Amy Kremer, born 1970 or 1971, is an American political activist best known for her support of Donald Trump and roles in the Tea Party movement. In 2009, she became involved with the Tea Party movement and fought for the Tea Party Express from 2009 to 2014. She was co-founder of two political actions committees that supported Trump’s campaign in 2016. After Trump’s defeat in 2020, she supported efforts to reverse the election result. She ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican in the special election held in Georgia’s 6th congressional District in 2017.

Kremer’s Women for America First organization hosted a Stop the Steal rally at Washington, D.C. in January 2021. This culminated in Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol. The House Select Committee on January 6 Attack in September 2021 subpoenaed Kremer and ten other members of the group. Her Daughter name is Kylie Jane Kremer.

Amy Kremer

Amy Kremer

Amy Kremer Biography/Wiki

Amy Kremer ran for the 6th Congressional District in Georgia. Kremer is a political activist and was the former chairwoman for Tea Party Express, a national Tea Party organisation. In February 2016, Kremer and William Doddridge (CEO of Jewelry Exchange), formed the pro-Donald Trump super PAC Great America PAC (formerly TrumPAC).

Amy Kremer Career and Early Life

Kremer was a graduate of Auburn University. She was a Delta Air Lines flight attendant but she left to raise her daughter. Kremer became politically active through Twitter in the Tea Party movement and helped organize the first Tea Party protests. She was a founding member in Tea Party Patriots (TPP), but she defected to Tea Party Express(TPE) in October 2009. TPP filed a lawsuit against Kremer claiming that she tried to block others from having access to the group’s collective resources.