Asher Yasbincek: Who Is She? Here’s What We Know About The Cast Of Heartbreak High

Asher Yasbincek is an Australian actress who is just getting started. She was just told that she would be in the Netflix show Heartbreak High.

Asher is an Australian actress who has done well in the movies. Fans and critics have both said that she does great work. As Asher takes on more acting roles in the future, her skills get better and better.

In “How to Please a Woman,” Asher plays the main character, Chloe. Renée Webster wrote and directed the drama How to Please a Woman. The only actors in this movie are Caroline Brazier, Erik Thomson, and Sally Phillips.

Fans are starting to talk about her work and background because she is going to be in a Netflix show called Heartbreak High. This show could help her career a lot.

Asher Yasbincek

Asher Yasbincek

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Asher Yasbincek: Biography of the Cast of Heartbreak High on Wikipedia

Asher Yasbincek is an Australian actress who works for a living. She is getting more attention from fans now that she is part of the Heartbreak High cast.

Yasbincek is best known for being the main character in THE HEIGHTS, an Australian show that won an award from ABC. She played “ROSE,” a popular and rebellious teen character, for 26 episodes over two seasons.

At the 2020 Equity Ensemble Awards, Yasbincek’s performance helped the series win the award for Most Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

As the supporting main character “Sally” in the feature film RAMS, which opened the prestigious Australian film festival CINEFEST OZ for 2020, Yasbincek immediately made her way into the feature arena.

Yasbincek continued to make a name for herself as “Chloe” in the movie HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN, which starred Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’s Diaries) as her daughter.

HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN will come out in the US in November 2021. Yasbincek filmed an American TV show for AMAZON in 2021. By 2021, it will be clear what role she plays in the series.

Asher Yasbincek

Asher Yasbincek

Asher Yasincek Age: How Old Is She?

Asher Yasbincek was born in Perth, Western Australia, and grew up there.

Based on her photos and what she does on Instagram, the actress seems young and full of life. Aside from her job, she enjoys her life as an adult.

Unfortunately, no one knows how old the actress really is because she hasn’t talked about her birthday or early career. Other than where she was born, not much is known about her.

The actress seems to have started her career in 2019, since her first role was in the movie “ROSE,” which came out in 2019. Since she was in ROSE, the actress has been busy with her career.

On the other hand, she has always been interested in the entertainment business. Heartbreak High on Netflix has been a huge step forward for her career.

She is on the rise in her acting career right now, and as a charming and talented actress, she should get more chances to be in movies and TV shows.

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In 2022, does Asher Yasbincek have a boyfriend?

Fans think that it looks like Asher Yasbincek has a boyfriend.

Her fans have said nice things about the picture of her and Brodie. But she hasn’t posted any other photos of them together, so he could be her co-star.

On the other hand, Brodie hasn’t shared a single social media post with Asher. Instead, it looks like she is dating Mia Healey, who is often seen out with him.

So, Asher isn’t dating anyone right now. She is focusing on her career right now, but she might meet the right person in the future.

Asher Yasbincek’s Bio

Asher Yasbincek, a Western Australian native who was born in 1994, rose to fame in 2019 as a result of her performance as Rose in the James Bogle-directed television drama “The Heights.” Yasbincek has been alive for 28 years. The Australian-produced show, which also featured Shari Sebbens, Calen Tasone, Roz Hammond, Bridie McKim, and Fiona Press, featured a number of actors, including Yasbincek.

Asher gained notoriety in 2022 thanks to her role in the most recent season of the high school drama “Heartbreak Excessive” by Gracie Otto, which debuted on the dominant streaming video on demand (OTT) service Netflix on September 14. On the show, up-and-coming young actors like Thomas Weatherall, James Majoos, Chloé Hayden, and Ayesha Madon are highlighted. According to reports, audiences have been giving the documentary “Heartbreak Excessive” positive feedback ever since it was first made available to the general public.

According to the actress’ IMDB page, she is currently working on the production of Jason Herbison’s longer-term show “Riptide,” which will soon be made available to the general public.

A scene from “The Wilds” starring Asher Yasbincek

Professional Performer Asher’s good fortune first manifested itself in 2019 when she was cast as Rose in the play “The Heights,” for which she had previously given an audition. Yasbincek said working on the Warren Clarke-created show was a positive experience for her in an interview with The Mud Magazine. This was a result of the fact that the role she played developing into an important element of the show that attracted a sizable fanbase. She saw the opportunity to work with seasoned artists like Fiona Press, Roz Hammond, and Calen Tassone as an additional academic opportunity.

“Find out how to Please a Lady,” authored by Asher Yasbincek

Yasbincek was offered her first opportunity to work in the film industry in 2020 on a project called “Rams.” The conflict between Colin (played by Sam Neil) and Les, two brothers who ran a sheep farm and had each been represented by a different actor, was the focus of the comedy film directed by Jeremy Sims (portrayed by Michael Caton).

While Ash also appeared in the dramatization of the thriller “The Wilds” in the year 2020, the show “Heartbreak High,” which focuses on the romantic relationships of a group of high school students, served as the catalyst for her rise to fame.

Who’s Asher Yasbincek Relationship on the Second?

Asher posted a photo on Instagram on January 6, 2022, and some people started confusing her with Australian actor and well-known mannequin Brodie Townsend. According to the results of our inquiry, Brodie is close to Mia Healey; nevertheless, there isn’t any proof that they’re dating, despite some claims to the contrary. Given everything that has been established, it is reasonable to assume that Asher does not currently have a romantic partner. Asher Yasbincek is that person.

Asher Yasbincek should be at least in her twenties based on the way she looks. She was born and raised in Perth, which is located in Western Australia.

The actress gives the impression that she is a youthful girl full of life in the photos and videos that she uploads to her Instagram account. Even outside of her lucrative professional career, she enjoys her adult life.

The exact age of the enquired-about girl cannot currently be determined due to the actress’s failure to share either her beginning date or her early career. Apart from the circumstances surrounding her birth, there is little to no information available about her.

Given that the actress’s first acting role was in the similarly 2019-released film “ROSE,” it appears that her career began in that year. The actress has kept herself occupied with tasks in her industry since after her appearance in ROSE.

She did, however, exhibit early signs of interest in the world of leisure when she was quite young. Her career has advanced significantly as a result of the Netflix series Heartbreak Excessive.

She is such a charismatic and skilled performer that her acting career is currently on the rise, and it is projected that she will have more opportunities to appear in movies and television shows in the near future.


Real Name Asher Yasbincek.
In Limelight Heartbreak High (2022).
Profession Actress.
Age 28.
Birth Date 1994.
Birth Place Perth, Western Australia.
Gender Female.
Nationality Australian.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: –.
Mother: –.
Follow on
Love Life
Marital Status Not married.
Boyfriend –.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 52.
Pounds: 114.6 lbs.
Height In feet: 5′ 4.5″.
In centimeters: 163.8 cm.
In meters: 1.638 m.
Eyes Greyish Blue.
Hair Blonde.
Television The Heights (2019–2020).
The Wilds (2022).
Heartbreak High (2022).
Movies Rams (2020).
How to Please a Woman (2022).
Net worth $423k.
Athletics Swimming.

Asher Yasbincek: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is Asher Yasbincek’s age?

Ans: 28 (as of 2022).

Ques: What is the nationality of Asher Yasbincek?

Ans: Australian.

Ques: Does Asher Yasbincek use Instagram?

Ans: Yes (asheryasbincek).

Ques: How tall is Asher Yasbincek?

Ans: 4 feet 4.5 inches.

Ques: Who played Harper in “Heartbreak High”?

Ans: Asher Yasbincek.

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