Get the (expletive) out of my town, shouts the Connecticut guy who is accused of throwing an 11-year-old boy off his bike in a video.

A 48-year-old neighbor who is accused of abusing the boy was shown on video yelling at the boy and pushing him off of his bike in the middle of the freeway. In keeping with Hearst Connecticut Media, Deep River resident Jameson Chapman is shown on video cursing and asking the boy to “get the (expletive) out of town.”

 Jameson Chapman

Jameson Chapman

It is true that you were reared in Connecticut. No? Get the (expletive) out of my city, Chapman could also be heard yelling in one video. On a wet roadway on a Monday afternoon, the man could be seen in a second video shoving the smaller child off of his bike.

Chapman was initially held in custody on a $10,000 bail before to being officially charged on Tuesday in state Superior Court in Middletown. Since then, Chapman has been released with a promise to appear in court; his next hearing is scheduled for July 22. Although it was not immediately evident on Thursday who was the subject of the order, court staff claim that a judge granted a safety order in the matter.

Chapman has not provided any feedback. The boy’s mother stated that her son was on his way to meet a friend to play basketball when the incident took place. The cause of the altercation has not been disclosed by the police.

astonished at his habits

According to the girl, whose name Hearst Connecticut Media withholds to protect her kid’s identity, police were able to locate her son first around a quarter-hour after the incident. She stated that her kid had been “shocked” by what had happened. She reported that when an older man first contacted him, he was astonished. “That was the first instance of something like happening.

He is worried. Deep River is part of Democratic state Representative (*48*) Palm’s district, and he described it as “heartbreaking” to see the episode garner such negative coverage for the city.

It was “unconscionable that an adult resorted to violence against a kid at a time of pervasive national violence and incivility at every level,” Palm stated in a press release.

Even without knowing the intricacies of the circumstances leading up to the incident, two things are clear: First, no matter how anxious or upset a youngster may be, no adult should hit or push them. Second, visitors should be made to truly feel at home if the child resides in Deep River because he unquestionably “belongs” there. Every modest American city’s fabric, which binds the community together, is strengthened by varying its fibers.

Chapman, Jameson Age family and upbringing

Jameson Chapman is no longer relevant at 48. He is of Scottish descent. He is a member of the white race. His birth month and sign are both unknown.

There shouldn’t be any information available about Jameson Chapman’s academic history. Evaluation results for his high school and the college from which he graduated were all dismal.

wife of Jameson Chapman How about his offspring?

Jameson Chapman’s wife and children’s personal information is all public knowledge.

Career of Jameson Chapman What does he do for work?

Jameson Chapman’s occupation is not mentioned in any specifics.

Jameson Chapman net worth is how much?

Jameson has not made her financial information public. Therefore, it is difficult to determine his web worth.

Which college and school did he attend?

About Jameson Chapman’s tutoring background, not much can be said. Then again, his youth suggests that he is still a student. However, it is unknown what field he studied and what type of university he attended.