Jen Tisdale, a popular podcast host, has accused Billy Jensen of sexual assault. The case has sparked a massive debate on Reddit.Billy Jensen was assisting in homicide investigations even before he and Michelle McNamara worked on the Golden State Killer case. True crime appeals to you because it allows you to play detective.
Billy is capable of it, and the best part is that he is just like you or me. He isn’t a police officer. Billy completes the task with the help of his laptop, phone, and intestines.

Billy is an old-fashioned guy, save for his use of technology on this tour, so that’s an old-fashioned word. That’s what first drew him to true crime, and it’s now what keeps him going. He reveals how he achieved it in his book Chase Darkness With Me: How One True Crime Writer Overcame the Odds.

Billy Jensen

Billy Jensen

Billy Jensen Has Been Charged With Sexual Assault

Jen Tisdale discussed her sexual assault incident while in a relationship with Billy Jensen on her podcast.
Jenn shared her story of how Jensen had assaulted her. She also confirmed that Murder Squad had been canceled by Exactly

Right. Jensen is suspected of being a serial harasser and assailant of women.
Billy is a true-crime journalist who investigates unsolved murders and missing persons. He became frustrated after 17 years of publishing hundreds of unfinished stories and decided to solve the crimes himself.

Billy has been involved in the investigation of ten homicides and has solved or assisted in the investigation of ten homicides. Billy is now referred to as a “consultant digital investigator” by law enforcement organizations that seek his assistance in cases where they are perplexed.

Jen Tisdale What Happened To Her?

People are talking about Jen Tisdale after she recently accused Billy Jensen of harassing her while they were together.

Some people are praising her and telling her that she is courageous for speaking out about such an important topic, while others think she is lying because Jensen did excellent things.

Jen spoke on a podcast about her entire experience and the issues she had with Billy, the majority of which were sexual assaults. Podcasts are also available to listen to on the internet.

Jensen is best known for his role in the Golden State Killer case, in which a serial killer committed at least 13 murders, more than 50 rapes, and more than 100 burglaries in California.

The crimes took place between 1974 and 1986, and the suspected killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, was arrested in April 2018 and charged with murder, kidnapping, and abduction.

The Jen Tisdale case has sparked controversy on Reddit

Reddit users are debating the subject after Jen Tisdale spoke out and accused Billy Jensen in her show.
According to one user, it’s difficult. Before continuing, he only needed to take a few moments to collect his breath. Because he is a murderer, he recognizes the signs of domestic violence and sexual assault.

They’d noticed them in a lot of the stories they’d heard. Billy is disturbed by the idea that he’s been told stories with the same warning signs he’s telling now.

Another user wrote, “Realistically, they’d have to undertake an inquiry before terminating him as well, or Billy would be able to file a wrongful dismissal claim.”