Oh Choong-hwan is the director of the crime-thriller-mystery Korean TV series Big Mouth (), which also stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah (Yoona), Kim Joo-hun, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Yang Kyung-won. The show takes over Doctor Lawyer’s Friday and Saturday 10 PM KST schedule on MBC.

Big Mouth Episode 16

Big Mouth Episode 16

The duration of Big Mouth episode 16 is 71 minutes.

Episode 16 of Big Mouth opens with Do-ha and Chang-ho competing in the mayoral race. Mi-ho and Jerry arrive at the fish factory and enter the building without a worry in the world as they begin to introduce themselves. Naturally, a battle breaks out, and they manage to capture the fish farm manager. Chang-ho discovers that the discussion is also manipulated in the meanwhile.

Mi-ho tells the boss to reveal the information while threatening him with water from the farm. Do-ha brings up the cryptocurrency issue and queries Chang-ho about his plans to withdraw from the election contest if the accusation is found to be accurate. His eyes are sparkling, and we all know what that indicates.

However, behind the scenes, Chae-bong is franticly searching for a solution to prevent the intruders from doing additional harm since he is terrified that the fish farm will become embroiled in this mess. Chang-ho doesn’t refrain from bringing up the most awkward topics throughout the debate to make Do-ha wriggle in his chair, even bringing up NF9 and his grandfather.

Do-ha appears uneasy and upset and appears to need some time to collect himself. The in-confession charge’s is captured on tape by Mi-ho and the crew, and in it, he effectively spills the beans about the fish, the water, the radiation, and the money NK Chemicals pays them. They also collect anything and everything from the farm that could serve as proof.

Mi-ho makes the decision to take the proof to the TV station after gathering everything. They encounter difficulties as they approach, so Chun-sik encourages Jerry and Mi-ho to leave while they stop the others. Du-geun decides to call the police after Chae-bong starts to pursue them, and Soon-tae gathers all the information while vowing to take care of everything.

Chae-bong fears they are doomed when Mi-automobile ho’s is stopped on the highway. To the dismay of the evil men, they are unfortunate enough to receive a police escort and are hauled away on a priority basis. Following this, Mi-ho receives a call from her father and, in an emotional moment, confides in his unaware ears that she is truly happy.

Gi-gwang and Soon-tae discover the cryptocurrency scammer on the citizens’ panel after the call, and Soon-tae promises him that they have something in store for him. The con artist rises first as the voters begin to interrogate the candidates and begins addressing and accusing Chang-ho. It quickly becomes awkward because Chang-ho is unable to respond.

At that point, Mi-ho bursts into the room and informs everyone that she is not a candidate’s wife but rather a victim of NK Chemicals’ radioactive leak. Chang-ho and Gi-gwang are horrified by the shocking revelation, but Mi-ho continues to expose NK Chemicals’ unethical behavior to everyone. However, when they play the footage, everyone is absolutely stunned, and that is indisputable proof.

Mi-ho reminds everyone that the police should investigate this incident and discover the truth as he departs Do-ha with a very challenging question. After the discussion is finished, Do-ha assures a frazzled Joo-hee that he will take care of everything while a panicked Chang-ho dashes off to see his wife. Mi-ho and Chang-ho spend the remaining time they have together after an emotional discussion about, well, her illness, in Chang-former ho’s law office.

The following day, Do-ha is summoned to the prosecutor’s office where Joong-rak questions her. Ji-hoon and Chang-ho are both annoyed by Do-continued ha’s timidity. Chang-ho is aware that Joo-hee is the trap that they should be concentrating on. She claims that it is all Chairman Kang’s fault and that she should be punished, refusing to believe that her husband is to blame. However, Chang-ho has other ideas.

Now doubtful, Joo-hee informs Do-right-hand ha’s guy in the car that Chang-ho would send Chairman Kang’s body for an autopsy. He then asks her if she knew, which sets off her trap. When Joo-hee admits that she did, he makes the call right in front of it and makes a commitment to take care of it. Joo-hee is devastated by the information.

However, election day has arrived, and after anxiously awaiting the results, Do-ha narrowly prevails. Joo-hee doesn’t appear overly thrilled about the possibility, and she seems awkward celebrating with her spouse. Things are really depressing at Chang-house, ho’s but Mi-ho doesn’t let the poor voting affect her.

Instead, she advises them to see the positive side of things and points them that they still have the trial. Do-ha will be unable to serve as mayor if he is discovered. Just then, Mi-ho receives a package, and when she opens it, she discovers a burner phone inside. Joo-hee apparently has had enough of her husband’s lies since she sent the package. Even yet, she consents to testify about the phone.

Everyone lets their emotions out that night as Chang-ho puts his inebriated wife to bed as they lament their terrible state of affairs. Being around Mi-ho, who is such a loving presence for everyone, it’s a heartbreaking scene to see.

Joo-hee isn’t present on the day of Do-trial, ha’s so he can’t show that the burner phone belongs to her. As an alternative, blame is placed on someone else. Do-ha apparently knew about Joo-hee and likely did something to her to prevent her from entering the courtroom.

In the mental institution, she was restrained to a bed, and Mi-young is currently abusing her.

This development allows Do-ha to avoid the charges completely. It seems like Chang-ho is constantly losing, and Do-sneer ha’s only makes matters worse. Mi-ho loses consciousness after finding the day’s excitement to be too overwhelming. Mi-ho, who had expressed her love for Chang-ho in the hospital, tragically passes away while holding his hand.

Later, Chang-ho admits to Do-ha that he is Big Mouse and that the dive pool he is using belongs to him. Chang-ho notes that Do-admission ha’s removes the guilt he would have otherwise felt when he begins to brag about his might and that he doesn’t mind using others as leverage to accomplish what he wants.

He’s ready to explain what he means to a perplexed Do-ha when all of a sudden he starts coughing up blood. It turns out that NK Chemicals’ pool water is actually the radiation-tainted subterranean water. Chang-ho explains to him before departing that Do-ha believed he was above the law even though the law was created to protect people.

We learn that Chang-ho was able to put an end to the reign of terror once and for all as Do-ha sinks into the water and passes away from radiation poisoning — Joo-hee was saved from the mental health facility, they recovered the money, and Jae-papers young’s and Joo-hee testified at the hearing as well. Ji-hoon also received his business back, and a sizable sum of money was donated to various orphanages and other organizations. Big Mouse has won in every way.

However, Chang-ho simply recalls his wife’s advice to be a good Big Mouse and to assist those in need. And in order to honor his wife’s wishes, he has a lot of work to do.

Now that Big Mouth is over, it feels like a monumental thing is successfully coming to a close. But I have to admit, I had anticipated the episode to conclude with Chang-ho and the team defeating Do-ha rather than just showcasing his victories in the final five minutes and omitting to truly reveal how he discovered the money or what transpired in court.

I thought it was an excellent episode nonetheless, even though Mi-death ho’s wasn’t necessary and didn’t advance the story in any way other than to encourage the male lead to realize his full potential.

Big Mouth has provided eight weeks of nail-biting tension. I won’t really complain, though. The behind-the-scenes photos demonstrate how kind everyone on the program is, and it’s been wonderful!

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