Ana Marie Abulaban, the wife of TikTok star JinnKid was also killed with Rayburn Barron. Learn more about this case.

JinnKid shot and killed Ana Marie Abulaban, her friend Rayburn Barron. JinnKid has taken him into custody. He will remain in prison for a while as the final decision is still being made.

JinnKid fired three shots at Barron from close range, hitting him on the neck, cheek and back of his head. Then, he shot his wife in the head. It happened just before 3 p.m. on Thursday.

After being notified by police at 3:10pm, Ana and Barron were discovered dead in Ana’s apartment at the Spire San Diego highrise on Island Avenue in East Village.

Ana Abulaban

Ana Abulaban

Ana Marie Abulaban: Who was she? Meet Jinnkid’s Wife

Ana Marie Abulaban, aka Ali Nasser Abulaban, was most well-known as the beautiful wife to TikTok celebrity JinnKid.

She was also in TikTok videos.

Ana was tragically killed by her husband, who shot her on the head. Taren Brast, a deputy District Attorney, stated that he had previously attacked Ana and that she was close to ending their marriage.


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The police also confirmed that her husband had left the apartment on 18 October. He entered the apartment three days later unknowingly and installed a listening application on his daughter’s iPad, aged five.

He discovered his wife was having an affair with another man via the listening app, and ran to the apartment to shoot both of them. Later, he confessed to the crime to his mother as well as police.

Late Ana Abulan, also known as Jinnkid in TikTok and Ali Naseer Abulaban was his spouse. He has a Youtube channel with 170,000 followers.

Ali Naseer threw her to the ground on 21 October 2021 in a loft unit at the Spire San Diego’s 35th Floor.

Ana was also killed with Rayburn Barron, her companion. The essential suspect is her better half.

Taran Brast, the District Attorney appointed by Taran Brast, said Ali Abulaban had killed his companion and significant other because he believed she was undermining him.

Ana Abulaban was married to Ali Abulaban. At the time of her death, she was 29 years old.

Ana and her partner could not be more subtle, but they shared a 5-year-old girl.

Ana Abulaban was conceived in 1992. However, her birth date, place and beginning are not known.

She died at the young age of 29. May her soul find joy in the afterlife.

Moreover, we don’t have any information about her biological guardians or her parents in law.

What happened to Ana Abulaban? Shot To Death Details.

Ana Abulaban was at the loft unit on Island Avenue, 35th Floor of Spire San Diego Expanding on Island Avenue with her companion when she was gunned down and killed.

Ali Abulaban, the key suspect in twofold homicide was taken into custody at San Diego Central Jail. It is located just an hour away from a nearby road.

Ali requested to leave the condo as she felt that Ali was undermining his marriage. He began to follow her, and he also introduced an app on the iPad of his daughter that would allow him to monitor movement in the loft.

Ali, who was with his partner on 21 October, heard one more man. He returned to the condo to resentment. He didn’t hurt his partner the first time.

A video from a neighbor’s roof shows Ali running from their home after the killing.

Ali later admitted to his wrongdoings to police.

Ana Marie Abulaban Partner Rayburn Barron

Ana Marie Abulaban and Rayburn Barron, her friend or partner, were shot by her husband in their apartment.

Rayburn, a 29-year-old man and friend of Ana Marie, was in the apartment with JinnKid when they were both shot. Ali Nasser made the accusation that they were having an affair.

Ana, who was leaving Ali’s marriage for domestic violence reasons, was caught cheating. He killed them both. Barron has not been publicly identified.

Ana Marie Abulaban Age And Biography

Ana Marie Abulaban was 28 years of age at the time she died.

JinnKid is her husband and she was 29 years old when she died. Barron was also 29. We don’t know much about Ana Marie.

Ana Marie’s personal information is not known. However, she was active on social networks handles.

Many articles have been written about her life and details since the incident. Rayburn Barron, her friend, will be revealed more details.

Ana Marie Abulaban Instagram

We are currently unable to locate Ana Marie on Instagram.

Her husband is available at @jinnkid and has a blue tick for a verified Instagram account. Ana, however, had a TikTok profile with the username @anamacewindu.

She had 5.93k followers and 35.4k views on her overall videos. She uploads videos regularly.