Aiden Bilyard, a youngster, has been charged with being associated with the January 6 Capital Riots. Aiden Henry Bilyard, a youngster, was arrested in Raleigh Monday on charges related to actual brutality. On Monday, he appeared in court and was released pending further procedures as per the government authorities. Aiden Bilyard, a tiny fellow who is currently 19 years old, is being held. Aiden was one of many captured groups regarding the Capital Riots on the sixth January.

Aiden was seen spraying Bear Spray on an official. Photographs of the incident have also been taken. He has not been released but is still considered a suspect. According to the US Department of Justice’s findings, Bilyard’s mother admitted that she found the bear shower gold canister in the vehicle of her child and disposed of it. Bilyard is the 15th person to be arrested in North Carolina for the Capitol riots.

Aiden Bilyard

Aiden Bilyard

Who is Aiden Bilyard? Biography, Age and Wikipedia

Aiden Bilyard, a young boy, is currently 19 years old.

Aiden was one of many arrested in connection to the Capital Riots on January 6th.

Aiden was caught spraying Bear Spray on an officer. Photos of the incident were also found.

He has been released but is still considered a suspect.

The US Department of Justice’s findings show that Bilyard’s mother admitted that she found the bear spray gold canister

in her son’s car, and then threw it away.

Bilyard was the fifteenth person to be arrested in North Carolina for their involvement in the Capitol riots.

Is Aiden Bilyard Arrested?

As of right now, Aiden Bilyard has not been arrested.

He was released Monday and will report to police, unless further proceedings are cleared.

Aiden was released and is now in custody.

He might be required to appear before the courtroom, since he has not been freed from the charges.

Bilyard stated, “I believe this is where my leave is,” after an investigator had presented evidence that he had broken the law.

The investigator asked him to admit that he was on grounds of the United States Capitol January 6, but he denied violating the law.

Aiden Bilyard Familie Detials

The parents of Aiden Bilyard are unhappy with the results they have made about Aiden.

Bilyard’s mother admitted that her son was using bear spray to protect him during the days of riots.

Aiden has yet to reveal much about his parents through social media or mainstream media.

Aiden Bilyard Facebook

Aiden Bilyard’s Facebook page is not yet found. However, his photos are available on Facebook.

Although photos of him spraying on officers are still available, they are difficult to locate.

Facebook almost removed all photos from the riots in Washington DC.

Aiden was removed from Facebook and his accounts appear to have been deleted.

As of now, Aiden isn’t available on social media and little is known about his private life.