American teen Bianca Devins was killed by Brandon Andrew Clark, who also gave her family the graphic photo.

Clark, a male friend, had viciously murdered Bianca on July 14, 2019. She was young and lost her life; she was from Utica, New York. After the murder of Devins, 17, went viral and the killer was charged with second-degree murder, Devins’ family wanted retribution.

Clark admitted to the crime and was given a 25-year prison term. Additionally, police said they had a close relationship. They viewed their bonding differently, though. Clark was referred to be the close family friend by Benicia’s sister. The victim was seen kissing another man, which led to the murder.

The teenage girl’s murder caught the media’s and social media’s attention. Banana’s images, which Clark had taken and widely shared online, elicited both pity and mockery.

Bianca Will Be Featured On CBS 48

Bianca Will Be Featured On CBS 48

Were Bianca Devins’s Death Photos & Videos Sent To Her Family?

Devins’ parents claim that Clark sent them images and videos of their beloved daughter’s passing. In Utica, New York, her friend killed her. It got worse when the killer delivered the photographs of her dead body to her family after they had been posted online and gone viral.

Kim Devins, Benica’s mother, said that social media was an important aspect of her life since it allowed her to be whatever she wanted. The first picture of Bianca’s body was discovered online by her pals on July 14, 2019. Even though her friends assumed it was some sort of joke, it actually happened in the days that followed.

Friends believed it to be fake news because no one on the social media network would share the obscene pictures. After Brandon Clark, a friend of the victim, dialed 911, the suspect had a change of heart. Even he claimed to have been able to be located by the victim’s residence on a dead-end road by the dispatcher.

Bianca’s body was discovered by the police in a trap. Someone showed her family the horrifying image before calling the police. While Bianca’s loved ones were crying and lamenting her tragic demise, the news repeatedly circulated on social media. Online trolls, vile words, and cruel memes were sent to her family in the social forum, accusing her of being responsible for the incident.

Steven Crimando, a behavioral scientist, described the episode as a sort of psychological terrorism. The scientist further explained that it was a bodily crime to CBS News national correspondent Jericka Ducan.

The Bianca supporter claims that they saw pictures of the person who killed Bianca Devins a few years ago. An algorithm and Instagram’s lack of tools to delete those posts were what caused the horrific post to be seen by users in the first place.

Bianca Devins Autopsy Report & Case Update

According to the scientist, Devins’s death was a physical crime. Clark attacked her first, slicing her neck with a large knife that was concealed by the killer’s seat. In this instance, she suffered physical abuse. The autopsy report cannot be revealed by the officers.

In the days after Devins’ murder, downtown Utica, New York, was painted a bright pink tint in memory of the victim. A candlelight vigil was organized to honor her life, and those who attended sung the song Puff the Magic Dragon, which her grandfather used to sing to her granddaughter. As part of the ongoing family ritual, the victim used to sing the same song to her infant sister Maddie. Her granddad made reference to the unique music.

Ej Dickson, a Rolling Stone reporter, wrote on the supporters who posted lovely pictures of various objects, such as clouds, bunnies, ribbons, or even fan art of the young child, to try and stop people from troll-ing the hashtag.

The horrific tale of Florida teen Melendi’s murder by Butch Hinton is told in Shannon’s Story on NBC Dateline. Shannon Melendi, Devins’ sister, vanished from Atlanta when she was 19 years old.

Bianca Devins, 17 Old Teenage Girl Murdered In 2019

Devins, a 17-year-old girl, was killed by Brandon Clark, a buddy who is 21 years old. She intended to enroll at Mohawk Valley Community College to pursue psychology studies there. She had borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and mental disease at a young age, which worried her family.

Bianca was in and out of the hospital getting therapy for her mental illness for the majority of their teenage years. She did, however, come to rely on social media. She endured internet harassment for at least two years after that.

The deceased went to the performance where Nicole Dollanganger, a singer for the Canadian band Candain, was scheduled to perform with Clark and other acquaintances. Devins and her buddy Alex argued after Devins kissed her, which resulted in Devins’ demise.

On July 19, the girl’s funeral took place, and July 2020 will see another vigil. This type of teen death has happened before. Similar to this, on July 15, 2013, a gifted kid named Jessie Blodgett was discovered dead in her bed after being sexually raped and strangled by her ex-boyfriend.