Jordan Carr is one of 13 candidates who completed the run and advanced to the semi-finals on Season 14 of “American Ninja Warrior.” She broke Casey Rothschild’s previous record as the youngest female contender to hit the buzzer.

Jordan Carr

Jordan Carr

Jordan Carr, an Easton kid who is a Joel Barlow High School student, a New York City Academy trainer, and a former professional rock climber, is one of the competitors on NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” season premiere on Monday.

Carr reported that in order to prepare for the adult version, she practiced on larger obstacles and longer courses. Carr, who is 15, can only compete in the main show this year because he is only 15 years old.

Jordan Carr Age And Wikipedia

Jordan Carr is 15 years old right now. She is one of the 13 contestants on the 2022 season of “American Ninja Warrior.”

She began her career as a competitive rock climber, spraining fingers and scraping knees all over the Northeast. While practicing at a rock climbing gym in Fairfield, she met fellow vertical enthusiast Joe Moravsky, who introduced her to ninja sports.

In its inaugural season, Moravsky, a Monroe native and two-time winner of USA Network’s “American Ninja Warrior,” persuaded her to audition for the “junior” edition of the show. Jordan didn’t make the final cut, presumably because her father Brett believed she was unprepared for the producers’ rigorous vetting procedure. Furthermore, by the time she applied for a seat in the show’s sophomore season, she had quite a backstory.

Who Is American Ninja Warrior Contestant Jordan Carr?

Jordan Carr is a two-time National Ninja League World Champion who competed in Seasons 2 and 3 of “American Ninja Warrior Junior” and is now competing in Season 14 of “American Ninja Warrior.”

Jordan was also a member of the Team USA Speed Climbing team and a former competitive rock climber. Carr competed in rock climbing contests for five years before switching to ninja competitions two years ago. She began pole vaulting at Joel Barlow about two months ago and is currently ranked in the top two in the state.

Carr also trains up to six days a week. She works out three or four times a week at a ninja gym, climbs one or two times a week, and works with a trainer twice a week on overall strength, cardio, and balance. Carr also began coaching at a ninja gym in New York City on a weekly basis.

Jordan Carr Has Supportive Parents

Jordan Carr must be blessed to have parents who encourage her to follow her dreams. It’s likely that this is the sole reason she’s accomplished so much so young.

Regrettably, there is no accurate information regarding her parents.

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Jordan Carr can be found on Instagram under the handle @jordan.carr_. She has approximately 2.8k followers and has made approximately 227 posts thus far.

We will notice an upsurge in her popularity as the day progresses. Her fan base is expected to grow to millions of people in the near future.