Amber Goldfarb: Biographical Information

Amber Goldfarb is a well-known Canadian actress who has gained international recognition for her role as Nicole Weston in the TV movie, My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend.

Born on December 20, 1992, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Amber has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of this talented actress, exploring her background, education, and rise to fame.

Amber Goldfarb: Early Life and Education

Amber Goldfarb was born on December 20, 1992, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She spent her formative years in her hometown, attending local schools for both elementary and high school.

While there isn’t much information available about her early education, it is known that she later went on to study at the prestigious Canadian Film Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

The Canadian Film Centre is a renowned institution that offers world-class training to aspiring filmmakers and actors. Amber’s decision to attend this institution is a testament to her passion and dedication to her craft.

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Amber Goldfarb: Career

  • Amber Goldfarb’s acting career began with small roles in Canadian television shows such as “Being Human” and “Lost Girl”. She gradually built up her portfolio with a string of successful performances, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress.
  • In 2019, Amber landed the lead role of Nicole Weston in the TV movie “My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend”. The movie follows the story of a single mother who falls in love with a professor, only to discover that he is a narcissistic killer.
  • Amber’s powerful performance as Nicole earned her critical acclaim and propelled her to international fame.
  • Apart from her work in film and television, Amber has also lent her voice to various video games, including “Assassin’s Creed III” and “Far Cry 5”.
  • Her voice acting has been praised for its depth and emotional resonance, further cementing her status as a talented performer.
  • The multifaceted Amber Goldfarb has established herself as an accomplished actor with an array of performances across different media.
  • From her debut as Rose Park Girl in the film “Legacy of Fear” in 2006 to her voiceover work in the popular video game “Assassin’s Creed II,” her range has been impressive.
  • In 2010, she showcased her acting chops as Sexy Text Girl #1 in the TV series “Blue Mountain State,” a role that would pave the way for more opportunities in the industry.
  • Subsequently, Amber Goldfarb was a frequent face on television, appearing in multiple episodes of shows like “Helix,” where she played the character Jaye, and films such as “Love Locks,” “The Queen of Sin,” and “My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend,” among others. Her acting skills have been displayed in a diverse range of genres, including drama, comedy, and sci-fi.
  • Her performances are highly regarded and have been featured on multiple television networks and platforms like CBC, Freeform, Amazon Prime, Bravo, CBS & Global, SyFy & Showcase, Showcase, and Space, to name a few.
  • Amber Goldfarb’s undeniable talent and versatility as an actor have helped her build an impressive body of work that continues to captivate audiences.
Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb

Full Real Name Amber Mullin Goldfarb.
Age (as of 2020) 28 years.
Profession Actress.
Date of Birth December 20, 1992 (Sunday)[1]superstarbio
Place of Birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Education Graduate.
Alma mater Canadian Film Centre.
Net worth (as of 2021) $1 Million US Dollars (approx.).
Ethnicity White.
Marital Status Married.
Spouse Jess Danoun.
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 7″
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms:54 kg
Eye Color Green.
Hair Color Brunette.
Nationality Canadian.
Religion Christianity.
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.


Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb: 8 Lesser Known Facts

Amber Goldfarb is a highly esteemed Canadian actress who has showcased her acting talents on numerous French and English TV shows like “The Bold Type” (Freeform, Amazon Prime), “19-2” (Bravo), “Ransom” (CBS, Global), “Lost Girl” (SyFy, Showcase), “Trauma (Radio-Canada)” and many more.[2]newsunzip She is up for a Screen-Award in both the French and English entertainment industries, which is an astounding feat. Her fans are extremely impressed with her performances, and she has gained a lot of respect in the entertainment industry. Here are some lesser-known facts about this beautiful actress that will help you get to know her better.

Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb (Image: Source)

  1. Brains and BeautyAmber Goldfarb is an accomplished actress and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the renowned Canadian Film Centre. Her well-rounded education has prepared her well for her career in the entertainment industry.
  2. Iconic RolesGoldfarb has played several iconic roles in the Eli Batalion-directed comedy Appiness: “Yildlife Crises,” in which she played numerous small parts. She won the Best Actress award at the Canada China International Film Festival. She is famous for her appearances on the highly rated TV shows “The Bold Type,” “19-2,” “Ransom,” “Lost Girl,” and others.
  3. PhilanthropyGoldfarb is not just an actress; she is also a philanthropist who has worked with various charitable organizations. She gives back to the community by donating to charities and working with communities that are poor and in need.
  4. Digital DominationGoldfarb’s digital footprint is also notable. She appeared in “Guidestones,” which won an Emmy, and was the lead ensemble character in season 2 of “LARPs (Executive Produced by Felicia Day),” which is the most popular hit web series on Greek & Sundry. She received a Canadian Screen Nomination for Best Actress in a series made for digital media.
  5. Fitness FanaticThe actress is a fitness junkie who enjoys keeping her body healthy and in shape. She follows a strict diet plan and never skips her daily workouts.
  6. Large Fan BaseGoldfarb’s fans follow her work closely, and she has more than a million fans who support her in real life and on social media. Her fans and admirers are captivated by her extraordinary talents and her genuine personality.
  7. Role ModelGoldfarb is not only a talented actress, but she is also an inspiration to many. Her fans admire her for her hard work, dedication, and philanthropy. She serves as a role model to young aspiring actors and actresses.
  8. Favorite ActressGoldfarb’s favorite actress is the legendary Jennifer Aniston, who is well-known for her iconic role in the popular TV show “Friends.”
Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb Family

A Peek into the Personal Life of the Canadian Actress

Amber Goldfarb is a talented Canadian actress, known for her impressive performances in various films and TV shows. While her acting career has been a significant part of her public persona, not much is known about her personal life, especially her family. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the life of Amber Goldfarb, specifically her family background, childhood, and how her family influenced her acting career.

Growing Up in Montreal

Amber Goldfarb was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. While her exact date of birth is not known, she is believed to be in her early 40s. Her family has always been an integral part of her life, and they have played a significant role in shaping her personality and career.

Unfortunately, not much is known about her parents, as Amber has not disclosed their names publicly. However, she did share a picture of her parents on Instagram, which gave her fans a glimpse into her family life. She also revealed that her father had passed away a long time ago due to natural causes.

Amber has two siblings, a younger brother, and a younger sister. She grew up in a close-knit family, and her siblings have been her constant support throughout her life. In fact, her sister has been her best friend and confidant since childhood.

Discovering her Love for Acting

Amber always had a passion for acting, even when she was a child. Her family noticed her love for the performing arts and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. As a result, Amber joined a theater group when she was young, which helped her hone her acting skills.

After completing high school, Amber enrolled in Concordia University in Montreal, where she studied Theater Performance. During her time in college, she continued to work on her craft and participated in various theater productions. Her hard work paid off when she landed her first acting role in the popular Canadian TV series, “Les Invincibles.”

Since then, Amber has appeared in several popular TV shows and films, including “Bad Blood,” “The Disappearance,” “Narcos,” and “The Bold Type.” She has become a prominent name in the Canadian acting industry and has won several accolades for her performances.

The Role of Family in her Success

Amber’s family has always been her constant support and motivation. They have encouraged her to pursue her dreams and have been there for her every step of the way. Her sister, in particular, has been her biggest cheerleader and has always been there to lift her up during difficult times.

In an interview with MTL Blog, Amber revealed that her family is her rock, and she wouldn’t be where she is today without their support. She also mentioned that she loves spending time with her family whenever she gets the chance.

Amber Goldfarb: Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Amber Goldfarb’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. She has earned her wealth primarily from her successful acting career.[3]mycelebritybio

Amber Goldfarb

Amber Goldfarb (IMAGE: SOURCE)

Amber Goldfarb has worked in numerous films and television series, and her performances have been appreciated by audiences and critics alike. She has also worked as a voice-over artist and has lent her voice to many animated series and commercials.

Apart from her acting career, Amber Goldfarb is also involved in various social causes and charity work. She has been associated with several non-profit organizations and has actively participated in fundraising events.

Her philanthropic work has earned her respect and admiration from people around the world.

Amber Goldfarb: Achievements and Awards

Amber Goldfarb’s exceptional acting skills have earned her numerous accolades and awards. In 2016, she was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for her role in the television series “19-2.” She has also been nominated for a Gemini Award and a Dora Award for her outstanding performances in various television series and stage productions.

Apart from her acting career, Amber Goldfarb is also a trained dancer and has performed in numerous stage productions. She has also worked as a voice-over artist and has lent her voice to many animated series and commercials.

The 10 facts about Amber Goldfarb

  • Amber Goldfarb was born on December 20 in Canada. She grew up there with her parents and older sister. She is 28 years old and 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Since she was a child, Amber has wanted to be an actress. She went to a Canadian high school and college to finish her formal education.
  • Goldfarb went to the well-known Canadian Film Centre and got a degree from there. She got better at acting, dancing, improv, and other things while she was in high school.
  • Amber won the award for Best Actress at the Canada China International Film Festival for her supporting role in Eli Batalion’s feature film Appiness.
  • Amber has used motion capture to put her voice and body in a number of video games, such as Far Cry Primal, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham Knight, and others.
  • Goldfarb has played many different roles in the world of Assassin’s Creed. She was up for an ACTRA Award for her role as Aveline de Grandpre, the first female main character in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.
  • Amber’s most recent appearances on TV shows were as a recurring character in a Netflix show and as a guest star in Season 2 of Blood & Treasure.
  • Amber started dating Jess Dadoun on February 28, 2017, and on April 2, 2019, she asked him to marry her. She got married to Jess in the same year.
  • Goldfarb started using Twitter in April 2009 and Instagram in September 2014. She has more than 2,500 Twitter followers and 2.1k Instagram followers.
  • Amber has both a website and a page on IMDB. But Wiki does not yet have a page for her.


Where did Amber Goldfarb get her start?

Montreal, Canada

What country does Amber Goldfarb come from?

Canadian .

What kind of people does Amber Goldfarb come from?


How do you know what color Amber Goldfarb’s eyes are?


What does Amber Goldfarb look like?

62 KG

What is the size of Amber Goldfarb’s body?

40 Inch

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