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Netizens are often searching for Abdul Razik aka Abdo Roziq age. The world’s most diminutive Tajik singer is intended to combat 18-year-old General Vgorode.


Abdul Razik

Abdul Razik aka Abdo Roziq is a Tajik singer who has listed his name as the world’s tiniest singer. He is not a licensed artist but has a remarkable ability to sing tunes in Tajik celebrity mode.

Before that, Razik has already established his name as an internet sensation. And, he is widely acclaimed for his MMA fight with General Vgorode in the days to come.

Abdul Razik Biography/Wiki

Abdul Razik is a Tajik singer who wrote his title in record books as the youngest singer. By Tajikistan, Abdo Raziq became famous due to his distinctive knack for singing Tajik rap songs. His existence can be observed mainly on the YouTube channel called Avlod media, which includes more than 350K subscribers.

Abdul Razik

Abdul Razik

According to records online, Abdul Razik is now 18 years old, but his exact date of birth is unknown. Razik was born in 2003 into a gardener living in Gishdarva from the Bangkent region of Tajikistan.

As a kid, Rosic suffered from rickets, and his parents were unable to treat him due to a lack of sufficient financial resources. That is what finally halted its development. At the age of 16, Rosic weighed only 12 kg.

abdoroziq vs hasbullah

abdoroziq vs hasbullah

The teenage singer is relocated to Dushanbe, receiving financial aid from the Tajik programmer/rapper named Baron (Behrouz). The baron was the first to recognize Abdul Razik and persuaded his father, allowing Razik to pursue a career in music. Baron also required Abdul Razik to get a medical examination and found that his condition might be treated for 40-50 cm growth.

Abdul Razik Real Age

Abdul Razik’s actual age is 16 years old.

Frequently Asked Question for Abdul Razik

How old is Abdul Razik?

In contrast to popular belief, he’s not a kid. Instead, Abdul Razik comes with a growth disease, making him seem younger than he is. This not only impacts his face features but his voice and height also. His actual age is 16 years.

Is He Available On Wikipedia?

Abdul Razik aka Abdo Roziq Wikipedia webpage is currently not available.

But we could perceive his information on a lot of other Internet portals.

Razik is a good man, and he stunned performances in a ring known as “Oh Zor” to this issue of love because of his girlfriend. He has already amassed thousands of subscribers on his YouTube.

What’s Abdul Razik (Abdo Roziq) Known For?

He’s probably best known for his funny and inspiring videos. Because of individuals confusing him using a youngster, he immediately rose to international fame. 

He is known for his confrontation interview with Hasbulla Magomedov, aka Mini Khabib.

Details About His Parents

Rozik parents’ are yet to come to light.

Consequently, they could not afford his medical remedies as he had been seriously ill with rickets out of his youth.

Rozik’s physical look resembles a young kid as a teen.

Abdul Razik (Abdo Roziq) Vs Hasbullah Magomedov aka Mini Khabib

Abdul Razik recently grabbed the headlines with news of the upcoming battle in mixed martial arts. He is set to confront the Tajik rapper, General Vgorod, Also known as Hasbulla Magomedov, for a MMA match, which can be thought to be organized by Chechen MMA fighter Asxab Tamaev.

While the date of this match has yet to be confirmed, videos of a heated media conference involving the two have circulated on social media.

While it has nothing to do with all the MMA legend, Magomedov obtained the nickname “Mini Khabib.” Many lovers also discovered him very like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Both certainly know each other because Khabib often shares movies of Hasbulla Magomedov from his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Abdul Razik has friends from the world of mixed martial arts as he posts photos using a Persian fighter called Muhammad Hibati.

Abdul Razik (Abdo Roziq) Disease Fight

Abdul Razik aka Abdo Roziq is experiencing a specific disease or syndrome. He’s been battling it for a lengthy time.

At this moment, we’re unable to find out what his syndrome is.

Nonetheless, Abdul Razik is currently a celebrity who is famous for his fight with Mini Khabib, aka Hasbulla Magomedov.