What is Alessia Rovegno’s age? Bárbara Cayo is the daughter of Miss Peru 2

Alessia Rovengno is a model, Instagram celebrity, and social media personality who catapulted to fame after winning Miss Peru 2022.

She began her career on Instagram and other social media sites. She started sharing her lifestyle, silfies, bright and gorgeous photographs, and modeling content on Instagram. This grew in popularity over time on the platform.

However, after being featured in a well-known vacation magazine, she gained even more attention. Her social media fans then insulted her since, according to them, she does not embody the usual exotic Peruvian.

She also has a YouTube channel with the same name, which she started on September 28 and will continue to do so until September 28, 2021. She did, however, upload her debut YouTube video, Un Amor Como el Nuestro – Alessia Rovegno, on October 8, 2021.

Miss Peru 2022 was her competition. After many weeks of competition, she was named Miss Peru 2022. Other strong contenders were Tatiana Calmell, Alessia Rovegno, Dateline Arroyo, Maryori Morán, Mei Azo, and Valeria Flórez.

Alessia Rovengno

Alessia Rovengno


Rovegno, Alessia Biografia: Edad’s Age

Alessia Rovegno Cayo is a dynamic 24-year-old artist.

Rovegno has also established herself as an Instagram influencer, having over 417 thousand followers.

Alessia Rovegno’s height is 1.78 cm, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn, according to the All Famous website.

She is also a travel fanatic, according to her writings, who frequently travels the world with the individuals she loves and admires.

She is a homebody, though, and likes spending time with her parents and sister.

Padres of Miss Peru 2022 Alessia Rovegno (Parents)

Bárbara Cayo, a Peruvian singer and actress, has a daughter named Alessia. The current Miss Peru 2022 participant’s father is Luis Rovegno, a businessman and proprietor of the Rovegno Pastry Baguetera.ts and sister.

Aside from that, she is well-known for being Stephanie Cayo’s niece.

She began her modeling career at an early age and is currently pursuing a career in music.

Alessia, on the other hand, is an artist, as one might assume. She founded the musical combo “Alessia y Vambina” with her older sister, Arianna, in the footsteps of her mother and aunt Fiorella, which has gotten over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Alessia Rovegno’s Net Worth: A Look At Her Earnings And Salary

Alessia’s net worth is expected to be approximately USD 100,000 in mid-2021. Simultaneously, her principal sources of income are modeling and social media platforms.

Miss Peru 2022’s actual pay, however, has yet to be published.

Because she is still employed in her field, her net worth may increase in the near future.

It’s also unknown if Miss Peru earns a living in any other way. There’s a chance she has endorsement arrangements and commercial enterprises that aren’t public.