Arindam Das

Arindam Das

We share the news of the reporter’s death with a heavy and sorrowful heart. Arindam Das, the chief reporter for Odisha Television Limited (OTV), died while on the job. According to sources, Arindam Das died on Friday, September 24, 2021, while drawing in the line of duty at Mundali barrage in Cuttack. Apart from his death, the cameraman Prabhat Sinha, who was accompanying Das at the time, is said to have played a significant role in the occurrence. According to the investigative reports, Das was on duty and covering an operation to rescue or save an elephant that had become stuck in the Mahanadi river.

Arindam Das Cause of Death?

Das, along with an ODRAF team and Cameraman Prabhat Sinha, boarded a boat. His boat was twisted alarmingly by the strong river current and flipped while he was covering the news. Sinha and Das were swept away by the strong river after the accident. As soon as the situation was discovered, a rescue mission was launched right away, and the entire crew and employees were escorted to the river’s edge. The OTV representatives, Das and Sinha, were rushed into the SCB Hospital in Cuttack.

OTV Reporter Arindam Das Dies

Doctors attempted to resuscitate Das once he was admitted to the hospital, but it was too late; he had already dead. Sinha, on the other hand, is in a severe condition and has been brought to the ICU, where he is currently fighting for his life, according to officials at SCB Hospital.

How did Arindam Das die?

According to the report, an elephant became caught near the barrage while attempting to cross the Mahanadi. Due to the high current that had arisen in the river, the wild animal was unable to move. The ODRAF team then initiated a rescue mission with its squad to save the elephant, however the chief reporter was tragically killed in the mishap. Das’ passing is a huge loss in the world of journalism and media. Several people and their loved ones are expressing their sympathies and sending messages to Arindam Das’s family.

Sinha is in serious condition right now, and everyone is hoping for the best for him. Our prayers and sympathies are also with Arindam Das’s family, and may God grant them the strength to bear this unbearable pain. Arindam Das, may you rest in peace. Keep an eye out for future similar developments from us.