Ugandan police have detained political activist and former presidential contender Kiza Besigye, according to reports. He has been caught and is being held in police custody while being interrogated. Politicians were demonstrating in Kasangti town against the high commodities prices he was attempting to lower. Because consumers are paying exorbitant costs for it, they have demanded that the prices be decreased. There is no justification for price increases. As a result, the politician tries to lower costs, but he is imprisoned by the police and he is powerless to intervene.

Besigye Arrested

He was apprehended in a police van, where he was questioned and taken into custody. He signed a document declaring that I will not tolerate living in my home as a prisoner in my own nation. It needs to end. On Monday, police gave no cause for his arrest. He was constantly inquiring about the basis for his detention. It’s perplexing. You can’t just arrest someone without giving them a reason.

However, the cops ignored his statement and arrested him. His supporters were likewise curious about the reason for his detention. He did not break any laws or expose anyone in the public eye. What is the explanation for this? However, no one received any information or a clear response to his arrest. They are likewise perplexed, and the person who is new to the issue wants to know everything. However, due to the limited information we have, we can only share limited information with you, so please bear with us.

Why was Besigye Arrested In Downtown Kampala?

People were astonished when the news of his detention broke on the internet, and they couldn’t believe it was genuine. We know him, and he never disappoints his audience. I believe the cops misinterpreted the situation. He had the wrong person arrested. He would have been able to avoid being arrested if he had loved ones. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Because there is a lack of knowledge about him. We now have so much information that if anything changes, we will notify you immediately. Follow this website until then.