Anya Firestone From Real Girlfriends in Paris: Meet The Marvelous Ms Maisel From The Cast

Anya Firestone, who is on the reality show Real Girlfriends in Paris, might make a lot of money from what she does.

Firestone is a thinker about art and culture.

Anya is part of a group called Maison Firestone, which is part of Cultural Branding & Events. Also, the art theorist gives advice on how to run a luxury business. She works on interactive campaigns, public presentations, and programs for VIP customers that are based on facts.

Also, these campaigns help to strengthen the links between a brand’s originality and arts and culture. Anya is an Art Critic and Licensed Museum Lecturer and Curator. Her website is where she does all the work that has to do with art.

Anya Firestone

Anya Firestone

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Who is Real Girlfriends in Paris’s Anya Firestone?

Firestone is a successful business owner, theorist, and critic of art. In 2014, the art historian’s work as the Art x Brand Collaboration Critic for Highsnobiety Magazine made her more well-known in the partnership world. She was successful and her voice became known.

After these magazine articles did well, Firestone made her own website called Maison Firestone. Through her work, she brought alliances to life in a real way. Her clients enjoy both high-end and cultural brands.

For her client, Firestone set up the extraordinary intellectual in a communications auditorium full of agencies. From a young age, she wanted to tell the story through her art and culture. When the art historian started her career, she started a business that takes people to museums. She plans and leads private immersive treasure hunts in Paris.

Firestone talks about different works of art, historical sites, politics, and works of literature. The entrepreneur made an impression at venus, the Musée du Louvre, and Musée d’Orsay in her beginning phase. After her trip to Paris, she went back to New York City to be the Head of Curation for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.

Firestone became a member of the public exhibition in New York City. She took part in an auction called Sotheby’s, where over 100 coalitions and 250 entertainers were featured by Paddle8. The auction includes works by Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Tracey Emin, Peter Beard, Marc Quinn, RETNA, and Ralph Lauren.

As the Senior Director of a well-known New York gallery, Firestone made a name for herself. She organizes shows and sells modern art for a living. The art historian used to talk about art and design from the mid-20th century in Basel, London, Paris, New York, Miami, and San Francisco, among other places.

During her time at the New York Gallery, Firestone used to give advice to some of the best architects, interior designers, collectors, and media outlets. She worked for Christian Dior, Peter Marino, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Anya Firestone

Anya Firestone

Meet Matthieu Rasset, who is Anya Firestone’s boyfriend.

Rasset is getting married to Anya, who plays Anya on the show Real Girlfriend. She likes it when people call her the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel of France. She had dinner with her boyfriend and their puppy Zsa Zasa.

Firestone showed Rasset a picture of himself as a gentleman sitting on a bench. On August 13, Firestone’s 5th anniversary was held. When they met at Hemingway, they fell in love.

Rasset is a data scientist and expert in the luxury business who lives in France. He loves Firestone. He is the son of a physics teacher and a math teacher. The scientist had brought up the connection between math and science. Also, he knew about both topics from an analytical and intellectual point of view.

Rasset got both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in International Business from the University of Le Havre. He stayed in China for another two years. He has also worked for seven years in the fields of watches, jewelry, and high-end deals. Rasset became interested in values and figuring out how sales will go, which led him to a career in data science. He knows both Chinese and Japanese very well. Even he can speak English and French well.

In addition to analyzing data, Mattieu likes to play chess, do the New York Times Crossword, cook, and collect old watches. The scientist lives and works in Paris, France, with his American partner, Anya.

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About Anya Firestone’s family

Firestone was born into a family that cared for him. Her mother, Ibi Kaufman Firestone, was not in the same line of work as she was. She was an actress who made a name for herself on TV, in movies, and on stage.

Ibi has been in movies like Gibirting, A Stranger Among Us, Last Rites, Wise Guys, and Flanagan, among others. She made her debut in Mother Courage, Gimme a Break, and NBC’s Good Morning America. The Jewish National Theater-Floksbiene was where the actress worked.

On June 20, 2021, Anya showed her father a picture of herself when she was young. Her mom uses Instagram under the name @ibifirestone, and as of September 2022, she had 124 followers. She put up a picture of herself, her son, and her daughter.

Ibi had dinner with the Firestones in Hell’s Kitchen on June 5, 2016. It looked like they spent time together. A small dog named Cyrano belonged to her mother. Even Zsa Zsa, her sweet dog, was in a magazine. On August 18, she wrote the first cover story about her puppy.

Ibi Kaufman has worked on stories like A Novel Romance, Sweet Dreams, The Stranger’s Return, The Blacksmith’s Folly, The Marriage Contract, A Play for the Devil, It’s Hard to be a Jew, The Musician, and His Melody, and Green Fields. She made a name for herself in Philadelphia regional theater. She was in Gloria and Esperanza and Sweet Charity at Zellerbach Theater.

Firestone told her about how she felt about French. She cares so much about French culture and Paris that she has devoted her life, love, work, and friendships to helping it. She also said, “Someone in charge of casting for a reality show saw her and thought, ‘Sure, a feather-wearing art theorist with a child’s voice can be on.'”

Deyon Miller is a reality TV star from Ormond Beach, Florida, United States. He is 21 years old and works as an HR manager and sports model.

Anya Firestone

Anya Firestone

How Much Does Anya Firestone Make in 2022?

Sources had said that Firestone had a net worth of about $5 million. The curator may have made a lot of money from her job. She had worked in her field for ten years. Even the art historian talked to the well-known person around the world.

Firestone is also a writer. She has won an award for both her copywriting and her poetry. She won the 2017 competition for a brand name. The work from Ogilvy & Mather was judged by experts in the field. She wrote part of the book Michael De Feo: Flowers, which was published by Abrams.

Firestone has a license to do business in France as Guide Conference. She works as a Museum and Culture Guide for a living. The curator may have gotten her master’s degree in French Cultural Studies from Columbia University Graduate School. Also, she learned a lot about Rich Literature and Aesthetic Philosophy from the 19th century.

Firestone went to George Washington University to study Art History and English.

Anya Firestone: Career

Anya is a woman with many titles, and it’s not just because she’s one of the newest “it girls” on Bravo. First of all, she is a licensed museum speaker in the United States and a Guide Conférencière in France. Because of this, she is qualified to give private clients special tours that are made just for them. On top of that, she was an arts and culture commentator for High Snobiety.

Still, it seems that Anya has found her true calling with the project she is working on with Maison Firestone.

The company’s website says that Maison Firestone “curates out-of-the-box and out-of-the-boutique experiences” that are meant to boost corporate identity through cultural interaction.

It seems like the company achieves this goal by having Anya host exclusive parties that are meant to help people learn about different cultures and meet new people.

At Maison Firestone, you can also find all of Anya’s cultural writings in one place.

There is a wide range of topics in these writings, from thoughts on artists’ assistants to analyses of local street artists. You can also learn more about Anya’s life before she moved to Paris.

Before she got to where she is now, she worked as a gallery curator in New York City. She specialized in the art and design of the middle of the 20th century. In the years after that, she would focus on writing and poetry.

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