If you have been wondering about Belinda Radder’s whereabouts, here is what we know about. Dateline’s latest episode covers the suspicious death of Norman “Lee” Radder. 

Belinda Radder

Belinda Radder

In The Lights Of Day is a documentary that delves into the case of Norman “Lee” Radder. It revolves around Radder’s strange death.

People are still debating whether it was a suicide or a homicide after more than a decade. Radder died in Queen Creek in December 2010 from a gunshot wound to the head.

Robert Fischer, his stepfather-in-law, was initially charged with his murder, but the verdict was reversed two months later. Robert’s gun was the one that killed Lee.

People are currently interested in learning more about Lee’s wife, Belinda Radder.

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Dateline: Where Is Belinda Radder In 2020?

Belinda Radder, who starred on the NBC show Dateline, married her new husband. She stated that she is still dealing with the trauma of witnessing her husband’s death.

She has been attempting to live her life to the best of her ability. Radder, an Arizona resident who previously worked as a nurse, is still working in the medical field, according to Cinemaholic.

She is currently employed as an executive in a retirement facility. Belinda says her heart is still filled with memories of her late husband Lee.

Is Belina Radder’s Husband Norman ‘Lee’ Radder Death Suicide Or Murder?

Belinda Radder learned of her husband’s death when she awoke on December 20, 2010. Lee’s death is still being debated as to whether it was a suicide or a murder.

Radder was taken aback by Lee’s premature and unexpected demise. Her stepfather had travelled from California for the late holiday season, she recalled.

They went out to supper and then sat down for a couple drinks when they returned. Radder retired to bed at about 11:30 p.m., but the other two continued to drink.

Belinda Radder

Belinda Radder

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Is Belinda Radder On Jail?

There was no proof against Belinda Radder, so she is not in jail. Any concerns about the situation were dispelled by the mother of three.

Lee was perfectly normal and fine that night, according to Radder. While she believes Robert committed suicide, she claims he was not suicidal and had no cause to be.

The pair, who had been married for some years, had their own set of issues. She never imagined, however, that it would have a long-term impact on their relationship.

Lee Radder: Death Cause

When everything started to turn upside down, Norman “Lee” Radder was 49 years old, married, and the father of three children. He lived in the little town of Queen Creek, which is located southeast of Phoenix in the state of Arizona. After working as the chief executive officer of a computer company from the 1980s until the year 2000 and then working for the motocross publication Moto-X in Orange County, California, the motocross fan had moved to the state around five years earlier.

On the other hand, nobody could have ever thought that the man who was born and raised in New York and who became successful by his own efforts would wind up passing away in one of the most tragic ways that is even conceivable.

After an evening spent drinking with family on December 30, 2010, an emergency call was placed from (and to) the family house on Via De Colina to report Lee’s death as a result of a shooting at around 5 in the morning. As soon as the authorities arrived at the site, they realized there was nothing that could be done to help or revive Lee because he had been shot squarely in his right eye by a single bullet.

According to the findings, the weapon was a.38 caliber handgun that had been retrieved from Lee’s right hand. Furthermore, the physical characteristics from both Lee’s remains and the revolver made it evident that it had been shot only minutes before.

Lee Radder

Lee Radder

What Really Happened to Lee Radder—Murder or Suicide?

Even though more than a decade has passed after Norman “Lee” Radder’s death, it is still officially unknown if Radder took his own life or was slain by someone else entirely. This is a tragic situation. Initially, the deputies with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office suspected that the businessman had committed suicide.

This was partly due to the fact that the person who had called 911, the entrepreneur’s stepfather-in-law, Robert Fischer, had indicated the same thing; however, this was quickly disproved. The latter (whom Lee had been drinking with) had justified his claims by alleging that although Lee had marital and financial issues at the time of the incident, the pistol that was used belonged to him. Lee had been drinking with the latter.

Blood spatters were detected on Robert’s pajamas, leading specialists to conclude that he was present when the trigger was pulled, despite the fact that Robert had claimed that he had gone to bed in a different room and had only found Lee after hearing the gunshot.

As a result, the investigators came to the conclusion that Robert had murdered his step-son-in-law before setting up the crime scene to look like a suicide. He was successful in fooling even the investigators because he had likely utilized his experience as a retired police officer to cover up the crime. Having said that, there has never been any DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence, or any other kind of substantial evidence linking the California divorce attorney to Lee’s mysterious death.

The episode of “Dateline” further suggests, as if all of this weren’t enough, that the father of three received an email regarding his most recent business venture only hours before the shooting, after which he drank even more alcohol. That, in and of itself, lends credence to the claims made by Robert and his defense attorney by indicating that Lee’s life is fraught with significant difficulties; but, to tell the truth, nothing has been confirmed.

Then there’s also the fact that there have been no allegations or records concerning any bubbling tension between the two men; in fact, the older one actually liked Lee for the family, according to public reports. Another factor is the fact that there have been no allegations or records concerning any bubbling tension between the two men.

However, in May of 2012, Robert was taken into custody on suspicion of murder in the second degree. In 2013, he was convicted guilty of the crime and given a sentence; however, the decision against him was overturned within two months. Later on, the conviction was reinstated by the Arizona Court of Appeals; however, it was later overturned by the Supreme Court of Arizona, which resulted in the prosecutor indicting him once more in the year 2018.

However, in 2021, they dropped all of the accusations against Robert, citing a “interest of justice” without providing any further details. This suggests that they no longer believe he was culpable for the crime, taking into account the evidence that was available. Since then, it would appear that the authorities have made no further comments regarding the suicide theory.

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