industry. He was also the chairman of Zuari-Chambal-Paradeep, a fertilizer conglomerate. He was the father of Shobhana Bhattia, Jyoti Podar, and Nandini Nopany.

– Basant Kumar Birla

Basant Kumar Birla

Born – 1921

Married – Sarala Biyani

He is currently the chairman of the BK Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology and of the Krishnarpan Charity Trust.

– Ganga Prasad Birla

Born – 1922

Married – Nirmala

G.P. Birla’s companies are Nigeria Engineering Works and Hindustan Motors.

Baldeo Das Birla Great Grandchildren | Birla Family Tree

1. Ashok Birla

2. Sudarshan Birla

3. Aditya Vikram Birla

4. Chandra Kant Birla

5. Yashovardhan Birla

Yashovardhan Birla

6. Sidharth Birla

Siddharth Birla

7. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Kumar Mangalam Birla


Birla Family Net Worth

Kumar Birla, a fourth generation Birla, has a net worth of $9.2 Billion as of September 2014. He ranks at #9 on India’s Richest list.