Bharat Bhatia Bio

Bharat Bhatia is a good actor who does most of his work in Hindi-language movies. In the year 1974, his birthday is in the month of May. He lived his whole life in the city of dreams, Mumbia. He went to Greenlawns school in Worli for elementary school. He also went to Jaihind College in Churchgate, Mumbai, and got a degree in business. In the beginning of his career, Bharat ran the family business, which sold shoes to the public. Still, he wanted to be part of an acting group one day. He worked in his family’s shoe business until he was 36 years old, at which point he quit to try his luck in the acting business. He looked for a way to change careers and found that he could become a voice actor.

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

He took a course on dubbing and then went straight into the business. He did voice-overs for many movies. He used to think of the school where he learned to dub as his acting school, too. After many years of success as a dubbing artist, Bharat Bhatia finally got the chance to act, and he got parts in movies. His hard work and talent got him one chance after another, until he got the chance to be in a British crime thriller called Jet Trash. He was also in the movie Mohenjodaro, which starred Hrithik Roshan and was directed by Ashutosh Govarikar. Bharat Bhatia has also been in a number of shows and serials on TV. He was also in the Chinese movie Saaho, which starred the well-known actor Prabhas.

In this story, he acted out the part of a jewelry store owner. Kabir Khan’s movie Tubelight, which starred Salman Khan, also had a part for Bharat Bhatia. Baniya Seth was played by Bharat in the movie Thugs of Hindostan, which came out in 2018 and had a huge list of stars. Bharat played the part of Sainath in the movie Yamla Pagla Deewana. In many episodes of the TV show Arranged Joint, he played a character named Mr. Arora. He played the Cargo Ship Chef in Dying to Survive in 2018. He also did a great job in the TV shows Breath and Inside Edge, which aired in 2018 and 2017, respectively. Between 2001 and 2003, he was the director for the TV show Kutumb, which has a total of 251 episodes.

Career of Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia began his career as an actor. Before this, he took care of the family business, which sold shoes. He always wanted to be an actor, so he went into show business and got parts in movies.

At the age of 36, Bharat Bhatia quit the business his family owned to become an actor. Then he saw an ad for voiceover, which led him to decide to take a course. He started working as a voice actor later on. He worked as a dubbing actor for a while, and then he became an actor.

After working as a voice actor, Bhatia went on to act in movies and TV shows. Then, he was in a British crime thriller called “Jet Trash.”

The actor has been in a lot of movies, TV shows, and plays, and he has gotten a lot of praise for all of them.

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

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8 things about Bharat Bhatia you didn’t know

Bharat Bhatia is an Indian actor who works in the Bollywood movie business. And here’s something that might surprise you: he is well-known for his acting skills, but he is also a successful director. He is a great role model for new actors who want to be like him. And many of them look up to him because of how hard he works every day. He is a well-educated and well-trained actor who finished his schooling and took acting classes to improve his skills. In fact, he didn’t start acting until he was in his late 30s. Before that, he did odd jobs to make money. He has also worked as a salesman in the past. Well, his job seems interesting, and we’re sure you’re all interested in learning more about him.

1- Birth and beginning

Bharat Bhatia was born on May 24, 1979, in the Indian city of Mumbai. His parents are from Mumbai, so he is pretty much from there. He grew up and went to school in Mumbai. His home country is India, and he is a Hindu.

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

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2- Learning about business

Bharat Bhatia went to Greenlawns School in Worli for all of his schooling. Later, he graduated from Jaihind College, Churchgate, with a degree in Commerce.

3-Run by a family

Before he became an actor, Bharat Bhatia took care of the family business of selling shoes. But he didn’t mean to do what he did. He never wanted to work in the family business because he wanted to do something else.

4- Wanted to be an actor

Bharat Bhatia has always wanted to be an actor, but he had no idea how to get there. He didn’t know how to start his acting career or where to start.

5-Began to act in the late 1930s

At the age of 36, Bharat Bhatia decided to become an actor because he was tired of selling shoes. He decided to become an actor for a living.

Bharat Bhatia

Bharat Bhatia

6- Voiceover

Here, you might be surprised to learn that Bhatia is a great and talented voiceover artist. After lending his voice to read an article about career options, he decided to work as a voiceover artist and started dubbing for movies. But he took a course in dubbing before that.

7- Been in movies

Bharat Bhatia also acted in Indian movies, commercials, and short films. He also played a role in the British crime thriller “Jet Trash.” Also, he is best known for being in the Ashutosh Gowariker movie “Moen-Jo-Daro,” which is a Bollywood movie.

8- Worked on a small screen

Bharat Bhatia has been in a lot of TV shows, and some of them are well-known. Aside from this, he was in a Chinese movie called “Saaho” with Prabhas, who is a superstar.

Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Chahatein will add Bharat Bhatia.

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