The relationship between Ashley North and Dashon Goldson has lasted for the past 15 years. Ashley and Dashon have decided to put their wedding plans on hold for the time being.

The pair had an appearance in WAGS, a popular reality documentary television series, which means that fans are likely to know them immediately. The title of the programme is an acronym for “sports stars’ spouses and girlfriends,” which is the focus of the show. It showcases a cast of women who have some sort of connection to professional athletes.

Fans of WAGS frequently speculate as to whether or not the couples featured on the show are still together, particularly with reference to famous stylist Ashley and her boyfriend Dashon. In earlier seasons of the show, the athlete was responsible for a good deal of the conflict that erupted.

The football player has already presented his long-term girlfriend with a glittering ring, but does this indicate that they are engaged to be married, or is it simply an engagement ring? What’s the status of Ashley and Dashon’s relationship on WAGS? Their intentions about marriage?

Ashley North and Dashon Goldson are engaged.

Ashley North and Dashon Goldson are engaged.

Are Ashley North And Dashon Goldson Still Together?

Dashon Goldson, who was engaged to Ashley North, and Ashley North are still together. The couple looks like they are doing well and are savouring every moment of their lives together with their children.

The exemplary one Former American football safety of the National Football League played by Datson (National Football League). After completing his collegiate career at the University of Washington, the San Francisco 49ers chose him in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft to join their team.

Nevertheless, North is without a doubt the primary provider for the family. She is known for her work as a celebrity stylist and as an authority in men’s fashion. Since 2006, she and her partner in business, Maya Fox Davis, have been successfully operating their styling firm under the name “M&A Style.”

Ashley has been a WAGS star for a very long time, in addition to being a co-owner of her celebrity styling business. Her cherished father, Bill North, was a professional baseball player in Major League Baseball. Her father had cautioned her against having a romantic relationship with a professional player, but it was clear that she disregarded his guidance.

Goldson has refused to commit to a specific time for the couple’s wedding, despite the fact that Ashley and the man have been together for almost 15 years, have two daughters together, are engaged, and live together as a family. She has mentioned in the past that because of this, she was considered something of “a pariah” in the group of ladies.

Back in 2015, her mother, Pam, who is also married to a professional athlete, made an appearance on the reality show in an effort to console her daughter. In the episode, North admitted to her mother that she required the wedding in order to have the experience of being part of a genuine family.

So, did Goldson end up putting a ring on it and getting married? Based on the content of their social media accounts, the couple appears to be expanding their family. They have two lovely girls, and both of the couple’s parents frequently post adoring images of their offspring to Instagram.

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Ashley And Dashon Kids

Charly Goldson and Chayce Alaia Goldson are the two lovely girls that Ashley and Dashon Goldson had, and the three of them enjoy a wonderful life together.

Carly was the couple’s first child together and she was born in March of 2011. This year marked the occasion of her tenth birthday celebration. Chayce, who is now six years old, joined the family on July 13, 2016, making her the second child and the youngest member overall.

On their parents’ Instagram handles, followers can very readily see adorable images of these two young angels who are also their children. Their Instagram page is loaded with cute pictures of them hanging out with their children. They are frequently seen spending quality time together, as seen by the numerous sightings.

Ashley never misses an opportunity to celebrate important milestones with her children. She never fails to post happy images of herself with her children on Instagram, whether it is the occasion of their first day of school, an outing during the day, or one of their birthdays.

The most recent picture that Ashley has given her daughter is one of herself dressed up for Halloween. The stylist captioned the photo with the following: “When your daughter tells you she wants to be Cher for Halloween without even knowing it’s your favourite movie of all time.” Both of them were dressed in gorgeous costumes for Halloween.

WAGS stars Ashley and Dashon have been together for more than 15 years

WAGS stars Ashley and Dashon have been together for more than 15 years

Dashon Goldson postponed their marriage

If you had been watching the intense television series WAGS, I have no doubt that you are well aware of the fact that Ashley had already begun making arrangements for the wedding that would take place in 2015.

She had been making plans for the perfect wedding site for them to have on their perfect day, but sadly, her fiancé had put a hold on the wedding plans for an undetermined amount of time. When it comes to the day of her wedding, a lady has endless hopes and preparations in mind.

It was very obvious that her heart was broken. However, given that a marriage is dependent on the participation of both partners, she made the decision to carry out the 31-year-old Godson’s choice.

According to reports from E! News, when Ashley told her close companions Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu about her experience, Sasha talked to Ashley about her own wedding and the experiences she had during that time. “The very same thing happened to me as well,” she said.

My future husband, Antonio, surprised me by proposing to me, and we immediately began making wedding plans. Because he was so anxious and frightened about the wedding, he started to wonder if this is really something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Nobody can be made to do something against their will.

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Any signs of marriage between Ashley North and Dashon Goldson?

As a result of Dashon’s choice to put off the wedding for the time being, it is fairly challenging to determine with absolute certainty whether or not the pair has any plans to get married in the near future. In Dashon’s social media existence, there is only a limited involvement from a famous stylist who counts Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart among her customers. This is maybe the most startling aspect of the situation.

If we look at the history of their relationships, there is no reason to believe that Dashon is a secretive or private person. On the other hand, this does not mean that there is anything to hide.

Their followers have been patiently waiting for them to take their relationship to the next level and announce it publicly for a considerable amount of time. We have high hopes that Ashley’s aspirations will one day be realised exactly how she envisions them.

Celebrity stylist Ashley North celebrating 2020 Christmas with her fiance and their daughters.

Celebrity stylist Ashley North celebrating 2020 Christmas with her fiance and their daughters.

10 Ashley North facts

As of the year 2020, there are very few WAGS stars left, including Ashley North and Dashon Goldson. Even though they have put their plans to marry on hold for the time being, they have an unshakable relationship.

Ashley was established on July 27, 1982, making the band nearly four decades old. As a result of the month in which she was born, the zodiac sign Leo is associated with her.

The attractive reality TV actress stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 9 inches. Ashley possesses not only a tall stature but also a lovely face and a robust body in addition to her impressive height.

Her birthday is on July 27th, therefore we always celebrate it on that day.

According to Herald Weekly, Ashley is projected to have a whopping net worth of $53 million at the present time. Her financial success is compelling evidence that her connection with Dashon Goldson is not being maintained for his benefit.

As Ashley is the daughter of Bill North, a former major league baseball player, she is no stranger to the world of professional sports. She pushed on with a relationship with an athlete despite the fact that her parents strongly discouraged her from doing so.

She has approximately 124 thousand people following her on Instagram.

Ashley is a driven and successful entrepreneur who has collaborated with a number of the industry’s most acclaimed performers. She works as a stylist for Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber, among other clients.

Ashley and Dashon, who are just two years old, are the proud parents of their two gorgeous children, Charly and Chayce.

The reality TV personality was born in Oakland, which is located in the state of California.

Ashley has been vocal regarding the long wait for Dashon to marry her.

Ashley has been vocal regarding the long wait for Dashon to marry her.

‘WAGS’ Season 1 Spoilers: Is Washington Redskins’ Dashon Goldson Cheating On Fiancée Ashley North?

In a sneak look of the episode that will air on Tuesday of “WAGS,” the new show on E! about the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, Ashley North is concerned that her fiance Dashon Goldson may be cheating on her after he once again delays their wedding.

In the show from the previous week, Ashley and Dashon had finally agreed on a date, however in this week’s programme, it was revealed that Dashon had changed his mind and informed Ashley that the date they had chosen would not be feasible. Ashley turns to her girlfriends and co-stars on “WAGS,” Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu, for guidance because the free safety for the Washington Redskins didn’t provide a reason for his uncertainty.

During a camera confessional, Ashley acknowledges that the past two weeks have been challenging due to the difficulty of coping with all of her feelings. After that, she says to her friends, “It’s been a serious challenge. The preparations for the wedding have come to a standstill, so we’ve decided to postpone the event.

Sasha, who is married to San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, discloses that he, like her, experienced second thoughts in the weeks leading up to their wedding in 2011. “Antonio not only made the proposal but also arranged for the wedding. A few of months earlier, he had a lot of anxiety,” Sasha explains. “He was responsible for making his own choice on whether or not he desired that. Whatever it is that is supposed to take place, it will. It is not possible to compel it.”

Ashley is then asked by Autumn, who is married to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu, if she ever thought that Antonio’s hesitation was because he was “cheating.” Autumn is married to Seyi Ajirotutu. After Ashley reveals that the possibility of her partner cheating on her has never occurred to her, Sasha argues that discovering your partner’s infidelity “really helps you grow in a relationship.”

In a later confessional, Ashley says that she is unsure whether or not she would leave Dashon if she discovered that he had cheated on her. Terez Owens claims that Dashon and Ashley became engaged in April of 2014 and that they had planned to tie the knot in the summer of that same year. They have been together for the past 11 years and have a kid together who also goes by the name Charly.

It would appear that Ashley and Dashon are doing well together, despite the fact that Ashley is visibly upset by Dashon’s reluctance to get married. On her Instagram account, the celebrity stylist frequently posts images of her fiance, including one of the three of them holding their future daughter. The shot was captioned by Ashley with the phrase “These two make me complete #HappyBirthdaytoME.” Check out the trailer for the next show “WAGS” down below.

Dashon Goldson is a soccer player from the United States.

Dashon Goldson is a soccer player from the United States.

Dashon Goldson’s Wiki

Dashon Goldson is a soccer player from the United States. He is worth a million dollars. Dashon Goldson came into the world on September 18, 1984, in Carson, California. He liked to spend time with people and play sports. He went to Narbonne High School and played for the Tri/City Falcons. After being good at soccer, he decided to go into this field. He went to school at the University of Washington, where he made 293 tackles and two forced fumbles.

He got a degree. Dashon started playing football after they picked him in the NFL draught in 2007. He then went to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he stayed for 50 years. In 2015, he played where he is playing now for one season, and then in 2016, he moved to the Atlanta Falcons. Dashon had a great career, and he won the First Team Bowl award and the award twice. So far, he has made a total of 609 tackles, which is quite a lot. His contract is worth about $40 million, and his current net worth is about $18 million. Just like football players, he makes a lot of money from sponsorships and brand endorsements. Dashon is worth about $48 on the market right now. Like most other players, he has cars and a lot of expensive ones. Are Mercedes-Benz G550, Mercedes-Benz CL, Fisker Karma , new Range Rover Rolls Royce Wraith Jaguar XJ. The few are still alive, and Dashon is going to marry Ashley North.

Everyone can’t wait to get married. His girlfriend was on one season of the show Sports Stars and Girlfriends, so we got to learn more about her. Dashon pushed back the wedding date for a long time in 2015. The delay of this wedding has been hard, but they’re still working on it so that we won’t have to wait too long. Dashon and Ashley are parents to two children. The other baby was born in July 2016, and now they are expecting a girl. Dashon was the subject of many rumours, and the press went after the wedding was put off. This past year, there were no true rumours of cheating, and the couple is now expecting their third child. Dashon’s personal life is private, so other than his connection, the general public doesn’t know much about it. He only has one brother, and he likes to keep in touch with him.

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