A black 19-year-old man passed away in 2018 while being detained by Maryland police, and according to the deceased’s relatives, his ‘unreal and senseless’ passing stoked racial resentment in the neighbourhood.

US District Judge Catherine Blake declined to toss out the family’s claims that Black had been subjected to excessive force by the police in January 2022.

The bodycam video of the deadly incident did not conclusively disprove the family’s claims that Black was subjected to excessive force by the officers, according to Blake’s 27-page conclusion.

Dateline spent a whole year looking into the death of Black and the connections to Floyd’s slaying. What had Anton Black experienced? NBC broadcasts an hour-long special report every Friday at 10 p.m. EST.

Anton Black

Anton Black

Dateline: What Happened To Anton Black?

Anton Black died after being chased by white police officers and held down for six minutes in front of his family’s home in a rural Greensboro.

Eight months after a court refused to dismiss the family’s complaint alleging excessive force by the police, Black’s parents are now speaking up.

An autopsy report on Black’s death was made public in 2019, two days after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan expressed unhappiness with the investigation’s advancement.

Black’s death was accidental, and the state medical examiner’s postmortem report concluded that his congenital heart condition, mental instability, and stress from the conflict were likely to blame.

The real cause of Black’s death, according to a cardiologist from Johns Hopkins University who observed the family’s case, was asphyxiation.

Dr. David Fowler, who held the position of Maryland’s chief medical examiner until his retirement in 2019, made sure that Black’s autopsy was legitimate and accurate.

A family friend named Christina Robinson blames the police for Black’s passing even though she is aware that many white residents of the neighbourhood supported the police.

19-year-old Boy, Anton Black Died From Police Brutality For Racial Prejudice

According to Dailymail.com, on September 15, 2018, Anton Black lost his life after a confrontation with Greensboro police on his mother’s front porch.

He’s at his mother’s door, waiting. He merely wanted to go home again. When he is home, why do you still ignore him? Antone Black, his father, allegedly told Dateline.

And he said, “That’s not right.” He did not assault anyone. He did not commit a bank robbery. He didn’t murder anyone.”

Following a 911 call reporting a man dragging a child in a headlock down the street, retired officer Thomas Webster IV could be seen speaking to the child on body camera video of the incident.

A family friend of Black’s, the adolescent informed the officer that Black was acting strangely because he was “schizophrenic.”

When Webster ordered Black to place his hands behind his back and submit to arrest, Black said, “I love you.” He then made a U-turn, ran back to his parents’ house, and got in a car.

Black lost consciousness while being tackled by Webster and two other cops, retired Ridgley police chief Gary Manos and Centreville police officer Dennis Lannon. They weren’t on duty when Manos and Lannon tried to help Webster capture Black.

Where Is Anton Black Killer Officer Thomas Webster Now?

Thomas Webster, a former Greensboro police officer who has been accused of committing serious crimes and is the subject of a lawsuit, is probably not now in jail.

No one has ever been detained or charged since Anton’s death was ruled an accident.

According to the Greensboro Police Department’s policy, the court came to the conclusion that when Webster smashed the car window and shocked Black, he did not try to diffuse the situation or avoid responding to a person experiencing a mental health crisis.

When Thomas was arrested in 2013, one of these incidents had him kicking a Black man in the face and fracturing his jaw. He was found not guilty despite the dashcam video clearly demonstrating this.

After being charged with a serious second-degree assault, he quit his job in Dover with what seemed to be no major issues and a sizeable $230,000 severance package.