Anthony Fantano, a music critic based in the United States who also posts videos on YouTube, runs the website and channel known as The Needle Drop. Let’s find out who Anthony Fantano is, shall we?

Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano

What happened between Drake and Anthony?

There has been some tension brought to light between Drake and the music writer Anthony Fantano.

The Needle Drop is a YouTube channel run by a 36-year-old user who has 2.6 million subscribers. On the channel, the user discusses and critiques a wide variety of musical genres.

Drake has made it quite clear that he is not the singer’s biggest fan, and he has criticized the singer’s most recent albums in an open and honest manner on his YouTube channel.

This past week, the rapper made fun of the critic in his direct messages (DMs) on Instagram. The critic responded with a comical video in which he displayed multiple examples of “fake” DMs, and the rapper continued to poke fun at the critic.

who is Anthony Fantano?

Anthony Fantano, a music critic from the United States, is the proprietor of the website and channel on YouTube known as The Needle Drop. His writings on his blog and films that he uploads to YouTube discuss and dissect a wide variety of musical styles.

Fantano’s parents were immigrants from Sicily to the United States, and he was born in Connecticut. In the middle of the 2000s, Fantano started working at the campus radio station of Southern Connecticut State University, where he was eventually promoted to the position of music director. In 2007, Fantano started his career in broadcasting by becoming a host for The Needle Drop on Connecticut Public Radio.

Anthony Fantano shares some fake Drake DMS

On Thursday, September 15, the music critic uploaded a video to his second YouTube account titled “Drake Slid Into My DMs.” The video was published on YouTube by Fantano.

During the course of the eight-minute tape, he displayed a number of screenshots and Instagram direct messages (DMs) that he said Drake had sent to him from his account on Instagram.

He stated that he was lifting weights in the garage when he became distracted by a message from the vocalist of One Dance. He claimed that this occurred while he was working out.

According to him, Drake, a prominent person in the music industry and a fiery Canadian, reached out to him. Drake is one of the most influential characters in the music business.

A Music Reviewer Says Drake Sent a Cookie Recipe

According to Anthony, the following was written in the “odd and unexpected” message: “Anthony! Drizzy is here. I am aware that you are not the biggest fan of the bulk of my albums and that we do not always see eye to eye when it comes to topics pertaining to music.

Before taking an unexpected turn, the message continued by saying, “But it is what it is you know, can always hope you like the next one.”

The music critic stated that Drake gave him a recipe for vegan cookies that he wanted him to try, along with a full list of the ingredients. He also claimed that Drake invited him to taste the cookies.

I would be quite grateful to you if you could check this out and let me know whether or not it would be worthwhile for me to try it on my own. We value you! Drizzy, leave! The message has reached its conclusion.

The following words that came out of Anthony’s mouth were, “It’s unbelievable that he messaged me,” “Praise be to you,” and “You’re the best.”

It was extremely obvious that Drake was being sarcastic when he responded to the video by saying that the screenshots he released were fakes. His reaction was given in a rush.

Anthony Fantano Bio

Anthony Fantano is a music critic and YouTuber from the United States. He was born on October 28, 1985, and he manages the YouTube channel The Needle Drop as well as the website that goes along with it. On his website and in his videos on YouTube, he discusses and reviews a wide range of musical styles.

Early life

Fantano is of Sicilian American origin and was born in the U.S. state of Connecticut. The town of Wolcott, Connecticut, was his home throughout his teenage years. Fantano says that Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys, was “very much my political idol” when he was a teenager and the reason he became involved in politics through the work of the musician Jello Biafra.


Midway through the 2000s, Fantano began his professional life in the role of music director for the campus radio station broadcasting from Southern Connecticut State University. In 2007, Fantano began his career in broadcasting by taking a position at Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR), where he eventually became the host of The Needle Drop. In the same year, he began publishing written reviews under the name The Needle Drop. In January 2009, he began publishing a series of video reviews under the same name on a YouTube channel with the same name. His first review was of a record by Jay Reatard. According to Fantano, the fact that his review for Flying Lotus’ 2010 album Cosmogramma was displayed in the same part of YouTube’s “Featured Videos” as other videos of Flying Lotus gave him the “hint” to continue generating video evaluations of albums. Fantano erased earlier evaluations from its site in 2010 that contained music samples in order to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and prevent legal issues. During that time, he was working both at a pizza restaurant and at the college radio station, where he hosted a show called “The Needle Drop.” Late in 2011, he made the decision to devote his full time and energy to The Needle Drop, but he continued his affiliation with WNPR until 2014. Fantano turned down an opportunity to host an album review show on Adult Swim’s network.

As of November 2016, Fantano had begun recording more frequently on a secondary YouTube channel known as “thatistheplan.” On this channel, he reviewed memes and recorded “often irreverent videos that don’t fall into the record review format,” according to Spin. This allowed him to earn enough money to pay his editor Austin Walsh. In October 2017, an article that was published in The Fader accused Fantano of fostering alt-right beliefs in videos on “thatistheplan.” This led to this secondary channel being called into question and becoming the subject of controversy. Both the usage of Pepe the Frog memes, which had just lately been dubbed an alt-right icon, and Fantano’s targeting of feminists drew criticism from the internet community. After the article was published, numerous scheduled dates of “The Needle Drop” U.S. tour were cancelled, and at least one ticket booking site for a Brooklyn tour date stated that their cancellation was due to the Fader story. These cancellations occurred after the article was posted.

Personal life

Fantano resides in Connecticut, and although she filed for divorce from Dominique Boxley in 2022, they were married for quite some time. Fantano has been married before. After initially becoming a vegetarian in his late teens, he eventually transitioned to a vegan diet and has been one ever since.

According to what Fantano shared with Polygon in March 2018, he is a “free speech purist.” In the next presidential election in the United States of America, 2020, Fantano has shown support for Bernie Sanders.