Anshika Rajput Super Dancer 4 is a contestant of a dance reality series, which airs on Sony television. Super Dancer Chapter 4 premiered on March 27,” Sony TV. Anshika Rajput got selected in the 13 contestants of this Super Dancer 4 reality series with the performance of her Super Dance. She was dancing under the guidance of choreographer Aryan. The exceptional thing of this contestant went contrary to his whole family, Anshika Rajput’s mother brought her to the Mumbai Mega Audition.


Anshika Rajput

Super Dancer Chapter 4 is a Indian dancing reality show for kids. Super Dancer is back together with Chapter 4 after a prosperous season 3 in a row after a season of super-top young dancing skills. The show is judged by Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapoor and Anurag Basu. The year promises audiences a gift of entertainment from across the country. One is Anshika Rajput.

Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4) Age

Anshika was born on 21st July 2009 and her age is 11 years.

Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4) Height

Anshika Rajput of super dancer season 4 height is 125 cm or 1.25 m.

Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4) Biography

Anshika was born on 21 July 2009 at Bhopal. She is 11 years old. Her height is 125cm and weighs around 29kg. Anshika Rajput loves her mother and dad immensely. Anshika is living with her parents and a younger sister. Anshika’s mother dream is that her daughter becomes a good dancer and win the Super Dancer Chapter 4. Anshika Rajput touched the hearts of all the judges of this season with her bang on performance, most of the judges of the show praised her excellent dance operation.


Anshika Rajput

Name: Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4)

Real Name: Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4)

Nick Name: Anshi

Profession: Dancer

Date of Birth: 24th April 2013

Age: 8

Father Name: Yet to be updated

Mother Name: Yet to be updated

Height : 125 cm / 1.25 m

Weight: 29 kg

Zodiac Sign / Sun Sign: Not Known

Religion: Hindu

Educational Qualification: Yet to be updated

Networth: Yet to be updated

Hobbies: Listening Music, Dancing

Hometown: Bhopal, India

Nationality: Indian

Current City: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Anshika Rajput Super Dancer Season 4 Journey

11-year-old Anshika Rajput and her choreographer Aryan Patra won the hearts of the judges by executing a banging dance on a glorious song Ghoomar. Seeing her performance, the three judges commended her by giving her a standing ovation, at the mega audition. Anshika gave a great performance on Aishwarya Rai’s Kajrare song and the judges of this series were impressed with this exceptional performance. At the same time, her life story is also rather special because her parents chose to raise voice against their family to meet and pursue the kid’s dream. Now she is fulfilling her parent’s dreams.


Anshika Rajput with aryan patra

After Anshika’s performance, her parents were called on the stage, since they have got daughters, they have been required to listen to taunts from the society. On stage, Anshika’s mother said emotionally that today because of her daughter, she moved to the hotel for the first time, traveled by airport and never have imagined she can experience this at all. But this dream came true thanks to her daughter Anshika Rajput. The show’s judge Geeta ji told everyone that you have to raise your daughters like daughters and not this son like this girl and this girl will brighten your name only. Geeta Kapur showered praises because of their act and also did’Sajda’ (bowed down) because of them. She is made for dancing.

Anshika Rajput in super dancer 4

Super Dancer 4: Shilpa Shetty lauds contestant Anshika’s mother to assist chase her fantasies; says, ‘You are the best example for all the moms’

Dance reality reveal, Super Dancer is really a loved youngsters’ dance reality series. After entertaining the audience for three seasons, the makers returned with Super Dancer, Chapter 4 that promises ‘Nachpan K A Tyohaar’ at which the audience is witnessing the party of dance in all of its glory with the immensely talented kids in every episode. This weekend, even Super Dancer 4 will exhibit its own grand premiere weekend, in which the audiences will probably witness the mind-blowing performances of Super 13 kids with their ‘professionals’ (dance teachers ).

Shilpa Shetty Kundra also appreciated their act and stepped to the ladder. She said,”Anshika, you have such energy. It is but one of the best acts of Aryan for how he has choreographed. This really is not the same act I’ve observed on Ghoomar. I am still reeling from this. This act is ‘Superrr Se Uparrr for me’.”

Anurag Basu, who broke a mug to appreciate her terrific action, said,”Nepanagar will be known by your name Anshika. Anshika is an optimistic girl. She knows how she is and shows in her action, through her expressions, her disposition and swag. I am really impressed”

On receiving such admiration from the judges, Anshika gets super happy and credits her mother for bringing her into Super Dancer Chapter 4 despite facing the likelihood, as girls aren’t encouraged to pursue their own fantasies in his or her hometown.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4)

  • Anshika Rajput is now in the Top 13 contestants list of Super Dancer Chapter 4.
  • She has been applauded by Shilpa Shetty on her performance.
  • Anshika Rajput celebrating republic day.

Anshika Rajput celebrating republic day

  • Anurag Basu broke a mug as a sign of respect for her performance.
  • Anshika Rajput with amardeep singh nutt.

Anshika Rajput with amardeep singh nutt

  • Geeta Kapur has bowed down to her performance.
  • Anshika Rajput with young talent raj sharma.

Anshika Rajput with raj sharma

  • She is from Bhopal.
  • Aryan patra is her dance partner cum choreographer in the show.

Anshika Rajput with Aryan patra

Anshika Rajput (Super Dancer 4) Favourite Things

Food: Paneer, Chinese

Colour: Black, Blue

Actors: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt

Sport: Football

Hobbies: Traveling