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Avantika Mishra is an actress who used to be a model. She was born on May 30, 1992, in New Delhi, India, to M K Mishra, an Air Force officer, and Savita Mishra. Agnivesh, who is younger than Avantika, is also her brother. She went to school at the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and got her chemical engineering degree at the BMS engineering college in Bangalore.

Avantika started out as a model, which meant she had to travel a lot. This gave her the confidence to try acting on the big screen. Avantika has modeled for brands like Puma, Chennai Brands, and Femina. In 2014, director Neelakanta offered her a role in the movie Maaya.

“Avantika” was born in New Delhi on May 30, 1992. Her full name is Avantika Mishra. Her father is an Air Force officer named M.K. Mishra, and her mother is Savita Mishra. Agnivesh is the name of her younger brother. She went to the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and the BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore to study Chemical Engineering. Because her dad was in the Air Force, she went all over India. She is more of a south Indian because she did her B.Tech in Bangalore and lived there for almost 8 years before getting into movies. She used to study hard and play sports when she was young. Her whole life was just school and sports. She never thought she could do anything, but she did.

Avantika wanted to be a model, and she also wanted to be Miss India. Her parents were very smart, so they never let anything get in the way of her schoolwork. But when she started modeling, they were very skeptical at first, but in the end, they agreed to let her do it. Her mother wanted Avantika to be an actress because she didn’t think there was much room for growth in modeling. She told her she should go into movies, and only with her blessing and help did she make it to the big screen. Avantika used to work in defense, so her parents were worried about her going into show business. “At first, my parents did not agree with my choice. When I first started modeling, I wanted to be in beauty pageants, so I never thought I would do movies. When movies came out, it was like a shock to my parents’ way of life. They were more worried about how safe I would be in the business. “But when I got a job, I met good people who were happy and at ease,” she says. She’s been moving between Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad for the past few years, which makes her feel like a gypsy. She’s thinking about settling down in one city. Now, she has decided to move there for good and see how things go.

Avantika Mishra

Avantika Mishra

Full Name Avantika Mishra
Occupation actress
Age 30
Date of Birth May 30, 1992
Place of Birth India
Star Sign Gemini
Country India
Gender Female

Avantika Mishra Early years

Someone from New Delhi, She went to school at K V Hebbal, Bangalore, and the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute. Later, she did a lot of traveling for modeling jobs, which gave her the confidence to get into the movie business. She had been modeling for six months before she met director Neelakanta. It only took them ten minutes to decide that she would play the part.

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Avantika Mishra Career

When she was young, Avantika actress worked hard in school and played sports. She never thought she could do anything, but she did.

She did modeling for a lot of different brands. Some of them are Puma, Femina, Tanishq, Himalaya, Reebok, Garnier, and a number of brands from Kerala and Chennai.

Her first movie was the Telugu film Maaya, which came out in 2014. This movie was directed by Neelakanta, who won a national award. Harshvardhan Rane was her co-star, and to promote their movie, they did the dhoti dance. See video.

Avantika Mishra

Avantika Mishra

In 10 minutes, she was chosen for this movie. Modeling gave her the confidence she needed to become an actress.

She went on a lot of trips for modeling jobs, where she met new people and learned new languages.

The photo shoot that Avantika Mishra did was very good, and it helped her get roles in movies.

After she stopped modeling, her first goal was to become Miss India. Her mother wanted her to be an actress, so that’s what she did.

Since she had been in the Air Force, her father wasn’t happy with her choice. In the end, everyone reached a deal.

After her first movie, Avantika Mishra Meeku Meere Maaku Meme was the first one in which she and Tarun Shetty both played the main role. In 2018, she made her first movie in Tamil. It was called Nenjamellam Kadhal.

Some things you might not know about Avantika Mishra

  • Avantika Mishra is a model and an actor from South India. She has mostly been in Telugu and Tamil movies.
  • She was born in Delhi, but she moved to Bangalore to get a better education.
  • She used to play sports in school and college, especially badminton, which she played at the state level.
  • She was a model for six months at the start of her career. She was in commercials for Puma, Vivaaha Silk, and Femina, among others. She was also in ads with well-known Indian actors like Kamal Hassan for the saree brand Pothys and Mahesh Babu for the Chennai Silks brand.
  • Avantika acted in various Telugu films, including ‘Meeku Meere Maaku Meme’ (2016), ‘Meeku Maathrame Cheptha’ (2019), and ‘Bheeshma’ (2020).
  • She talked about how she got her start as a model during an interview. She told me,
  • She was asked in an interview how her parents felt about her becoming an actor. She answered,
  • She has been taught how to dance in the Kathak style.
  • She likes to stay in shape and does Yoga regularly.
  • Avantika loves animals and has a dog as a pet.
  • She enjoys water sports. She talked about it in an interview. She told me,
  • Avantika likes to go on trips, read books, ride horses, garden, meditate, and play squash.

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Avantika Mishra Physical Info

One of the most important things for fans is how the celebrities look. Their height, weight, and eye color have always been a big part of their beauty. We understand your demand. Avantika Mishra’s height is 59 Kg. It weighs 59 kilograms. The Weight can be changed often. We’ve put the most recent value here. Black is the color of her eye. Black is the color of the hair.

Avantika Mishra

Avantika Mishra

Who is Avantika Mishra’s boyfriend?

Is Avantika Mishra single or is she married? If you want to know about someone’s personal life, you can find all of that information here. We’ve added information about their marital status, their affairs, their hobbies, and other things. Here, we’ve tried to talk about their favorite things and who they are. Check the table below to find out if your favorite person is married.

Qualifications of Avantika Mishra in Education

In the section below, we talk about what Avantika Mishra has learned in school. Some followers are interested in how much schooling someone has. Some fans love to keep up with their favorite star and get ideas from what they do and learn. Here, we’ve talked about where Avantika Mishra went to school. This page has talked about education requirements. We always need a trustworthy source, but they are hard to find. We leave a field blank when we don’t have any data for it.

Avantika Mishra Net Worth

Do you want to know how much Avantika Mishra is worth? Where does most of the money come from? We all know that a person’s income and possessions can change over time. In the next part, we’ll talk about the salary and net worth. In this section, we also talk about the disagreements. Avantika Mishra has a net worth of between 6 and 10 million US dollars.

Avantika Mishra

Avantika Mishra


What sign does Avantika Mishra belong to?

The Zodiac sign is not known based on the date of birth.

How many years of schooling does Avantika Mishra have?

We don’t know what kind of education she has.

What is Avantika Mishra’s age?

Avantika Mishra is 26 years old (as in 2017).

Does Avantika Mishra have a husband?

She has never married.

What does Avantika Mishra do for a living?

She models and acts.

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