Are you ready to learn more about Alia Bhatt’s family tree, including her mother, father, and sister? If you answered yes, you must read all of the details that have been shared after extensive investigation. Allia Bhatt is a Bollywood actress and model whose reputation is growing by the day due to her sweet baby-like beauty. Alia Bhatt’s choice of Bollywood films has been beneficial to her career because her acting talents have improved with each role she has played. Alia Bhatt was born on March 15, 193 in Mumbai, India. She is the daughter of Bollywood producer Mahesh Bhatt, who is well-known in the industry. Read more to know more about Alia Bhatt family tree.

Alia Bhatt Family Tree

Alia Bhatt Family Tree

Alia Bhatt’s Education and Family Background:

Alia’s schooling was finished through the Jamnabai Naarsee School IBDP, and her schooling ended in 2011, according to several sources. Alia comes from a pure film business family that has been working since the 1990s, with her uncle, aunt, mother, brother, sister, cousin, and other relatives working as producers, directors, writers, actors, and actresses. Pooja Bhatt, her half-sister, and Rahul Bhatt, an actor, director, and producer, are her half-siblings. You must be aware of Emrann Hahmi’s relationship with Alia Bhatt’s cousin.

Life in the Workplace:

Alia Bhatt’s professional career began with the box office success of Students of the Year, which was directed by Karan Johar, a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan. We’d like to point out that Alia Bhatt’s career began as a child actress, as she appeared in the 1999 film Sangharsh alongside Akshy and Preity.

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Alia Bhatt Family tree

  • Sister: Pooja Bhatt
  • Father: Mahesh Bhatt
  • Brother: Rahul Bhatt
  • Mother: Soi Razdan
  • Sister: Shaheen Bhatt
  • Uncle: Mukesh Bhatt
  • Cousin: Mohit Suri
  • Uncle: Karn Razdan
  • Grandfather: Nanabahi Bhatt
  • Cousin: Vishessh Bhatt
  • Cousin: Suneel Darshan
  • Uncle: Robin Bhatt
  • Grandmother: Shirin Mohammad Ali
  • Aunt: Shelila Bhatt, Heena Suri

Alia Bhatt Family Popular Movie Till 2015:

  • Students of the year
  • Highway
  • Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania
  • Ugly
  • Shaandaar

We must trace the Bhatt family’s roots back to Nanabhai Bhatt, who was responsible for the family’s earliest forays into the sector. Keep in mind that the Bhatt family has been involved in Bollywood for three generations, and there is no sign that their offspring would leave the profession in the near future. Before reading more about Mahesh’s family links, please take a minute to look at the simplified Mahesh-Bhatt family tree. This family tree only includes well-known film industry people whose names you might recognise. Other members of the Bhatt clan are not mentioned because they prefer a low-profile lifestyle.

Alia Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt’s sister, is represented in the Mahesh Bhatt family trees above. Pooja Bhatt is widely assumed to be Alia’s mother. So, who is Alia Bhatt, exactly? Below are the specifics of Alia Bhatt’s relationship with the Mahesh family. Members of Mahesh Bhatt’s Family | Mahesh Bhatt’s Family Tree

Mahesh Bhatt’s father, Nanabhai Bhatt

Nanabhai Bhatt was the first member of the Bhatt family to be successful in Bollywood. In the Gujarati and Hindi cinema industries, he is a well-known film director and producer. He is best known for films such as Mr. X (1957) and Kangana Ranaut (1959). Nanabhai Bhatt has a total of nine children. Hemlata Bhatt has two children, and Shirin Mohammad Ali has seven (also known as Shirin Bhatt).

Mukesh Bhatt is a co-owner of Vishesh Films, which has produced significant hits including Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin and Sadak. Mahesh Bhatt is a Bollywood actor who was born in the year 1978. He is currently seventy-one years old. Shirin Mohammad Alvi and Nanabhai Bhatt’s son Mahesh Bhatt is currently 71 years old. Pooja Bhatt (48), Rahul Bhatt (38), Shaheen Bhatt (32) and Alia Bhatt are Mahesh Bhatt’s four children (27).

Mahesh Bhatt is a well-known Bollywood filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter. He frequently collaborates with his brother Mukesh under the company Vishesh Films.

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Alia Bhatt Bio

Alia Bhatt is a British actress of Indian heritage who works primarily in Hindi films. She was born in the United Kingdom on March 15, 1993. She has been honoured with a number of awards, including four Filmfare Awards, among other honours. She is one of the most paid actresses in India and has been included in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list every year since 2014. Additionally, she was presented with the TIME100 Impact Award in 2022.

She is a member of the Bhatt family; her parents, the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and the actress Soni Razdan, gave birth to her. She had her acting debut as a youngster in the thriller Sangharsh in 1999, and her first main role was in Karan Johar’s film Student of the Year, which was a film for teenagers (2012). She went on to establish herself with starring roles in several films produced by Johar’s studio Dharma Productions, including the romances 2 States (2014) and Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017), as well as the coming-of-age drama Dear Zindagi (2017). She won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress for her performance as a kidnapping victim in the road drama Highway (2014). (2016).

The roles of a Bihari migrant in the criminal drama Udta Punjab (2016), an undercover spy in the thriller Raazi (2018), and the turbulent girlfriend of an aspiring rapper in the musical drama Gully Boy (2018) earned Bhatt three Filmfare Awards for Best Actress (2019). After two films that were met with negative reviews, she won acclaim for her performance in the lead part of Gangubai Kathiawadi and starred in the highest-grossing version of the fantasy film Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva (both 2022).

In addition to her work as an actress, Bhatt is the founder of the environmental movement CoExist and the creator of her own brand of apparel and handbags. She has sang seven of her film songs, one of which was released as a single in 2014 titled “Samjhawan Unplugged.” Ranbir Kapoor is Bhatt’s husband, and they have two children together.

Alia Bhatt Family Tree

Alia Bhatt Family Tree

Early life

Alia Bhatt is a member of the Bhatt family. Her parents, Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan, welcomed her into the world on March 15, 1993. Her Gujarati paternal ancestry comes from her father, while her British German and Kashmiri Pandit maternal ancestry comes from her mother. She is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Shaheen is her older sister, and Rahul and Pooja Bhatt are her half-siblings. She also has a younger sister named Pooja. Her uncle Mukesh Bhatt is a producer, while her actor cousin Emraan Hashmi and director cousin Mohit Suri are both in the entertainment industry. Bhatt attended the Jamnabai Narsee School up until the 12th grade, when she decided to leave school to pursue a career in acting instead.

Bhatt has expressed the following when describing her childhood: “My upbringing was really grounded and unassuming in nature. People are under the impression that being Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter would have afforded me certain privileges and luxuries, but that was not the case for me.” Razdan has stated that she raised her children primarily as a single parent because her husband did not take much interest in their life. When she was growing up, she did not have a close bond with her father. Bhatt has stated that she initially realised she wanted to be an actor while she was practising for the school choir when she was in kindergarten. Bhatt began her career aspirations at an early age. Soon after, she enrolled in Shiamak Davar’s dance school to begin her training. Her first acting job came at the age of five in her father’s production venture Sangharsh (1999), in which she briefly played the younger version of Preity Zinta’s character. This was her first role in the entertainment industry. In a later interview, Bhatt discussed her experience and remarked, “The most of the filming is a blur to me. If it weren’t for the food, I would go to the sets “.

Acting career

Early work (2012–2014)

In the teen drama directed by Karan Johar and starring herself, Sidharth Malhotra, and Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt made her debut as a leading lady in the film Student of the Year in 2012. She competed in the audition against 500 other females and was ultimately chosen after shedding 16 kilogrammes. She portrayed a sophisticated high school student who was a participant in a love triangle. In an article for the Hindustan Times, Anupama Chopra made a comparison between her character and the one played by Kareena Kapoor in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… (2001), but she highlighted that Chopra’s portrayal was “without the killing attitude.” In an article for The Hollywood Reporter, Lisa Tsering referred to her as “a total loss. Not only is she awkward during the dancing routines, but she also has a restricted range of expressions, and the digital retouching that is done to her face throughout the movie is a source of distraction “. The film Student of the Year was a financial success, bringing in 960 million yen, which is equivalent to $12 million in the United States.

Bhatt was eager to play a better role after the negative reception she received for her performance in Student of the Year. She found it in the road movie Highway (2014) directed by Imtiaz Ali, in which she appeared as a lonesome young girl who experiences Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped. She attended diction lessons in order to enhance her Hindi, and she found that the emotional and physical demands of the part presented a challenge for her. Ali shot the film in a linear fashion, but on set, he improvised some scenarios in response to Bhatt’s behaviour in other scenes. She has stated that some aspects of her character’s journey parallel her own, as it was the first time she experienced settings that were different from her own affluent upbringing. This was the case because it was the first time she worked as a waitress. Variety’s Ronnie Scheib praised her for “adding an underlying melancholy and wistful intellect” to her role, praising her “endearingly cockeyed perf” and praising her for “bringing an underlying sadness and wistful intelligence” to her role. Although the movie was not successful at the box office, Bhatt was honoured with the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress and was also nominated for an award in this category at the ceremony. She then made an appearance in the Going Home short film by Vikas Bahl, which is a documentary about the safety of women.

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