Apple Watts, a resident of Los Angeles, California, was engaged in a serious car accident and suffered significant injuries. Keep in touch with us if you want to learn more about her.

The news of Apple Watts’ accident has drew the attention of many people throughout the world, since it has spread quickly.

Apple Watts was reportedly brought to the hospital as soon as she was engaged in the collision, according to sources. Apple Watts, meanwhile, remained in serious condition and was struggling for her life.

Furthermore, the completed insiders about the accident have yet to be revealed; as a result, reread the article to understand about the latest accident developments.

Apple Watts

Apple Watts

Update on Apple Watts’ Accident, and Age, Bio & Wiki

Jonelle Watts, also known as Apple Watts, is a model, rapper, and social media influencer who has gained notoriety as a result of her car accident, which has been widely reported on the internet.

People are also inquisitive about her age and other personal information. In terms of her age, Watts will be 36 years old in 2022.

Furthermore, several online sites provide detailed information on her age. So, according to the facts, Apple Watts was born Jontelle Lafaye Watts in Alta Loma, California, on May 16, 1985.

The model rose to prominence after appearing on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which follows the lives of aspiring singers in the United States.

Apple Watts also has an official Instagram account, which she uses under the moniker @applewatts luver and has 15.4k followers.

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Jontelle Watts Injuries & Near-Death Experience

After news of her accident became public on social media, Jontelle Watts, also known as Apple Watts, became a source of concern.

According to the available information, Apple Watts was involved in a fatal car accident and was on the verge of death. Although there isn’t much information available on the accident, we will continue our survey on the subject and publish an update as soon as possible.

Furthermore, none of the authorised sites have gone into detail about the accident, so we can’t provide much information on Watts being engaged in one.

Jontelle Watts aka Apple Watts: Who Is She?

Apple Watts is a phenomenal vocalist and television personality in the United States. In addition, Watts is a well-known Instagram model. Watts is also well-known for her role in the reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.’

The show is well renowned for its celebrity fights and scandals. Watts is, without a doubt, a gifted and skilled individual.

Watts is sometimes referred to as “The New Cardi B.” In addition, the popular celebrity has a sizable following on Instagram, where she keeps her followers updated on a regular basis. Today.

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What happened to Apple Watts?

Apple Watts, a former cast member of the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, was involved in a car accident on Wednesday morning and sustained serious injuries.

When the collision occurred, the woman, who was 36 years old and driving a black Mercedes, was on the northbound portion of Interstate 15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

It was alleged that a Ford F250 pickup truck hit with her vehicle, which caused it to overturn many times. Officer Ramon Duran of the California Highway Patrol also confirmed that her vehicle caught fire.

Apple Watts, whose real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts, was saved by a passenger in the previously described pickup vehicle. Apple’s real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts. After sustaining “serious injuries,” the reality TV actress was reportedly checked into the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where Duran claims she is currently being treated.

According to a friend of the family, Watts is reportedly having trouble with “daily tasks” like walking and feeding herself because of her injuries.

The matter is currently being investigated by law enforcement, and their first findings suggest that neither alcohol nor drugs had a part in the woman’s mishap.

Apple Watts

Apple Watts

Why was Apple Watts traveling to Las Vegas?

Apple Watts planned on paying her good friend Toxique Diamond in Sin City a visit while she was on her way to Las Vegas.

Diamond has just lately posted a video to her channel on YouTube in which she discusses the events that went place before Watts’s accident. She informed her audience that Watts went on a vacation to see her sister, but she became unhappy when her mother joined them on the trip.

Diamond indicated in the video that Watts had expressed an interest in leaving at that point. She went on to Explain:

“Therefore, I am unsure as to whether or not that was a circumstance in which she desired to hasten her departure. It’s possible that she was going too quickly for the conditions. I really have no idea. The only thing that I am aware of is that she shared with me that she simply did not want to be in the setting that she was in.

Apple Watts had a successful career as both a model and a rapper prior to appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. After participating in a number of music videos, the native of California shot to fame and popularity. She is most known for her appearance in the music video for the song “Wicked” by Future.

The reality TV actress has been in multiple relationships, and as a result, she is the mother of three children: Miyaki, Kali, and Richard Watts.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood kicked off its fifth season in 2018, during which Watts made her debut on the show. Her transition from the world of adult entertainment to that of the music industry was one of the topics covered on the broadcast. The show also highlighted her tumultuous relationship with her father, John Watts, who played a major role in the drama.

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